Sarah has the biggest heart, which is full of love, sensitivity empathy and warmth.

She guides you effortlessly on a path of self-discovery with grace and kindness.

Her insight and wisdom make no two sessions the same.  Sarah uses a variety of modalities to help you understand the blockages and conditioned negative self-beliefs that are holding you back from living your life to its full potential.

Sarah has an infectious sense of humour, and quite simply put always and unconditionally provides you with a soft place to land.

Cannot recommend this beautiful soul highly enough. 

Catherine Bowyer - Executive Coach & Mentor

Oh my goodness, I have just found the energy healer of my dreams and my long lost Soul Sister.  Sarah is … A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!!!  She is so incredibly gifted in her healing abilities.  We connected immediately (even before our first session) which enabled us to go really deep really quickly and clear oodles of old stuff that’s been hanging around way too long!  Sarah’s insight is profound and delivered with so much love, warmth and candour, with a healthy dollup of fun and sassiness! If you’re looking to make changes in your life, no matter how big or small, I would highly recommend Sarah to help you on that journey of transformation.  She is a super talented and needs to be part of your ‘live your best life’ team.


Thank you for today. I felt great after our session and am really looking forward to the next session. I felt so completely different it was amazing. My hip is the best it has been. The difference is amazing and I feel like a weight has been lifted. I’ve been asking healing angels to help me and I realised when I got home that you are the healing angel.

Elli N.

Sarah is a natural healer and is able to help shift so much stagnant and negative energy through every session I have with her. She is such a caring and generous soul. You leave feeling lighter, inspired, excited about life and ready to tackle any challenge (that no longer feels like a challenge anymore). I cannot recommend her enough! You will look forward to every session and won’t be able to wait to book again. I can’t thank Sarah enough for what she has helped me achieve and overcome through her gentle, nurturing and compassionate practice.

Amy Agnew - (seriously amazing) Photographer

Sarah is a truly beautiful person. She is incredibly gifted at holding space and channelling with clarity and pure intentions. Her genuine personality and warmth is uplifting and feels like a big hug. She has a way with communication that allows you to remember your own power and answers, while lovingly being there by your side. I’ve had the pleasure of two sessions with her; the second being remote and it was just as powerful as in person. Highly recommend.

Tayla - Quantum Coach

I had the most wonderful energy healing and coaching session with Sarah. She combines the two so naturally and intuitively, sharing everything my soul needed to hear in that moment. She really helps you see your own gifts. And I’ve had so much energy for the last 3 days since our session!! She is officially my go to when I need to be clear & free & reminded of who I am.

Nikki Velasco - Mindset Coach & Breathwork Facilitator

I recently had an energy healing session with Sarah and to say that it was absolutely magical is an understatement! It was the first time I had ever done a healing session and Sarah was so detailed in explaining the process with me and she made me feel so comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Her loving, gentle, supportive energy made the experience so amazing. Before the session I felt a lot of stuck energy in my body and my aura. I had gone through a lot of difficult situations prior to our session. After the session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and I felt more like my true self.

Sarah is such a light in this world and the work she does is extremely healing. I cannot recommend her enough! I can’t wait for another session with her!

Happy Client

For three months I have had trouble with shortness of breath. I have had numerous visits to my doctor and even received a puffer with no success BUT after my session with Sarah everything changed. The next day I noticed a change that has improved daily to where I have no problems at all. I have just returned from my exercise class this morning and was able to complete the session with no issues. There have been other changes mentally which I am noticing and which are assisting me to make better choices for ME.

Angela Rosario - Transformation Coach

Thank you so, so much Sarah. That was honestly like no oracle card reading I’ve ever had before. It was so special and I’ve already listened to the audio file twice (and will probably keep listening to it). It was so healing to hear and so insightful. You dropped gem after gem and I cannot thank you enough. I really appreciate your time, your energy, your heart, your channelling – it’s the spiritual guidance I was looking for and I just valued this reading so much. You are literally like an earth angel and it was such a fun filled, pleasurable experiencing having my reading done.


I highly and completely recommend Sarah. She is easy to communicate with, warm, welcoming and an amazing kinesiologist. I always feel supported, safe and leave feeling lighter and brighter. If you are after some answers then Sarah is definitely the person that can support you to find them and move forward. Such a wonderful soul and I am very grateful to have found her.

