Hi lovely, it’s so great to meet you. My name is Sarah Jensen. I live in Adelaide, South Australia with my partner Brendan and we love couch time watching movies and our favourite TV shows and sharing delicious meals (total foodie right here).

I’m a proud dork, book lover and word nerd and I love a good pun. My ‘uniform’ for life and biz is super comfy clothes (yoga pants, PJs or trackie dacks – that’s Australian for tracksuit pants) hair up and make up free, but I do love to get glammed up to speak at an event or present a workshop.

I absolutely love to sing and I’m taking lessons for the pure joy of it. I’m a huge stationery lover, have a big collection of notebooks and am a pen and paper girl all the way. I love journaling and affirmations and my ideal Friday night is stocking up on amazing food, whipping up a tasty meal and hanging on the couch with my man. Bliss.


Sarah Jensen - Award Winning Life and Business Coach


The Back Story

Growing up I was really insecure and desperate for love and fulfilment. I went looking for it everywhere except inside me (I was the over-spending, over-eating, overdoing everything in search of ‘more’ gal). And life changed for me when I found an amazing counsellor and art therapist who helped me look at what was going on inside my heart and mind.

We looked at the stories I was telling myself, the beliefs I had about myself and what was possible for me, and we gently and lovingly pulled it apart so I could start to create a happier, healthier future and accept and love myself exactly as I am (it’s a life-long work in progress, that’s for sure!).

My business grew out of this shift – I felt that if I could come from such a dark and desperate place and start to love and appreciate myself, then it was possible for anyone, and I wanted to help other people see their own brilliance, beauty and potential too.

But instead of taking things slowly and letting my business be a fun adventure, I threw myself in at a million miles an hour.

I started doing loads of courses and following all of the experts, desperate to ‘get it right’ and grow my business quickly, because in my mind the faster it grew the more people I could help (and the faster I could get out of the depressing day job I absolutely hated at the time).

But instead of building a thriving business that helped people, I lost myself and my true purpose in all of the noise and I burnt myself out. My business had become just another way to prove myself and my worth, and when I started chucking sickies (Australian for ‘taking sick days when you’re not really sick) in my own business, I knew it was time to go inward again and do more of the ‘me’ work.


It Looked Good From The Outside But…

Even though the business was earning, I’d done a sold-out national workshop tour, had a top rating podcast and had won a coaching award, I knew I had to step back and reconnect with myself because the way I was doing business wasn’t sustainable.

I was tired, grumpy, overweight and I never switched off. I barely spent any time with friends or family, I stopped taking time to have fun with my partner, and I had that constant nagging, guilty feeling that I hadn’t done enough. It sucked and was so far from my idea of a “dream life / freedom business” it wasn’t even funny.

So I stepped back for a while, took time to reflect and recharge, and I had some great coaching and healing with some wonderful practitioners. I learned more about my own energy and was finally able to identify myself as an empath (aka someone who’s super sensitive to all of the energy swirling around in the world) and how I could care for that part of me. I started to listen to my body, reconnect with my intuition and actually give myself what I needed. I started to journal again, sing again, and I learned how to say no to what didn’t feel right for me.


The Turning Point

As I started to look after myself more, my creativity and energy came back and I started showing up differently – doing business differently.

I focused on what felt good, followed the fun and the joy, worked to my strengths and followed my instincts instead of the experts.

I came back to my roots and my original passions of sharing, helping and making friends, instead of worrying so much about selling or sales funnels or how many social media followers I had.

And when I really tuned into myself, honoured my own energy and worked with my natural flow + rhythm, rather than against it, my business started to grow really naturally and organically in a way that felt SO GOOD!

I was enjoying writing and posting and doing videos.

I was excited to write newsletters and email updates, and the ideas were flowing.

I was showing up as me, having fun, and working to my own groove and it totally changed my business, made life way more fun, and made me a more fun and fulfilled person too.


Sarah Jensen's Rock Your Goals Adelaide Workshop at Brick + Mortar Creative photographed by Amy Agnew, Photographer


Instead of always feeling exhausted, or behind, or overwhelmed, or like I couldn’t possibly start until I was 1000% certain the action I was about to take was the “right” one. Instead of feeling like I couldn’t share something until it was perfect, or do videos until I’d had my hair and makeup done, or promote my email list until I had the perfect sales funnel in place. Instead of all of the negativity and self-judgement and mental blocks and junk that were holding me back, I started to ENJOY my business. I started to feel really energised when I worked, and because I was looking after myself and taking time for my life outside my business (my health, my partner, and doing things I love like singing and yoga) I felt better. And the better I felt, the more I was able to show up in my business as me and let that be enough.

And doing that has totally turned my business around.


A New Way To Do Business

I’m now attracting and working with absolute dream clients and when we connect it’s like we’ve been friends forever. We have fun on coaching calls, my clients leave our calls feeling great and they’re (gently and intentionally) rocking their goals and getting great results while working in a way that works for them.

I’m writing and creating again and it feels amazing.

I’ve started growing my biz team and hiring experts in their field to help me with things like Pinterest and scheduling. (Note: You don’t have to go it alone when you’re growing your business).

I’m having fun AND I’m making money.

It’s everything I’d wanted so badly when I first started.

So what changed?

I’ve stopped trying to do business someone else’s way and I’ve learned how to do business my way.


I’m Here To Help You Do Business YOUR Way

I’m super passionate and excited to help other big hearted coaches, creatives and online business owners do the same.

To support them in finding their own groove. To help them grow their confidence, follow their intuition, and build a business that’s intentional, sustainable, joyful and fun.

My mission in life is to help you build a business that’s an extension of YOU. Where you get to show up as yourself, where that’s so much more than enough, and where you’re paid to be you.

A business where you get to shine your light and share your gifts and goodness with the world; where ‘hustle’ and overwhelm aren’t invited to the party, and where you don’t have to try and fit yourself in a box that someone else designed.

I absolutely DO NOT believe in one size fits all – in life or in business – and if you’ve been trying to squeeze yourself into a box that’s not ‘you shaped’ I want you to give yourself permission to stop doing that right now.

Stop trying to be someone you’re not, because who you are is amazing; who you are is enough; and it’s time to show up and share as you my friend. And I’d love to help you do just that.


Ready to find your own groove and love your business? Let’s dance.


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