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Welcome to your home for Heart Healing, which is all about removing blocks, supporting your Soul, and connecting with the magic inside you through kinesiology, energy healing and heartful coaching.

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If we haven't met yet. Hi! I'm Sarah.

Self-confessed dork, life-long stationery lover and kinesiologist who’s mad keen on sleep-ins, snail mail, and reading books in bed.

I’m the big heart and huge smile behind the award winning Rock Your Goals workshops, the multi-award nominated Rock Your Goals podcast, and the global kindness movement – the Pay It Forward Program.

I’ve lovingly crafted an intentional business as a kinesiologist & energy healer, life & business coach, writer, speaker & journaling guide. And it makes me happy as a pig in mud on a hot summers’ day to help lovely humans like yourself see how incredible they are so they can live their dreams and rock their goals in a way that feels easy and oh so fun.

Working with Sarah was transformative and fun. It's the most beautiful support you can imagine.
Rachael Kable
Rachael Kable
Author & Podcast Host
If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah Jensen, take it! You'll savour every single moment.
Fayann D'Souza
Fay Dsouza
Chutzpah Creative
Sarah's amazing - she sees and celebrates the best version of me, even when I can't see that yet myself.
Jenna Teague - Coach
Jenna Teague
Psychotherapist & Coach

Tune in & chill out

With guided healing meditations. They’re available for free on Insight Timer & YouTube. In fact, there’s a whole library of goodness to support your human, your heart and your soul. Great to clear clunky, funky energy or for a quick guided tune up. Explore and enjoy the magic…

What would I know about heart healing? I'm so glad you asked.

Here in this virtual lounge room, I’ve brought together two of my great loves – journaling and energy healing – to help you create real and lasting change on a cellular level.

I’ve been journaling since the “dear diary” days, when my walls were covered in pull out posters from TV Hits magazine, and Beverley Hills 90210 was tré cool.

Back then, my notebooks were filled with teenage angst and the initials of my current crush. These days it’s a tool that helps me know and trust myself more than I ever dreamed possible.

As for the healing side of the goodness, I’ve been seeing a kinesiologist for years and the shifts have been so remarkable I decided to become one myself. It’s a joy to offer in person and distance healings that break through the blocks and align you to your brightest, shiniest, most magnificent self.


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