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Rock Your Goals features inspiring conversations with wonderful humans. I interview regular people doing really cool stuff in life and business. My guests and I cut through the BS – no ‘two weeks to 10k followers’ or a ‘should’ in sight. You’ll learn how to harness that sweet spot between hustle and flow to build an intentional, meaningful business your way from experts in their field who walk their talk.

We blend business how-to’s and practical tips with mindset and manifesting, and share personal stories of those who are energetically sensitive, have mental health challenges, are empaths or introverts, or just need to love themselves up a whole lot more. Think of it like being at your favourite café and overhearing a really juicy conversation that makes you want to pull up a chair and join in.   

But don’t just take it from me – of course I’m only going to say good things behind my podcast’s back, right?! Take it from everyone else who’s been talking about Rock Your Goals – like Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), who named it a New + Noteworthy show + ranked in the top 10 shows, and the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, who nominated it for the Podcast Of The Year award. We’ve clocked over 50,000 downloads – and you can scroll down below to check out what some of these thousands of happy, goal-rocking listeners are saying about the show. 


Latest Episodes (aka confetti for your ears)

New episodes launching this month! (19.08.2019)

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Episode 63 - Rock Your Goals Podcast - Jenna and Ash from Eff Perfect

#63 Perfectionism is a Sneaky Bitch! – with Jenna & Ash from Eff Perfect

Psst! I know that deep down, you probably just want to be liked. Confession: I do, too. Ashley Looker and Jenna Teague from Eff Perfect and the Middle Finger to Perfection Podcast, know it too – so I got them to explain why perfectionism – and the fear of being judged – can seriously mess with your #businessgoals. Jenna + Ash teach us how to master self-love and ban the ‘p’ word from our vocab so we can get back to changing the world.

Episode Landing 19.8.19

Episode 62 - Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen

#62 Why I Quit My Own Podcast + The Reboot is Here!

The Rock Your Goals Podcast is back! On 3 September, 2017, after 60 episodes + 50 incredible guests, I decided to stop recording Rock Your Goals. I thought it was the end – but the universe had other plans. After tugging at my sleeve like a restless 4-year-old for a while, an email out of the blue from a dream guest (thanks, Universe) cemented my decision to dust off my mic. I dish the details on what to expect from upcoming episodes of goal-getting goodness!

Episode Landing 19.8.19

Rock Your Goals Podcast Episode 60 - The secret superpowers of being an introvert with Cat Rose Neligan

#60 The Secret Superpowers of Being an Introvert – with Cat Rose Neligan

Feel like those pesky extroverts are always stealing the show? Well, according to Cat Rose Neligan, aka The Creative Introvert, you’ve got something (actually, a few things) going your way. Cat shares tips on conquering the fear of talking about yourself, developing resilience, and how to manage your energy so you can make a living from your creativity without shouting from a podium at networking events.

Caylie Price

#59 How Facebook Live Can Stop You Feeling Invisible – with Caylie Price

Feel like everyone else has more followers + more clients? You’re definitely not alone! So, I asked Caylie Price from Better Business Better Life to share her expert know-how on using Facebook Live to be seen, reach your ideal clients and grow your business. Her expert tips – from going where you’re supported and starting to share your message there, to knowing you don’t have to become who you’re not to be successful -– make us want to go live right now!

Sarah Jensen

#58 Inside My Toolkit – My Pre & Post Coaching Call Practices

I dish all the details on the quick, easy + super effective tools in my coaching tool kit. Go behind the scenes as I share the exact rituals, practices and tools that support me to stay grounded and in my groove as a life and business coach.

Sarah Jensen

#57 Honouring You – with Sarah Jensen

In this episode, your hostess, Sarah Jensen (aka me) shares some burning thoughts on honouring yourself, feeling into what’s right for you (yep, not that girl next to you, no matter how good her Insta feed looks) and creating space for self-love. Want a taste of the golden nuggets I share exclusively with my clients in our one-on-one coaching sessions? Listen in for a sneak peek!

Carla Da Costa

#56 How To Live With Heart – with Carla Da Costa

You could be doing All The Things – but until you’ve managed to get out of your head and into your heart, something will likely still feel a little off-kilter. Been there too?  Then pull up a chair, my friend, as I chat with gorgeous life + wellness coach Carla Da Costa from the Women’s Wellness Movement about how to live your most vibrant and fulfilling life – from connecting with your most confident self to silencing your fears. Here’s to creating some soul-expanding positive change!

Rebecca Weller of Sexy Sobriety on Rock Your Goals the podcast

#55 Breaking Up With Booze Changed My Life – with Bex Weller

Bex Weller from Sexy Sobriety is a Holistic Health + Life Coach who found herself in a dysfunctional relationship with alcohol. When Bex decided to ditch the booze and blog about it, women all over the world joined in with their own sobriety experiments – and Bex’s business, Sexy Sobriety, was born. Bex now supports women to unleash their authentic selves into the world. In this super inspiring ep, we talk about fear, letting go of the ‘shoulds’ and how sharing what you’re going through can take your business next-level.

Yael Keon

#54 Everything You Don’t Know About Marketing – with Yael Keon

Post on Insta daily, they said. Don’t forget your EDMs, they said. But what are the secrets that will let your little biz baby shine like the sparkly snowflake she is? It all comes down to marketing with intention, reveals Yael Keon – aka online marketing strategist and creator of The Email Experience Mastermind and The Amplified Marketing Method. She shares the five pillars of marketing (get your notebook ready!) plus plenty of practical, actionable tips for identifying your core message and creating a focused strategy that’s just right for you.

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Reviews From Happy Listeners

Favourite podcast ever! Rock Your Goals with Sarah Jensen is easily my favourite podcast and one of the only ones that I listen to religiously. The topics of each show are always on point and Sarah’s kind and conversational interview style is the bomb. Adore this woman and her podcast is a must-listen!

Sophie Zen

Time to rock those goals! Sarah has put together a fabulous podcast series packed full of inspiration, laughter, nuggets of wisdom and above all, absolute truth bombs from women entrepreneurs as they navigate their lives and biz. There is no sugar-coating or glossing over of stuff in this series – which is exactly what we need more of! Time to rock those goals!

Bree Hogan

Juicy Conversation Every episode of Rock Your Goals is full to the brim with juicy conversation that will inspire you to take action on your goals. Whether you need inspiration to tackle your personal or business goals, or you want to hear first-hand advice from successful, entrepreneurial lady-bosses, this is the podcast for you. Sarah is a warm, honest + down-to-earth host, and Rock Your Goals always feels like listening to a chat between good friends.



Sarah Jensen

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m an award-winning business + lifestyle coach, course creator, podcast host and self-proclaimed stationery nerd. When I’m not adding to my kikki.K collection or singing into my hairbrush like a ’90s pop star wannabe, I help coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow a sustainable, profitable business that supports the lifestyle of their wildest daydreams.