One small act of kindness can change someone's day. And one small act of empowerment can change their life.

From this desire to beam kindness and self-empowerment around the globe, the Pay It Forward Program was born.

It works like this: for just AUD $13 you can gift a lovingly crafted, 10-day journaling experience to someone you know, or to someone you don't (through a Random Act of Kindness Scholarship).

Your gift to the program gives the recipient:

  • Lifetime access to one of five, beautiful 10-day journaling courses.
  • A series of short + sparkly videos to support their journaling adventure.
  • 10 heart-crafted journal prompts (a new one unlocks each day for 10 days).
  • The gift of going inward and connecting with their inner guidance.
  • A huge smile and a heart full of gratitude knowing that someone thinks they’re great!

Plus, for every course purchased or gifted through the Pay It Forward Program, I'll match it - one for one!

Which courses can I choose from?

Any of the courses in the Start Journaling range! Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Self-Love & Worth – tap into self-love and worth so you know, believe in and trust yourself more deeply.
  • Boundaries – explore, create and cultivate great boundaries that support and nurture you.
  • Self-Reflection – connect with who you are, explore what you really want and identify what’s truly important to you so you can create the change you crave.
  • Money mindset – bust through money blocks and create the financial freedom and abundance you seek.
  • For Entrepreneurs – prompts for intentional business so you can ditch the ‘shoulds’, infuse more of you into your biz, and create from ease, flow and joy.

Want to join the kindness movement? There are two ways to play!

Choose your gifting adventure

Buy One Gift One

Purchase a Start Journaling course for yourself and pay it forward by gifting a second course to someone you know (or someone you don’t)!

Gift a Course

Purchase a Start Journaling course for someone you know (or gift a course to the Scholarship program) without buying one for yourself.

Love note: The Program is available on all courses in the Start Journaling range. The only exclusion is if you only buy a course for yourself (because the Pay It Forward Program is all about the gifting goodness!).

Here's what we've achieved together so far...


And the best part is - you get to choose how you Pay It Forward!

Sarah Jensen

Here's how it works:

  • You can nominate the recipient yourself. (Know someone who gives to others without thought for themselves? Whose kindness you’d like to repay? Or who’s ready for some self-reflection but doesn’t know where to start? Gift them a course! Choose a friend, family member, client, colleague or anyone you care about. The choice is yours.)
  • Or you can gift the course as a Random Act of Kindness, and it will be given to a beautiful scholarship recipient. (More on that below).
  • Once you’ve purchased or gifted from the Program, I’ll email you within 3 business days so I can grant your gifting wish (and I’m joyfully sending alllll the emails about this program myself – because it brings a big smile to my face!).

So come and join the kindness movement! And help us beam good vibes, and good deeds, around the globe.

Random Act of Kindness Scholarships

How amazing does it feel when someone you know (or someone you don’t!) offers you loving kindness?  It’s pretty great, right? Well, I believe kindness makes the world go round. That’s why I created Random Act of Kindness Scholarships. It’s a way that we can beam generosity and good vibes around the globe. 

You can nominate yourself or someone you love to receive the gift of a free course (from a selection of heart-crafted courses) through this scholarship offering here at 

Got questions about the Pay It Forward Program?

Thank you for being part of this community and helping to beam kindness and generosity around the globe.

Sarah x 

The fine print: To maintain the integrity of this offering and ensure I can support as many people as possible through the Pay It Forward Program and Random Act of Kindness Scholarships, I’ve put a few simple terms and guidelines in place. You can read them here.