Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen

An update…

Hi beautiful soul, thanks for landing here.

In November 2023 I made the decision to close the Rock Your Goals Podcast and delete it from the internet.

After 8 years and a whole bunch of incredible conversations across the life of the show, it’s not a decision I made quickly or took lightly. So many marvellous souls shared so much of their time, insight, love and expertise in the interviews that spanned the show, and for that I’m forever grateful.

Ultimately, my decision was guided by one, curious question:

Is this podcast still 100% helpful and relevant to the lovely people who listen to it?

And the answer I found after lots of pondering was, ‘it was, but it’s not anymore’.

Why? Because so many of the episodes shared quite specific tips, tools and techniques for growing a business and the way we do business has changed significantly since the show started in 2015.

As a being, I’m also diving deeper into concepts like slow living, intentional business, Minimalism and letting go – creating more space, clearing out the clutter, and not keeping things for the sake of keeping them. On review, it felt like the right time to honour all of the joy and inspiration it’s brought – to me as much as those who listened to it – and to let the show go. It feels right and it feels like time.

I want to thank every single soul who was part of the podcast community in any and every way. It would never have been possible or as magical as it was without you. Thank you.

I’ve left a little of the podcast back story below as it was one heck of a ride and if you have any questions please feel welcome contact me. I’d love to hear from you. Oh and if you’d still like the ‘sounds of Sarah’ in your ears, I have some lovely, free meditations available for your listening pleasure on Insight Timer and YouTube. 🙂

Sarah x

The podcast back story

The idea for the show popped in during the ProBlogger conference back in 2015 when the host, Darren Rowse, was talking about his own podcast. This was way back before podcasts were even a thing and I’d never heard of such magic before. Was it true? Could I record myself having conversations with interesting people and call it work?

I was sold and, once home, I busied myself exploring all of the goodness I could find to create and share a podcast (in as low tech a way as possible because I’m a total paper and pen kinda gal).

When naming the show, I gave the nod to my brand du jour – Rock Your Goals.

(L-R: early podcasting days in my office | pic from ProBlogger 2015 | RYG on iTunes new and noteworthy next to Lena Dunham!! | Winning an award for the RYG workshop tour)

Back in 2015, I was known as the (self-proclaimed) Goals Yoda after hosting a sold-out national workshop tour around Australia (I even won a fancy award in the process!). So, it made sense to stick with the well-established and well-known theme. Plus, the podcast was all about rocking your goals and bringing your dreams to life, but not in a ‘rah-rah’ kinda way – always in a way that felt like YOU.

Over the years, I’ve leaned in and out of the show and the creation of new episodes. And I have to admit, the rebel in me lost her groove for a while there when it seemed like every woman and her otter had started a podcast.

Over time the show has shifted and changed, but the roots of the show have always remained the same. To share real and honest conversations about life and business and to do it in a way where the listener feels like they’re part of the magic.

It’s been a joy to share the podcast with you over the years. Thank you for your community and support.

Podcast fun facts

  • When I first started the podcast, I’d never actually listened to a podcast before!
  • My first interview episode with Katie Dean was recorded from bed (because it was the quietest room in the house at the time, but also because – why not!?).
  • Over its life, this little show had over 76,000 downloads and die hard fans continued to re-listen and binge listen until the very end (thank you!).
  • At its peak, the show was ranked in the top 10 for marketing podcasts and the top 20 most popular business podcasts on iTunes (now known as Apple Podcasts).
  • The show was an awards finalist a couple of times over and even landed in the iTunes ‘new and noteworthy’ list next to Lena Dunham’s podcast (proud pic above).

The podcast was powered by

  • Zoom for interview recordings.
  • Samson meteor microphone for zoom recordings.
  • My old Samsung mobile phone and corded earphones + mic for solo episodes.
  • The creative use of lots of blankets and couch cushions for improving sound quality (I told you I was low tech!).
  • Audacity for episode editing.
  • Canva for graphics.
  • Libsyn podcast hosting.
  • Lovely people for sharing their stories.
  • Lovely people for listening to the episodes.
  • And, over the years, lots and lots of chocolate!