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Rock Your Goals features inspiring conversations with wonderful humans. I interview regular people doing really cool stuff in life and business. My guests and I cut through the BS – no ‘two weeks to 10k followers’ or a ‘should’ in sight. You’ll learn how to harness that sweet spot between hustle and flow to build an intentional, meaningful business your way from experts in their field who walk their talk.

We blend business how-to’s and practical tips with mindset and manifesting, and share personal stories of those who are energetically sensitive, have mental health challenges, are empaths or introverts, or just need to love themselves up a whole lot more. Think of it like being at your favourite café and overhearing a really juicy conversation that makes you want to pull up a chair and join in.   

But don’t just take it from me – of course I’m only going to say good things behind my podcast’s back, right?! Take it from everyone else who’s been talking about Rock Your Goals – like Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), who named it a New + Noteworthy show + ranked in the top 10 shows, and the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, who nominated it for the Podcast Of The Year award. We’ve clocked over 50,000 downloads – and you can scroll down below to check out what some of these thousands of happy, goal-rocking listeners are saying about the show. 


Latest Episodes (aka confetti for your ears)


Episode 80 - Awaken your intuitive and energetic abilities with Lauren Aletta

#80 Awaken Your Intuitive & Energetic Abilities – with Lauren Aletta

Modern day mystic Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue takes you on a wild ride into your own internal guidance system. 

Learn how to navigate your emotions, understand your intuitive language and connect with the seasons of your soul.

Plus, Lauren shares how to tune in to the energy of your business and program it for abundance and success.


Episode 79 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - Behind the scenes of my 8k launch with Sarah Jensen

#79 Behind the Scenes of My $8k Launch – with Sarah Jensen

Go behind the scenes of my Becoming You experience launch as I dish the details on what worked, what didn’t and how I navigated the challenges + mindset blocks along the way.

Plus, I talk numbers and dollars so you can see exactly how it all came together.

My aim? To openly share my launch experience in a way that helps you have more fun & get greater results in the next launch for your amazing business! Enjoy.


Episode 78 - A DIY Guide to your PR Strategy with Katie Maynes

#78 A DIY Guide to Your PR Strategy – with Katie Maynes

In this episode, PR expert Katie Maynes opens up her toolkit and shares how to create a DIY PR strategy that’ll grow your business and get results (even if you’re spotlight shy).

With over 20 years’ experience in the PR industry, Katie’s a master at helping business owners bust through blocks like comparison, impostor syndrome and the fear of being seen, and increase their influence, and their impact, using the power of PR.


Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen

Special Episode – A Podcast Update with Sarah Jensen

A quick update on what to expect from the Rock Your Goals Podcast as we groove into 2020.


#77 What I Learned In Business This Year – with Sarah Jensen

Wrapping up the podcast for year with a review of what worked, the tools and practices that supported me and the things that helped me grow my business in 2019.


Episode 76 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - Write words that sell with Jay Crisp Crow

#76 How to Write Words That Sell – with Jay Crisp Crow

Want to write words that sell? Copywriter, Jay Crisp Crow will teach you how.

If trying to write your about page has you rocking in the corner, or the very thought of emailing marketing makes you want to quit your biz & head back your beige cubicle, this episode is for you.

Jay shares oodles of great tips that’ll have you crafting copy that connects & converts quicker than you can say Snickers. Grab your favourite notebook and get ready, grasshopper – Sensei Jay is in the house!


Episode 75 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - Cultivating Consciousness with Jo ChunYan

#75 Cultivating Consciousness – with Jo ChunYan

Us human folk can sometimes get all caught up in looking here, there and everywhere (from that girl on Insta to your biz bestie or brand competitors) for the road map to nailing life and business. What happens, though, when the ‘answers’ are never quite tailored specifically to you and your actual path? Sometimes, a little looksee inwards can reveal SO much more than any expert can (no matter how many followers they have). So this week, writer, brand designer and intuition coach Jo ChunYan, talks us through using our intuition for killer results. We discuss the art of energy matching, the gift of getting aligned and the conscious brand discovery process. Get ready for an avalanche of ah-ha moments!