Lauren Siliato - Director of Moolk (Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion Label)

Sarah is the most pure and kind soul I’ve ever come across. She listens with compassion, understanding and zero judgment. The way she can piece together my very scattered thoughts, anchoring them to past experiences or to the broader universe, leaves me in awe of her! I always leave sessions with so much clarity, awareness and practical tools that I still carry with me today.

Emily J.

I couldn’t recommend Sarah more highly. She’s warm, intuitive and incredibly comforting. Whatever you’re seeking to achieve through kinesiology, I have no doubt Sarah will more than assist. She’s a very gifted practitioner and an all-round lovely person.

Kadi Sonntag

Kadi Sonntag - Life Coach & Reiki Healer

Sarah is a beautiful healer. Her ability to make your feel comfortable, safe, seen and heard is incredible. She allows you to venture into the unknown with ease and grace. She gave me answers and the ability to tap into my ancestors to heal and be passed down readings and gifts. Sarah’s gifts are out of this world. She can help you work through big things and hold you through it. I highly recommend you work with Sarah and I will work with her again in the future.

Camilla B.

I’d never done a remote healing session before and Sarah was great at guiding me through the process and what to expect. What really resonates with me is it feels like Sarah just gets what I am going through and provides reassurance that I am not alone and I will get through it. Her notes post the remote healing session are very extensive, packed with insight and wisdom. I often circle back to re read the notes a few times. I’ve done 4 remote sessions with Sarah and post the sessions, within a day or two I’ve noticed subtle shifts, burdens become lighter and I’m more optimistic. If you are feeling stuck, or carrying a burden alone, I highly recommend Sarah to help you navigate what you are going through.

Rita Merienne

Rita Merienne - Author & Creator of Aged Care With Ease

Sarah is amazing. Her insight and ability to get right to the issue in a calm and peaceful way was instrumental in my healing. Her kindness, knowledge and skills make all my experiences with her a pleasure. I highly recommend Sarah to you.

Jordan B.

Working with Sarah has been so helpful to me.  She is so skilled in tuning into what my body, mind and soul need and has such a beautiful and inviting way of helping me to meet my needs.  I have found that I’ve had a profound shift after working with Sarah having struggled for several months when neither medical nor psychological interventions had been of any help.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sarah.

Georgia Rhodes - Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Sarah is one of the most beautiful, kind, caring and wonderfully intuitive souls I know. I’ve worked with her many times over the years engaging her services in business coaching/mentoring and also her kinesiology/energy healings. I love her ability to tune right into the heart of things, deliver precious nuggets of gold, wisdom and truth whilst always guiding you back to home yourself (and your heart). I highly recommend working with Sarah either for coaching or energy/heart healing or even just listening to her podcast – she has so much goodness to offer.

Lauren D.

Sarah is just an incredible healer & woman, being in her presence is so comforting! Sarah has really helped to guide and support me through some things I was struggling with. Every session with Sarah I walk away feeling lighter.

Bella Falcon - Quantum Life Coach

My session with Sarah was everything I needed and so much more. She’s truly a gift to the world and her intuitive gifts and unique magic never ceases to amaze me. I feel so supported, held, and seen in our healing sessions and it’s always EXACTLY what I need to move through the heavy energy, emotions and blocks. For coaches, healers, and those that are highly sensitive persons/humans navigating life as it is, please book a session with her now. Highly recommend 11/10!

Paula Mack - Energy Healer

My sessions with Sarah have been amazing. I love how she incorporates so many different elements into the session, which are very unique and multi-dimensional. One of the many areas we worked on was that drinking coffee was making me feel quite panicky and I was not ale to enjoy my morning coffee. Sarah corrected this and I’m back to enjoying my morning coffee again! Sara creates a very loving, gentle, non-judgmental space to allow you to really deep dive and it’s so interesting where each session leads. I highly recommend her as a healer.

Ashley Looker

Ashley Looker - Empowerment & Life Coach, Yoga, Journaling & Mindfulness Teacher

Sarah is an incredible human being. Working with her has been one of the most transformative experiences in my life! She is intuitive, kind-hearted, funny and so wise. My life has expanded in the most beautiful ways since working with her. If you want a true transformation in your life, Sarah is your girl. Could not recommend working with her enough!

Bec H.

I felt like a million bucks after our session. I was telling everyone about you and how amazing I feel. Thank you, Sarah.

Claire W.

Big thank you to Sarah for our Kinesiology session the other week. It has really helped me in so many aspects of my life! I wasn’t really sure what to expect but your calm and knowledgeable approach was exactly what I needed.

