11 journaling prompts for busting through fear by Sarah Jensen

Ahhh that old chestnut… Fear.

No matter how many times you feel like you’ve busted through the mindset minefield of fear, up she pops again.

When you do something new.

When you step outside your comfort zone.

When you go for your goals.

Up pops fear, trying to hold you back and, granted, keep you safe but also keep you playing small.

So if fear is coming up for you in your life or business right now, I invite you to grab your journal, get comfy and open your heart as you ponder and explore these prompts.


ONE :: What am I afraid of?


TWO :: Where does that fear come from?


THREE :: What’s the worst that could happen? And is it really as bad as I’m imagining?


FOUR :: What’s the best that could happen? How can I open to receiving that best version and vision into my life now?


FIVE :: If I trusted that this situation was unfolding for my highest good / if the results I desire were a certainty, what would I do & what would I no longer do? How would I feel? And what action would I take from that place of certainty?


SIX :: What do I need to forgive or release?



SEVEN :: If I fully trusted and believed in myself, what would I say/do/think/feel/believe/how would I show up?


EIGHT :: If I was already worthy and deserving of the outcome I desire, what would I do?


NINE :: How can I be gentle with myself right now?


TEN ::  How can I anchor into my worth in a way that has nothing to do with the results I get from this endeavour?


ELEVEN :: If I embodied the energy of my future self, who is kind, confident and successful in all of the ways I desire, what is the one next step I would take to move forward? What would I believe about myself? How would I speak to myself? How would I care for myself?


I hope these prompts are supportive and help you transform your fear into potent action towards your goals and dreams.

Sarah x

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