Sarah Jensen

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m an empath (translation: someone with an almost spooky ability to sense the emotional state of others), stationery addict (I have a serious kikki.K habit – ‘coz you can never have enough blank journals, right?!) and self-proclaimed uber-nerd when it comes to all things business and personal development.

Nothing – and I mean nothing – gets me so-giddy-I’m-glowing more than helping coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow a sustainable, profitable business that supports the lifestyle of their wildest daydreams.

My secret sauce? Harnessing that sweet spot between hustle and flow – the ‘work smarter, not harder’, approach, if you will – so that running a goal-rocking business is actually fun (not burnout town) and still leaves plenty of time for nurturing your heart and soul. (Leisurely baths at noon? Last-minute Airbnb bookings for a cheeky long weekend with the girls – or your journal, for my fellow introverts – just because you can? Yep, I’m all about that!)

Sarah Jensen

The proudest, most pinch-me moments in my life so far (besides that time I beat my boyfriend at Words With Friends, because total word nerd right here!) would have to be:

– Clocking up over 50,000 downloads + hitting the top 20 on the Apple Podcast charts with my Rock Your Goals podcast.

– Hosting my first ever workshop, Rock Your Goals, and turning it into a sold out, award-winning national success in less than a year.

– Working with over 1,000 people through one-on-one coaching, workshops, online courses and speaking events.

– Collaborating with incredible brands like Thankyou, Pana Chocolate, Jurlique, Collective Hub magazine, Soak Society, Peppermint magazine and more.

BUT… I didn’t always get to spend my days in my comfiest yoga pants at my laptop, grinning away like a Cheshire cat (yep, proud dork right here!) while teaching heart-led, driven souls just like you about living with intention, journaling, EFT, affirmations and of course, all things business.

Nope!  And if you’re still scrolling this far in, my bet is that you’re itching to know what’s really gone down behind the scenes, beyond the awards and shiny Insta pics. So, grab yourself a warm cuppa and scroll on.

Sarah Jensen

The Back Story

In my early 20s, I was the girl who was flailing around like an aimless puppy. I was oh-so insecure and went looking for love and fulfilment everywhere except inside me (I was the over-spending, over-eating, always-in-search-of-‘more’ gal). 

Fast-forward a few years, a LOT of personal development work, including sessions with a wonderful counsellor who taught me all about the stories I was carrying, the beliefs I had about myself and what was possible for me, and things were on the up. I faced my self-worth issues head-on and pinpointed what I really wanted in life. Most importantly? I finally, wholeheartedly believed that my dreams were possible and I was WORTH all the success in the world.

An Unplanned Detour…

My business grew out of this shift – I felt that if I could come from such a dark place and start to love and appreciate myself, I wanted to help others see their own brilliance and potential, too.

But instead of letting my business be a fun adventure, I threw myself in at a million miles an hour. I started doing loads of courses and following ALL of the experts, desperate to grow my business quickly (and get out of the depressing day job I absolutely hated at the time).

Pretty soon, I thought I had this whole boss-lady thing nailed: I’d launched my coaching business, and was making actual money doing what I loved – helping other women live a life of freedom, too.

But instead of building a thriving business that helped people, I lost my true purpose in all the noise and I burnt myself out. My business had become just another way to prove myself and my worth. I was snappy with my boyfriend, never exercised and stopped making time (what time?!) for family and friends. And when I started chucking sickies in my own business? I knew it was time to go inward again and do more of the work.

Sarah Jensen

Hello, Sarah, Are You In There?

I acknowledged the way I’d been doing business wasn’t sustainable, so I did what any smart woman does – I called in a team of strong women to stand behind me. With the help of various practitioners, from coaches to naturopaths (yep, I’ve done it all!) I was finally able to identify myself as an empath (aka someone who’s super sensitive to energy) and learnt how to care for that part of me.

I started to listen to my body, reconnect with my intuition and actually give myself what I needed. I started to journal again, sing again, and I learnt how to say no to what didn’t feel right for me. Essentially, I started looking after myself on a deep level – body, mind and soul – and it completely turned my world around.

The Sweet Spot

It was after this experience that I added a crucial element to my work: energy alignment. I realised that before we are business owners, lady bosses (or whatever you like to call yourself) we are HUMAN first and foremost. And so it’s crucial that we tend to all aspects of the self in order to thrive.

Now, I serve my clients with the same 360° approach that’s worked miracles for me: implementing real-world systems and strategies combined with a hearty helping of self-care.

Today, I have a thriving business helping others change the world (all without getting out of my yoga pants), and a life that feels meaningful to me. 

My business is profitable, which means I’m able to outsource things like Pinterest and scheduling – and equally excitingly, keep (slowly – because, this isn’t a fairytale, yet) ticking off my travel bucket list. Most importantly, I spend my days creating goodness and caring for my number one business asset – me! I give myself all of the TLC – in the form of uninterrupted time with my journal, EFT or whatever else I need – so I’m always feeling aligned, ready to rock my goals and help my clients rock theirs!

It’s everything I’d wanted so badly when I first started. So what changed?

I’ve stopped trying to do business by ‘the rules’ and I’ve learnt how to do business MY way.

Sarah Jensen


It’s my mission to help you carve out a life – and goal-rocking business – with intention.

I’ll help you build a business that’s an extension of YOU. Where you show up as yourself, where that’s so much more than enough, and where you’re paid (handsomely, thank you very much) for it.

A business where hustle and overwhelm aren’t invited to the party; you don’t have to squeeze your square-peg-ness into a round hole (coz all the best people are square pegs, anyway); and where you get to shine that light of yours as bright as can be.

Ready to find your own groove and love your business? Let’s dance.