Happy Client

Sarah is extraordinary. She gently yet deeply taps into your essence and guides you into healing your heart and soul.  I felt lighter, refreshed, more aligned and with more ‘knowing.’ She has such a light, kind energy and I can’t wait to return.

Mary Bills - Creative & Marketing Guru

Sarah was a miracle worker, she made me feel completely at ease and her energy, intuition and care were exceptional. There was a lot, A Lot a lot, that I needed to give Sarah to work through (in our healing sessions) and her with her calm and gentle guidance I feel like I’m finally closer to being me again, for the first time in forever!

Alan H.

Thank you so much Sarah.  I cannot explain how amazing I felt after the healing session.

I love that you have reminded me that I can drop into my soul state whenever I want.  And that I always hold and can access the light that illuminates my soul path. This feels like a truly remarkable gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am very grateful to have been able to have this session with you

Tara Hegerty - Business Healer, Psychic Intuitive, Kinesiologist

Sarah is a gifted healer and kinesiologist. In her distance healing sessions, she holds space with grace and compassion. In all of the sessions I’ve had with her, I’ve come away with a deeper understanding of myself, my body, and the stresses and feelings that I carry with me. I have felt significant shifts after she’s worked her magic and I always walk away feeling lighter, in alignment and with new insights. She is a talented healer and I have recommended her to many people who have, like me, returned to her many times. Sarah is truly gifted and I would highly recommend her.

Ola Zasinska - Moon Mystic, Human Design & Gene Keys Guide

I appreciated Sarah’s warmth, openness and intuitive abilities. It’s like she really knew and understood my struggles. I’ve reclaimed my flow and creativity. I feel more assured that I’m in the right place and all of the puzzle pieces are finally making sense.

Since my session with Sarah, I feel more open to taking action on my inspired ideas and I have faith that what I’m doing and where I’m going will work out beautifully. My healing session with Sarah was a wonderful experience. It’s one of a kind.

Tracy Absolom

Tracy Absolom - Life Coach, Reiki Healer & Creator of Full Bloom Alchemy Flower Essences

Having energy healing with Sarah online is the most amazing, wonderful, nourishing and  insightful experience.  I see Sarah regularly for sessions, her kindness, compassion and gifts for healing is incredible.  I highly recommend seeing Sarah whether it be online or in person. Your body, mind and soul with love you.


I REALLY loved my balance and have felt so grounded and peaceful since our session. Thank you!!

Hannah Wardrobe - Writer, Photographer & Virtual Assistant

Sarah is one of a kind! She has remarkable skills in energy healing and is always so lovely to work with, both gentle and getting directly to the point of the issue. Her healing sessions bring me so much guidance, energy and relaxation, and have become a vital part of my regular health treatments. Sarah is also easily accessible via video call which is a great bonus! I am so glad I found her!

Laura Llaguno - Naturopath & Spinal Flow Practitioner

I had a healing with Sarah during a really pivotal time in my life and it was so supportive in helping me gain deeper clarity in my next steps, which I’ll always be so grateful for.

I’ve also had the pleasure of receiving coaching from Sarah and she always holds the space with such love and knows exactly what to ask to help me find the answers within myself. So many epic ah-ha moments. Thank you for being such a light, Sarah.

Vicky R.

I felt so light after I saw you, Sarah. I haven’t felt that great in ages!

Jaye Williams

Jaye Williams - Energy Healer & NLP Practitioner

I had the most wonderful healing session with Sarah, who has an amazing ability to immediately connect with her clients. Not only did I feel totally comfortable in my session, but I was also able to accept some things that I had previously been fighting for such a long time. Sarah allowed me to see what was right in front of me and did it with such compassion and kindness. Sarah has the amazing ability to tap into her various modalities and offer the most uniquely efficient and effective healing as well as resolve my fears and anxiety, and subsequent physical manifestations of these. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a compassionate, open-minded and effective healer.

Happy client

Sarah is so gifted. A truly insightful heart centred healer and downright enchanting.

Linsi De Paoli

Linsi De Paoli - Personal Coach

An amazing experience and one I would highly recommend! I have had multiple healing sessions with Sarah and know her ability to immediately connect, hold and heal her clients in the most nurturing of ways is a true gift. Sarah has been able to deliver insight & wisdom that opened my mind to consider things I hadn’t before which I am truly grateful for. I cannot recommend Sarah’s services enough.

Happy client

Omg, truly magical! Thank you for my session today, feeling so much lighter, & in my own power!


