Energy Update - 18 October 2021

Hi lovely soul,

How are you? I hope you’re well. And if things have been feeling rocky, wobbly, or just plain hard lately, please know you’re not alone.

Astrologically we’re racing towards the end of a 20-month global, planetary ‘north’ and ‘south’ node pairing. What does that mean? Shit’s getting real!

The rate at which old ‘crap’ is surfacing to be seen, surrendered, shifted, or sent packing is speeding up like crazy. We’re being given a swift kick in the pants to clear out old karma, life lessons, thoughts, habits, patterns, energy and other junk that we’re not meant to take forward with us. And with this clearing, we’re being invited and encouraged to sink deeper into guidance, clarity, and our hearts, around what we need to lean into in order to propel us forward in fabulous ways.

Since May 2020, the north/south node pairing has been in the astrological houses of Sagittarius (south node) and Gemini (north node). In super simple terms, the north node is about growth and the south node is about what we need to let go of in order to experience that growth.

The current Gemini/Sagittarius pairing holds invitations to stop looking outside ourselves for the answers, to let go of old or outdated ways of doing life, to question everything, and to stay open and curious, and connect inwards even more.

As we come towards the end of this north/south pairing (which wraps its impact on 18 January 2022) the stars are essentially saying,

“If you haven’t sorted your Sagittarius/Gemini ish out yet, you’d better get a move on!

Hence why it might feel like you’re being dragged through the wringer backwards at a million miles an hour right now.

If you do, give yourself permission to create as much space, and offer yourself as much grace, as humanly possible to nurture, care for, and listen to yourself. And know too that it doesn’t have to be hard – us humans just like to make it that way. 😊

For more info on this astrological phenomenon, check out this article, or this one.

Now over to this week’s energy updated around what we’re being called to infuse (or amplify) and diffuse (or turn down the volume on). I hope it’s helpful.

Weekly goodness and guidance - energetic themes and journal prompts for the week ahead

Infuse: Focus on the light

There’s so much going on in the world right now (I guess, really, when isn’t there?!) and so much of it could send us into a pit of despair, feeling as though nothing we do is either ‘right’ or will make any real or lasting difference.

As tempting as it may be to hide in a cave until it’s over, the invitation this week is to focus on the light. Not only the light around you, but the light within you. And to focus on connecting with, accessing, and amplifying thatlight as much as you possibly can.

💕 Where in my life am I going through the motions? What are your practices for connecting with, or calling in the light, source energy, or heavenly guidance?

💕 Where in my life am I going through the motions? How do you activate your light?

💕 Where in my life am I going through the motions? What does it feel like to embody, express, or share your light?

💕 Where in my life am I going through the motions? What does ‘light’ even mean to you in this context?

Know that it’s okay if you don’t know, if you’re brand new to this, or if it sounds a little too ‘woo woo’ or crazy. It’s whatever you choose for it to be, whatever you allow it to be, and whatever feels right for you right now.

Know too that shining and sharing your light doesn’t have to be about building a business, or hosting sacred circles, or making flower crowns. You in your light, expressing your light, amplifying your light, may simply be you in you joy, doing what you enjoy. You lovingly making, creating, doing or being.

It’s not about a checklist of spiritual things you have to tick off to be a ‘lightworker’, or a ‘light leader’, or a ‘spiritual being’. It’s about you being you. Simple as that. And the more YOU that you can be, the more your light will beam brightly out into the world and make a difference for those around you.

Here’s what the Universe has to say:

You’ve been hiding and hibernating for long enough. Now is the time to light your torch and lead the way, whether for your own heart or for others. You are needed, now more than ever, to burn bright, to beam your magic into the darkest of spaces and places, and to invite and activate others through the beacon of your heart. Be yourself, beautiful soul, you need do no more than that to make magic in this world.

Journal prompt - What does it look like to shine my light?

Diffuse: Being led (and step into self-leadership instead)

This week we’re being asked to turn down the volume on that old paradigm of ‘others know best’. It’s an invitation to stop believing everything you hear, stop taking everything at face value, and stop seeking answers from everyone else except yourself. (Because who knows you, and what you need, better than you do?)

It’s an invitation to ask “Why?” like a curious (and potentially infuriating) four-year-old.

To ask “Why?” on repeat.

And, when you get an answer, to ask “Why?” again. Over and over, in fact.

And to not only ask “Why?” but to feel, or sense, or sit with what’s offered to see how it lands for you. Whether it makes sense for you. Whether it feels right for you. To not only ask yourself “What is my truth?” but to question the rules, and write new ones for yourself (or just rip them up and release the need for rules altogether).

Over and above that, it’s an opportunity to look inside yourself first. When you have a question, a curiosity, a conundrum. What does your heart have to say? What does the emotion you’re feeling need you to know? What does your body need you to do? Where is your energy guiding or nudging you to go?

We’re being asked, invited, encouraged, to step out of the old model of being led from the outside in; that old approach of asking every woman and her giraffe for the answers, and to lead ourselves forwards from the inside out. Heart first. Soul first. Self-responsibility first. Taking full and total ownership of our energy, our reality, and our life force, rather than waiting for some ‘expert’ to tell us what to do. Because YOU are the expert of your life. And while it might feel scary or a little confronting to receive that – incredible freedom, delight, and joy await you on the other side of fear.

And so, I invite you to ponder:

💕 What does self-leadership mean to you?

💕 What does it look like? And how does it feel?

💕 If you let go of being led, and became the leader of your own life, what would become possible? And what would change for you?

💕 Where is your heart leading you? Where is your soul leading you? Where is your energy guiding you? And what would a self-led life look like for you?

Another question you might like to ponder here is:

💕 If no one had ever influenced me or told me who I was meant to be, who would I be? What would I do? And what would I choose?

May these questions help you connect inwards so you can lead your life forward in ways that inspire and delight you.

Love note from the universe

The Wrap Up

I hope this week’s Guidance & Goodness helps you navigate the week ahead with ease, insight and an open heart.

As ever, if there’s anything I can do to support you – whether through a coaching session, a healing session, or some journaling magic – please feel invited to reach out, or explore the offerings available here on the website.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and know that I’m sending lots of love and care to you.

Sarah x

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