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Sarah Jensen

Hi! I'm Sarah Jensen. Heart Healer, Goals Guru & Journaling Queen.

What if there’s an easier way of living and loving yourself? Not something complex that costs a stack of cash, or a one-size-fits-all solution that never actually fits you, but a new way. A simple way. YOUR way.

One where you’re the leader of your own life and your happiness and fulfilment are real (rather than the ‘fake it til you make it’ variety).

I’m talking real-world self-worth, where you not only like yourself, but love yourself too. 

Sound more Disney than do-able? Read on.

It's time to own your awesome & live your happy.


Pay It Forward

Together we can impact 1 million lives around the globe through the Pay It Forward Program & Random Act of Kindness Scholarships.

Rock Your Goals

Set goals that mean something to you with the Rock Your Goals Playbook. THE goal getting guide for heart-led humans.

Journal to Life

Turn up the volume on your self-love and tap into the well of self-worth inside you with these deep diving and delicious journaling prompts.

kindness makes the world go round

The Pay It Forward Program &
Random Act of Kindness Scholarships

Heart-crafted with love and the desire to beam kindness, generosity and good vibes around the globe, the Pay It Forward Program is an opportunity for those with a little more to give the gift of journaling to those with a little less.

Coaching with Sarah was transformative and fun. It's the most beautiful support you can imagine.
Rachael Kable - The Mindful Kind
Rachael Kable
Mindfulness Expert & Author
She sees and celebrates the best version of me, even when I can't see that yet myself.
Jenna Teague - Coach
Jenna Teague
Coach & Psychotherapist
Working with Sarah is like having a wise and loving big sister who will make you feel invincible.
Elly Baxter - Elly Baxter PR
Elly Baxter
PR for Creative People
If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah, take it. You'll savour every single moment.
Fayann D'Souza - Chutzpah Creative
Fay D'Souza
Marketing Strategist

inspiration for your ears

Tune in to the Rock Your Goals Podcast

Interviews with big-hearted humans doing great things in business and life. Downloaded 60,000+ times by happy listeners around the globe and featuring incredible guests like Leonie Dawson, Lena West, Jay Crisp Crow, and more.

What would I know about journaling? I'm so glad you asked.

I’ve been journaling since the “dear diary” days, when my walls were covered in pull out posters from TV Hits Magazine, and Beverley Hills 90210 was tré cool.

Back then, my journals were filled with teenage angst and the initials of my current crush. These days it’s my transformation tool of choice and helps me know and trust myself more than I ever dreamed possible.

This online hub for sensitive humans, self-confessed dorks, and those who never quite ‘fit in’ (me too!), is my very own Mary Poppins carpet bag of magic. A place where I share my trusty tools and techniques (the ones I use myself, and have shared with thousands of women around the globe) to help you see how incredible you are, believe in yourself like nobody’s business, and learn to listen to the wisest woman you’ll ever know. YOU!

Sarah Jensen


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