Sarah is not only excellent at what she does, but she offers it with enormous kindness and generosity of spirit. Her distance healing sessions are spot-on in terms of what needs to be addressed and they create real shifts in terms of increased lightness and an ability to cope with challenges. Sarah has supported me over some really difficult times this past year and for this I’m hugely grateful.

Jeni Watson - Roaming Zen

Jeni Watson - Yoga Teacher & Owner of Roaming Zen

Sarah has a real gift in being able to support you in sowing the seeds of positive intention into the soul on such a deeper level. I have always walked out of each session, a little lighter, brighter & clearer in my path x treat yourself to a session with Sarah, you will not be disappointed & your heart will thank you.

Sarah M.

Sarah is the most gentle and kind soul. She listens, tunes in to your body and works her magic to help balance your energy. I absolutely LOVE our sessions

Charlotte Turner

Charlotte Turner - High Performance Coach

Sarah is the most incredible human being. She is a true gentle soul that connects with you on a deeper level. I embarked on a coaching journey with her and she held space for me, encouraged and lifted me so beautifully and like no other. During our time together, I also got to experience her energy healing. I left that time a new woman, feeling more at home in myself. I can’t recommend Sarah enough, she is the most special human being and I feel everyone needs a Sarah in their lives

Meaghan A.

Sarah is absolutely incredible. My healing with her was soothing, insightful and beautiful. She holds space like no other, and creates such an inviting and comforting environment, even virtually on the other side of the world. I’ve recommended Sarah to friends, and will continue to rave about her.

Rachael Kable

Rachael Kable - Author, Mindfulness Expert & host of the Mindful Kind Podcast

I found Sarah when I was in a very vulnerable and overwhelmed stage, both in life and business. She had such a beautiful energy and offered her support from the moment we first spoke and I knew that coaching with her would be transformative, engaging and fun (which it absolutely was!).

What I didn’t expect was how much I would look forward to each session and how much I would learn about myself and my business, every single time these sessions took place.

From realising that my goals weren’t aligned with what I actually wanted in life, to finally having someone I could be honest with about everything and still have her complete support, coaching with Sarah was everything I hoped for and so much more.

There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible Sarah is as a coach, a friend and a person, but I can absolutely say that if you want to understand yourself and your business more, experience the most beautiful support you could imagine, be asked the important questions (which you won’t even know are super important until she asks you!) and gain new perspectives, insights and ideas, then coaching with Sarah is definitely for you.

Alexis Teasdale

Alexis Teasdale - The Festive Co.

I’d been following Sarah for ages and just loved her positive vibe and calm nature.

With a full-time job, side-hustle and two little kids, I really needed some help finding balance in my work and direction for the future.

Sarah gave me amazing perspective and let me go on (and on, and on) until we could unravel it all and create an action plan that worked for me. Her follow-up email after our call was not only useful then, but it’s something I go back to and reference often!

Mayanthi Dharmabandu - The Gracious Life

Mayanthi Dharmabandu - Counsellor, Blogger & Disability Advisor

Working with Sarah gave me the kickstart that I needed to start my business. I had all these ideas and knew exactly what I wanted to do but I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck in terms of the ‘business’ side of things, this is where Sarah really helped me with finding a starting point and breaking things down for me. She even went a step further and provided me with session notes and document templates. After the session I felt confident to take steps towards starting my business!

Hannah Murphy - Virtual Assistant

Hannah Murphy - Productivity Strategist & Virtual Assistant

Sarah is everything I was looking for in a coach. She showed up wholeheartedly for our session, she listened with care and spoke with such wisdom. I finished our session feeling inspired, encouraged and focused on what to start working on next. Sarah is a necessary investment for your business and I’m SO GLAD she was part of my business journey. My business is better because of her.

Emily Hammoudeh

Emily Hammoudeh - Life Coach

I had so many thoughts about starting my business swirling around in my head, but no idea where to start. I felt scared to put myself out there, worried I wasn’t cut out for launching a business and I wasn’t sure a coach could get me over that roadblock. After the first session I knew I was wrong in that thought.

I had high hopes for coaching with Sarah, but the results exceeded my hopes. I felt so heard, understood and ready to get started. Sarah was so supportive, great at boiling it down to my next steps and after every call I felt excited instead of overwhelmed. I felt comfortable telling her anything and everything about my thoughts and fears, and knowing she’d gone through many of the same things was so helpful.

