Energy Update - 29 November 2021

Hi gorgeous soul,

I hope you’re well.

I want to kick off today’s love note by inviting you to pause for a second and take a big, deep, relaxing, intentional breath. Breathe in whatever you most need to receive right now, and allow yourself to exhale any old, stuck, stagnant energy that needs to be released. Then imagine me sending you a great big virtual hug (or, if you’re not a hugger, just imagine me sending you love instead).

Before we dive into the magic this week, a quick reminder there are a few tickets left for the Unleash Your Year live online journaling events in December and January. Join us for an hour of connection, reflection and journaling. Tickets are $25 and $13 of that will go to gifting a journaling experience as a scholarship through the Pay It Forward Program. Reserve your seat here.

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Now to the weekly guidance & goodness. As ever, I hope it’s supportive and I’m sending you so much love.

Weekly goodness and guidance - energetic themes and journal prompts for the week ahead

Infuse: Conscious creation

The love note from the Universe is this:

“It’s time to tend your garden, to pull out the weeds and create space to sow new seeds of love, magic and light. To make room for the conscious creation of your most joyful life. To bloom from within and surround yourself with the abundant beauty that is ready to grow from you and around you.”

This week we’re being invited to sit in the energy of conscious creation. To be a conscious creator of our Selves, our lives and our experiences. To know and remember that we are, in fact, creating in every moment, with every breath, with every thought and action; we are creating. And to ask ourselves, curiously and lovingly, what is it that I wish to create?

Diffuse: Feeling abandoned, unsupported or misunderstood

Inspired by the Kaitiaki card from the Earth Warriors oracle deck by Alana Fairchild, this week we’re being asked to let go of our old wounds and “past issues around being abandoned, not understood or of feeling unsupported as those experiences need no longer colour our world view.

This is our opportunity to heal the lonely child within us. The part of us that may have felt abandoned, rejected, or judged in the past. The part of us which may still be seeking approval, nurture, acceptance or love from outside ourselves. And the part of us that needs and wants to know we are special, we are worthy and we are worthwhile.

What does that part of you need? What does it need to heal? And what can you do in support of that lonely child within? What can you give or gift or offer that part of you so it feels safe, supported and seen?

The message from the Universe is this:

“Darling heart, don’t be afraid. We know you’ve been feeling lost, wounded, sad and afraid. Fearful of flying free, of being seen and singing your song. Held down for too long, never sure where the love would be. But learning now that the love is within you. That you are love. And as you begin to notice and know this, you can begin to let go of the old energy of loss, of feeling lost, and of not belonging. And instead, you can begin to open your heart to all that you are and all that you’re here to receive in this lifetime. Expanding your heart outwards into the world, knowing you are safe, protected and supported in love.”

And so it is.

Love note from the universe

The Wrap Up

Where normally I’d craft journal prompts to share, the guidance I’m receiving today is to offer an invitation. An invitation to sit with and connect with what your heart most needs you to know, ask, or explore around these topics. Where do you feel called to go deeper? What do you want to explore further? Where is your energy being pulled or guided? What messages or magic does today’s love note hold for you?

Today I invite you to guide your own exploration and see where the adventure takes you.

Wishing you deep self-connection and delicious insights that hold the energy of comfort, clarity and contentment for you.

Sarah x

P.S. if I can support you in any way as you navigate this adventure, please feel invited to reach out. I’m here for you.

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