Patty Kikos talks boundaries on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

Today I’m talking with the beautiful Patty Kikos.

Patty teaches busy women how to balance their energy through counselling, Kinesiology, Kundalini yoga, chakra balance workshops and gorgeous online courses. She’s also a hot chip lover, super cool word nerd and loves to binge watch awesome TV shows like Vikings. Patty’s passion is helping energise entrepreneurs so they can find their flow and transform their lives (sounds pretty amazing to me!).

Today we’re talking all things boundaries and why they’re so important for you in life and in business. Patty shares how to set beautiful boundaries that nurture you, simple and effective ways to communicate your boundaries, getting really comfortable saying no, and how to step out of the ‘sorry syndrome’. Plus we’re talking about being proactive rather than reactive and how to “batch, block and buffer”.

This episode’s packed full of goodness to help you set boundaries that work for you. I hope you enjoy it.


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A-Ha Moment from the Episode


“Don’t go against the grain of your personality – be authentic”

“We resonate with different energies at different times in our lives”

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What’s one area of your life or business where you need to set a new and empowering boundary? Share in the comments below.


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