The time she spent with me and on follow-ups and questions that I sent over email was above and beyond what I would expect. In addition to getting so much more value and information as a result, I felt so supported. I learned so much from Sarah on how to be a great coach and support my future clients.

Hannah Morgan - Great Unravelling

Hannah Morgan - Artist

Before working with Sarah I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Wondering can I really do this? Do I have time to grow my business while I’m working? And am I good enough?

Coaching with Sarah is amazing. She knows her stuff and the results superseded my expectations.

From our coaching I have total direction, clarity and belief that I can do this, and I walked away with so much stuff I could implement straight away! I feel like I am ready to take some real action in my business.

Sarah made me feel so comfortable and I loved her insights and openness. I loved that nothing was off-limits and I didn’t have to fit in a box. Thanks so much Sarah!

Elly Baxter - Elly Baxter PR

Elly Baxter - PR & Communications Professional

Working with Sarah was like having a beautiful, wise and loving big sister who will make you feel invincible!

What I treasured most about this experience was the complete and unwavering support. I felt so nurtured by Sarah, so safe and truly able to connect with my often ignored inner voices, knowing that I would have her complete acceptance. I feel more empowered to make clear decisions about my priorities and commit to them fully.

Elyse Santilli

Elyse Santilli - Coach

Coaching with Sarah has been truly life-changing. She helped me gain clarity on exactly what my heart was seeking, so I could ditch the overwhelm and focus on what really mattered to me – building my business and creating a beautiful, balanced life.

Sarah has an amazing ability to help you discover and dissolve the hidden blocks, fears and excuses standing between you and your goals and dreams. Our sessions were filled with so many aha! moments, and I always left feeling liberated, inspired and empowered.

Sarah blends heart and mind work with powerful practical action and I achieved so much in our time together – both in terms of real-world goals, and realising my inner strengths and powers. Yet she does all of this incredible transformation work in such a friendly, compassionate way – I always felt so safe and supported, like I was chatting with a close friend.

I would highly recommend working with Sarah. She’s like a secret weapon to have in your life to boost your clarity and confidence, and help you rock your biggest goals!

Katherine Rose Tate

Katherine Tate - Copywriter

With incredible insight and wisdom, clarity of thought and compassion, Sarah led me through an enlightening and enriching coaching session. She quickly helped pinpoint my blocks and limiting self-beliefs, and guided me through each one – so I emerged from our call feeling courageous, energised and totally clear on the next steps to reach my biggest goals. Sarah’s (generously in-depth) session notes kept me on track after our call, and within just a week I’d booked my first coaching clients and was smashing all my business goals! If you’re searching for a coach to unlock your brilliance, Sarah’s your woman.

Jenna Teague - Coach

Jenna Teague - Psychotherapist, Coach, Co-Creator of the Quantum Coaching Academy & Eff Perfect

As a coach, Sarah embodies that rare blend of natural talent, top-notch skills, and beautiful humanity that makes me feel seen, understood, and supported — and never, ever judged. During our sessions, I feel like no topics are off-limits because of the safe space she creates using her intuition and unique ability to always see and celebrate the very best version of myself, even when I can’t see that yet myself. I leave each session feeling better, clearer, and with a solid plan in hand to tackle the issues I’m facing. I’ve made so many tangible, positive changes in my life and business thanks to Sarah’s support and guidance.

Katie Ford

Katie Ford - Author & Coach for Anxious Souls

Love and kindness personified. Sarah is the epitome of generosity, integrity and dedication all rolled into one. I have watched and worked alongside Sarah with pride and admiration for the genuine good vibes she harnesses and sends out to all who work with her or come into contact with all she creates.

Phoebe Amarante

Phoebe Amarante - Coach & Creative Soul

From call one, I knew Sarah was the coach for me. Right out the gate, she helped me clarify my niche & create a dreamy plan that felt totally right for me.

With her wealth of knowledge & business experience (not to mention the best food metaphors on the planet) she was able to guide me through my mental blocks that had been holding me back from making strides with my business to a wonderful place where I now have solid footing. And now I am showing up on social media fully as myself on a regular basis, have a beautiful website my business can call home, & an e-course in the works!

I’d recommend her services to any creative business owner who wants to level up their business & themselves in a supported, loving, and oh so fun environment!

Jessica Anwyl - In The Ra

Jessica Anwyl - Writer, Photographer & Skin Warrior

Sarah is incredibly kind and an absolute joy to work with! Before our session, I was stuck and overwhelmed with the task of writing my book. But in our chat, Sarah listened deeply, helped create a strategy, and supported me to hit the ground running. Now I’ve been able to write entire chapters with more fun and less effort. She’s a real gem and I highly recommend her!

