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Ready to rock a heartfelt business with intention & enjoy success beyond your wildest daydreams?

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Hi, I’m Sarah!

I teach creative entrepreneurs to rock their goals by implementing real-world systems + business strategies, combined with heartfelt self-care.

I’m a chocoholic, journal hoarder and certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy Coach, and I do a dorky little happy dance every day that I get to help spirited goal getters through my acclaimed podcast, courses and one-on-one coaching.

My mission? Helping women with big, audacious goals to find that sweet spot between hustle and flow.

Sarah Jensen

I work with coaches + entrepreneurs from all over the globe (probably just like you!). Hands up if you…

• Dream of spending your days using your special talents (your secret sauce, if we may) to do meaningful, inspiring work – and being paid oh-so nicely for it

• Are ready to stop marching behind the Insta crowd and carve out a brand that’s you – and a mission that really, truly lights you up beyond those little squares

• Are already on your way there – but have secretly fantasised about deleting your website and hibernating for a year due to The Overwhelm

I hear you, lady! Through my own rollercoaster business journey (read all about it here), I went from strung-out and burnt-out to living a life of balance, joy and intention – while still kicking my goals out of the park.

I’ve learnt that success is incredible – but so are belly laughs with your besties, bouncing out of bed feeling rested and, you know, holidays and baths at noon on a Tuesday.

AND it’s totally, completely possible to have both – it just takes a few clever tweaks to get there

Ready to do business your way?

The Spark Starter

This 90-minute session will help you tune in to get crystal-clear on what you really want – and arm you with strategies and feel-good tools to get you on your way (minus the burn-out!). We’ll work together one-on-one to pinpoint your dreams and devise a targeted action plan that’s utterly bespoke for you. Let’s do this…

Investment $297 AUD

Sarah Jensen

Who it’s for:

Those who are ready to up-level in business and life – but know that they don’t need to buy yet another online course! You know it’s time to play bigger with some loving, supportive one-on-one guidance (like your very own cheerleader, who also happens to be bursting with expert business know-how).

You may be in the early stages of launching your coaching or online business; or you might be knee-deep and looking for a reset, tools to manage your energy better, guidance on a specific issue – or perhaps you’re considering booking in for my Soulful Success program and want to take the first step (if you choose to go on to a coaching series, the cost of your Spark Starter call will be credited towards this). Either way, you’re ready to play big with a whole lot of heart.

What’s included:

– A pre-call questionnaire (this is where you tell me all about YOU!)

– 90-minute phone, Skype or Zoom call to get your business grooving and you feeling clear, energised, motivated and aligned again

– A detailed call summary filled with loving notes, reminders and any resources we discuss, straight to your inbox within 48 business hours of our call

Soulful Success

Soulful Success is my signature three-month coaching program that allows us to work together on a deeper level and set some big, beautiful change in motion. This tailored program has been lovingly crafted to help you hit the reset button, tune in to your inner guidance, reawaken the passion for your business or life and get you back into ease, flow and fun so you can share your magic and make a difference in the world.

Together, we’ll take a loving look at where you’re at now, get clear on what success means to you and design a delicious vision for your business that feels aligned to you.

We’ll bust through the mindset blocks holding you back from the lifestyle you crave, and create an intentional action plan you’re actually excited to implement – one that fits in with your real life, works to your strengths and honours your energy.

Investment $1797 AUD (Payment plan available)

Sarah Jensen

Who it’s for:

The big-hearted goal getters among us who are ready to dive deeper – and up-level beyond your wildest daydreams. You want to stop comparing yourself to the 3465 other coaches/boss ladies/creatives you follow on Insta, and instead have the courage to stand out in all of your own unique, wild, beautiful awesomeness – and own it.

You want All Of The Things – but you also know life would feel a whole lot sweeter if you could enjoy them while feeling grounded, whole and full of glow-get-em (and not the type that comes via your local barista) each morning. If you’re oh-so ready to intentionally Rock Your Goals, while mastering the art of working smarter – and with more heart – not harder, Soulful Success is for you.

Bonus: if you’re a coach-in-the-making studying with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, a six-session coaching series with me can be used as part of your certification process.

What’s included:

  • 1 x 30 minute Connect Call so you can tell me all about you + your business and we can get to know each other better
  • 1 x 90-minute Spark Starter session
  • 5 x 60-minute Skype or Zoom calls (fortnightly – aka bi-weekly for my American friends)
  • A hearty helping of goal-setting and bigger-picture dreaming, business systems and strategies, self-care practices and powerful energy work
  • Love Notes emailed to you after each call, including an outline of the key points we covered, loving reminders and actionable steps for the coming fortnight
  • Extra resources and tools as needed (for example links to information + podcasts, journaling prompts, etc.)
  • A free electronic copy of the 128-page Rock Your Goals Playbook to help you map out your biggest dreams
  • Email support between calls (got a question? Need a vent or a loving nudge? I’m just a hop, skip and a click away at all times during our work together!)

Read more kind words from clients

  • I Booked My First Clients

    Sarah quickly helped pinpoint my blocks and limiting self-beliefs and I emerged from our call feeling courageous, energised and totally clear on the next steps to reach my biggest goals. If you’re searching for a coach to unlock your brilliance, Sarah’s your woman.

    Katherine Tate – Coach & Mental Wellness Warrior
  • Transformative & Fun

    What I didn’t expect was how much I would look forward to each session. From realising my goals weren’t aligned with what I actually wanted in life, to finally having someone I could be honest with, coaching with Sarah was everything I hoped for and more. There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible Sarah is.

    Rachael Kable – Author & Host of the Mindful Kind Podcast
  • A Dream to Work With

    Sarah is one of the most genuine, talented and business-savvy women in our industry. Not only is she making waves in the digital world, she’s doing it in a way that is marked with honesty, integrity and humour. She’s a dream to work with.

    Jaclyn Carlson – Blog Society
  • Sarah Helped Me Find Balance + Direction and Take Action

    Sarah gave me amazing perspective and let me go on (and on) until we could unravel it all and create an action plan that worked for me. Her follow-up email after our call is something I go back to and reference often!

    Alexis Teasdale – The Festive Co.
  • Katherine Tate - Worry Warrior
  • Rachael Kable - The Mindful Kind
  • Jaclyn Carlson of Blog Society
  • Alexis Teasdale

What's Next?

1. Step One

Click the ‘Sarah, We Need To Talk’ button above to book your preferred session & select a time that works for you. 

2. Step Two

You’ll be guided through the process of  completing the pre-call questionnaire (& payment if you’re booking a Spark Starter).

3. Step Three

I’ll connect personally to confirm our booking and answer any pre-call questions you may have.

Have questions? Contact Me. I’d love to hear from you.