Episode 74 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - Clever content marketing with Fayann D'Souza

#74 The Art of Clever Content Marketing – with Fayann D’Souza

Does writing your Insta bio to accurately convey the bones of your biz feel like an insurmountable task? Feel like your elevator pitch echoes every other gal’s in your industry? Fayann D’Souza from Chutzpah Creative knows this is all too common – and from drowning in a sea of same-same to being bit bad by the bug that is comparisonitis, the remedy is the same (you’ll have to tune in for that part).

In this episode, Fay shares her wisdom on tapping into the essence of your brand, bringing the spirit of service to the forefront and the power of having happy customers telling your story for you. We also dive into the makings of a powerful content strategy (including the common mistakes people make), getting clear on your client experience map and why marketing is essentially an amuse-bouche for your business. Dig in and enjoy!


Episode 73 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - Pop Your Career with Bec McFarland

#73 Pop Your Career – with Bec McFarland

Ever feel like you’ve been trudging down the path towards your dream career for, um, ever – but the destination never seems to reveal itself? What if you need to step off the path you thought was the right one – and take a sideways route there instead?

I sat down for a cuppa with career coach Bec McFarland, who shook up all of my preconceived ideas (and will no doubt send yours topsy-turvy too). We chat about why you shouldn’t necessarily quit your day job just yet, why your career doesn’t always have to be your dream, and why you don’t need to have all of your shiz together before your biz takes off.

This episode will help you view your career sitch through brand new eyes – be sure to grab your notebook before you press play!


Episode 72 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - Ignite Your Intuition with Steph Demetrious

#72 Ignite Your Intuition – with Steph Demetrious

If we were sitting down for a cuppa together right now and I asked you how you’re feeling – like, really feeling – could you honestly tell me? Often, we’re so all-up-in-our-heads that we’re actually pretty disconnected from ourselves. So this week, I spoke to Kinesiologist, Reiki Master and intuitive healer Steph Demetrious about the powerful art of tuning into your intuition. Steph shares the fascinating story of her intuitive awakening, and what the ripple effect of deepening your connection to yourself can look like. Want to tap into the wisdom and guidance that’s already inside you? Tune in to the episode and then tune in to you!


Episode 71 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - Align and attract with Kerry Rowett

#71 Align + Attract – with Kerry Rowett

Are you doing ALL of the things in your business, but just. can’t. seem. to arrive at where you want to go? It could be a case of misalignment. Yep, and kinesiologist, Reiki master and author Kerry Rowett is on the podcast this week to give you a re-tune. Kerry shares the personal healing experience that inspired her to train as a kinesiologist, and talks us through how to get out of our own way and finally (finally!) attract that beautiful business vision in the here and now. We also chat about growing a biz as an introvert, why you don’t have to work 24/7 to be successful, and rewiring your beliefs to help you birth the business of your daydreams.


Episode 70 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - The art of creative living with Nicola Newman

#70 The Art Of Creative Living – with Nicola Newman

Ever feel like the last time you tapped into your creative side was during high school art class?

This week I chat to artist, author and advocate for creative living, Nicola Newman, who shines a brilliant light on how to reconnect with your innate creativity (turns out we’re ALL born creative!). Nicola also shares beautiful insights on the power of combining creative expression and mindfulness to fuel self-discovery and build a juicy, loved-up relationship with yourself. This one’s a goodie – enjoy!


Episode 69 Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - Jason McGrice

#69 – How To Meditate When You Think You Can’t Meditate – with Jason McGrice

So it turns out, even internationally famous meditation teachers struggle to sit still when they first start meditating. In this episode I speak with renowned meditation teacher and Reiki master Jason McGrice – whose meditations have been downloaded over 2.5 million (yep, MILLION) times – about how he used to have mini panic attacks each time he sat on his meditation cushion, and how he found his way to a practice he actually looks forward to. Jason also shares on Reiki, energy healing, the cultural shift towards spirituality, plus conscious parenting and meditating with children. This episode is like a warm hug for the soul! Enjoy.