Sarah Laurence - Mahony & Matthews Consulting

Sarah Laurence - Co-Founder of Mahoney & Matthews Consulting (Global Management Consultants)

Sarah not only provided me with encouragement and support, but I was blown away by her incredibly useful practical suggestions, real-life contacts and ideas, and single-minded focus on the aspects of my business with which I needed help.

She is able to take what you haphazardly present, plus all of your wish-list ideas, and carve out a clear-minded strategy with you that contains bite-sized actionable items. I’ll definitely be working with her again in the future!

Jaclyn Carlson

Jaclyn Carlson - Founder of Blog Society & Senior Project Manager at Mamamia

Sarah is one of the most genuine, talented and business savvy women in our industry.

Not only is she making waves in the digital world but she’s doing it in a way that is marked with honesty, integrity and the necessary dose of humour. She’s a breath of fresh air and a dream to work with.

Fayann D'Souza

Fayann D'souza - Director of Content Marketing and Digital Media company Chutzpah Creative

Sarah’s encouraging presence and thoughtful conversation is her gift. I was so grateful to be able to have her hold space for me when I was in a space of huge change professionally. Her words are grounding and she truly, sincerely wishes for your highest good.

If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah, take it & she’ll dive in with you, deep. You’ll savour every single moment, and it’ll leave you inspired and ready for action.

Roxanne Ford

Roxanne Ford - Life Coach, Creative & Advocate for Young Mums

Sarah’s coaching has been instrumental in keeping me motivated and on track.

She went above and beyond what most coaches offer and the goals I’ve accomplished while working with her have blown my mind. 

Sarah helped me so much and I can’t recommend her enough.

Amanda Rootsey - Hay House Author & Creator of Shine From Within Youth Mentoring

Sarah is someone you instantly feel a connection with from the moment you start to read her story. She’s open and real.

I feel blessed to have connected with her.

Suz Chadwick - Business & Mindset Coach

Sarah has a true passion for supporting others to realise their worth, inner beauty and potential. Her desire to share inspiring words, that of her own as well as others, always draws me back to her website.

Sarah’s energy, support and drive to create meaningful connections with her audience and clients always amaze me. With everything she has, Sarah strives to care for her clients, deliver the best advice and support, and her message of self love, self care and self worth are so needed.

If you’re looking for someone to nurture your spirit and create real change then you’ve come to the right place.

Steph Demetrious - Intuitive Mentor, Reiki Master & Kinesiologist

Sarah is an absolute blessing in my life. I instantly felt nurtured by her loving energy and it was so easy to open up to Sarah in the gorgeous space she held for me. Her honest words come wrapped in so much love and she knows exactly what to say every single time!

Sarah has been there for me through some challenging times as a soulpreneur, and her understanding and insight into my stresses and anxieties were enlightening and uplifting. I feel empowered and like I’ve pushed the ‘reset’ button after time with this divine soul. I’m forever grateful for this earth angel entering my life and I cannot recommend her guidance and support highly enough!

Melanie Pritchard - Success Coach & Corporate Wellbeing Trainer

I worked with Sarah about how I could develop the vlogging aspect of my coaching business, which I knew little about. Her advice was invaluable – practical and knowledgeable while really motivating me to develop my business in an area I previously felt very unsure about. I now feel empowered to give it a go and action the tips she gave me. I would definitely recommend Sarah to friends.

Erin Williams

Erin Williams - Self Care & Wellness Coach

Sarah has created such a inspirational site which is full of love and positivity. I love the messages that she is sharing with the world.

If you want to say ‘yes’ to a life without fear and self-doubts, Sarah has you covered. She generously shares beautiful, heartfelt and realistic tips on self love, building self confidence and living from a place of love.

Kris Franken - Author, Oracle Deck Creator & Intuitive Healer

Sarah is one of the most big-hearted, genuine people you’ll ever meet.

She’s inspired me in more ways than she’ll ever know to be a shinier, prouder, happier version of myself.

I’m in love with her website, her words, the way she gently moves others to step into a place of more confidence and love. I’m so grateful I’ve found her.

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley - Writer, Multimedia Storyteller & Social Media Strategist

I couldn’t be a bigger fan of what Sarah’s doing and find myself recommending her work to others often.

I’m excited for what she has in store in the future!