7 journaling prompts for unpacking success


The word success is woven so tightly into the fabric of our business. We’re taught to want it, crave it, need it and seek it out. We’re surrounded by examples of what’s “successful”, and if we haven’t tapped into our own desires and definition of success, we can easily get pulled off our own path and onto someone else’s.

I know when I started my business I got caught up in what the ‘successful’ people were doing. With all of their sales funnels and marketing plans and YouTube channels and summits, part of me felt if I wasn’t doing all of that stuff too then I’d never be a success.

But, by taking the time to tap into what success actually means to me (and whether it’s even success I’m seeking) I’ve learned how to let go of the comparison and do things my way instead.

So if you’re sick of chasing someone else’s definition of success, or you find yourself doing stuff in your business you really don’t enjoy, I want to invite you to spend some time with your journal and these prompts I’ve crafted (and use myself) to unpack success and write a new, more aligned story instead.


ONE :: What does success mean to me and is it success I really want?


TWO :: What do I want / want to feel instead?


THREE :: What do I now choose instead of success? (List some feelings)


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FOUR :: What does a life guided by those feelings look like? What do I do and how do I spend my time?


FIVE :: When my life is guided by my chosen feelings, what don’t I do anymore?


SIX :: How does my business fit into this new vision of mine? Do I still have a business? If not, what do I do and choose instead? If yes, what does my business look like now?


SEVEN :: Now that I know this, what do I need to do next?

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