Episode 68 Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - Ellie Swift

#68 – How To Cultivate A Marketing Mindset – with Ellie Swift

Did you know there’s a secret sauce that you must apply if you want your marketing efforts to help your business shine like the diamond she is? Yep, and it doesn’t have anything to do with formulas or Insta grids. Inside this episode, I chat to successful (and all-round lovely) mindset + marketing coach Ellie Swift about why fine-tuning your mindset (think cultivating rock-solid self-belief and a heartfelt success vision) needs to happen before you start firing off those EDMs.


Rock Your Goals Podcast how to build a multi million dollar business with Leonie Dawson

#67 – How I Created A $10 Million Business Working Just 10 Hours A Week! – with Leonie Dawson

Are you hustling your little toosh off in your biz – and dutifully carving out a niche, just like they said you should – but still feeling precariously close to the brink of burn-out? Well, Leonie Dawson is here to show you how to break ALL of the rules. A best-selling author (her My Shining Year goals workbook has sold over 350,000 copies) and self-confessed serial entrepreneur, Leonie has created over $10 million in revenue with no niche – and working just 10 hours a week. Here, Leonie shares her BS-free tips on everything from mailing lists and money, to why having a big team isn’t necessarily the ultimate end-goal.


Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 66 - Why being a CEO is in your DNA - with Lena West

#66 Why Being A CEO Is In Your DNA – with Lena West

So, you launched a business and she’s your baby. But how do you make the jump from humble business owner to goal-rocking CEO – and is this even possible for everybody? According to Lena West, a formidable business coach for high-performing female entrepreneurs, it’s basically in your DNA – it’s simply up to you to decide what brand of CEO you want to be. Lena blew my mind in this ep by sharing her insights on ALL things business, from how to set your pricing, to failure vs. feedback, and what the last 90 days can tell you about where your business is at.


Episode 65 - Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen- Katherine Rose Tate

#65 Make Friends With Your Mind – with Katherine Rose Tate

Are you the type to tear up at Huggies commercials? Feel like your heartstrings are about to break when your bestie/colleague/dog has the blues – or someone says something less-than nice? Get your ears around this ep! Writer, podcaster and coach Katherine Rose Tate knows what it’s like to feel like there’s something ‘wrong’ with you because you’re ‘too sensitive’ – but this epic lady has learnt to embrace her sensitive side (aka empath, introverted and intuitive) as the magical strength it really is. And? She’s here to teach us how to make friends with our minds, too.


Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 64 - Pinterest Strategy with Kate Wilkinson Creative

#64 Why You Need To Stop Procrastinating With Pinterest – with Kate Wilkinson

In case you missed it, Pinterest isn’t just for pretty pictures – it’s also a seriously powerful digital marketing tool. Know you should get pinning seriously for your biz? Digital strategist and Pinterest coach Kate Wilkinson shares expert strategies (including SEO, planning software and content strategy) for using Pinterest to explode your website traffic (and sales!) in less than 30 minutes a week.


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Favourite podcast ever! Rock Your Goals with Sarah Jensen is easily my favourite podcast and one of the only ones that I listen to religiously. The topics of each show are always on point and Sarah’s kind and conversational interview style is the bomb. Adore this woman and her podcast is a must-listen!

Sophie Zen

Time to rock those goals! Sarah has put together a fabulous podcast series packed full of inspiration, laughter, nuggets of wisdom and above all, absolute truth bombs from women entrepreneurs as they navigate their lives and biz. There is no sugar-coating or glossing over of stuff in this series – which is exactly what we need more of! Time to rock those goals!

Bree Hogan

Juicy Conversation Every episode of Rock Your Goals is full to the brim with juicy conversation that will inspire you to take action on your goals. Whether you need inspiration to tackle your personal or business goals, or you want to hear first-hand advice from successful, entrepreneurial lady-bosses, this is the podcast for you. Sarah is a warm, honest + down-to-earth host, and Rock Your Goals always feels like listening to a chat between good friends.



Sarah Jensen

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m an award-winning business + lifestyle coach, course creator, podcast host and self-proclaimed stationery nerd. When I’m not adding to my kikki.K collection or singing into my hairbrush like a ’90s pop star wannabe, I help coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow a sustainable, profitable business that supports the lifestyle of their wildest daydreams.