20 journaling prompts for better boundaries in business and life


For me, boundaries were always a ‘nice to have’, but they were never as important as things like blogging, finding coaching clients and zeroing my inbox. 

What I learned, the hard way (hello burnout) is that boundaries (like strong systems, a good support network and knowing your values) are the keys to rock-solid business foundations that allow you to grow and expand your business in a sustainable way.

And if boundaries sound like some head in the clouds concept that only people who play with tarot cards have to worry about, here are a few real-world examples to get the cogs turning.

  • What are your office hours? (Know them and share them or you run the risk of people expecting you to be online + available 24/7).
  • How many coaching clients do you have room for in your schedule? Aka what does ‘booked out’ mean to you?  (Know this and manage your calendar accordingly or you could end up with too many clients. Sounds like a good problem to have but again, hello burnout!)
  • How quickly will you respond to business emails? Know this and share it through your website or email auto-responder so people know what to expect (and you don’t have to live in your inbox for hours a day trying to keep up).

For more tips on setting great boundaries, read this post.

So, you’re getting the idea that boundaries can help you manage your business, your clients and your own energy and productivity.  But how do you set, and sustain, your own boundaries?  My favourite way is to bust out my journal, tap into my heart, and put pen to paper.

Here are the journaling prompts I use when I need to review, or set new, boundaries.  I hope they bring you lots of clarity and self-awareness.


ONE :: What would it mean to me to have boundaries that support me?


TWO :: How would it feel if I had boundaries that serve me?


THREE :: What boundaries am I craving in my business / relationships / life right now? {Personalise this question by substituting business, relationships etc. for an area of your life that needs some love}


FOUR :: What boundaries would help support my energy right now?


FIVE :: What boundaries would help me create the structure / freedom / income / business / life I dream of? {Personalise this question by substituting structure, freedom etc. for a word that speaks to you}


SIX :: What would it feel amazing to say yes to?


SEVEN :: What would it feel freeing to say no to?


EIGHT :: If I was already living my vision of success, what boundaries would I set and stick to?


NINE :: What do I need to think / do / feel / believe in order to set and stick to boundaries that serve me?


TEN :: What do I need in order to feel safe to set and share my boundaries?

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ELEVEN :: How can I really enjoy the process of setting boundaries in my life or business and let it be something that empowers and energies me?


TWELVE :: What boundaries would most align with my values or core desired feelings?


THIRTEEN :: What boundaries would help me move towards what I really want to have, do, be, make, create or share?


FOURTEEN :: If I could set any boundary at all, and not worry about the consequences, what boundary would I choose?


FIFTEEN :: What boundary do I secretly want to set but I’m a little afraid to?


SIXTEEN :: How can I feel safe to set that boundary and share it with others?


SEVENTEEN :: What would I need to believe about myself in order to feel worthy and deserving of setting boundaries that serve me?


EIGHTEEN :: What boundaries do I have that aren’t working for me? How can I change those boundaries so they start to support me instead?


NINETEEN :: What boundaries do I have that serve me but that I’m not honouring? What is it that keeps me from honouring them? And how could I feel ready to start honouring those boundaries?


TWENTY :: How can I start to feel comfortable and confident to share my boundaries with others?

P.S. if you’re exploring your boundaries you might like to play with these affirmations about boundaries and listen to this podcast interview where Patty Kikos and I talk about creating and confidently sharing your beautiful boundaries. Enjoy!