Energy Update - 13 September 2021

​Hi lovely soul,

How are you? I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I’m going to dive straight into the energy goodness this week, so let’s go.

Infuse: Acceptance

This week, we’re being asked to lean into acceptance of all that is. Not from a place of blind faith or surrendering our personal choice or power, but from a place of opening our eyes and hearts fully to what is; seeing through the illusions and filters of our past stories, perceptions (and perhaps judgments) and being in the present moment exactly as it is.

The message I’m being gifted for us here is that when we see things as they truly are, rather than as we wish they were, we gain access to that truth as a powerful agent of change. From that place of accepting what is, even if it’s uncomfortable or requires courage, we can call in greater consciousness and all of our human and soul faculties so that we can shape our future from a place of intent.

Essentially this:

Sweet soul, it’s time to see through the eyes of truth. Without the filters of past fears blocking the view. In accepting what is, you can shape what’s to come in the most wonderful and transformative ways. Open your eyes, sweet soul, and see what is, so you can vision what follows with so much more love.

Love note from the universe

Diffuse: Victim Energy

If big sighs, accompanied by shoulder drops, belly flops, and a chorus of “it’s not fair” have been heightening their presence in your world recently, it’s time to adjust the dial and tune in.

As a group of beings, us humans have been contained rather neatly in our victim energy for a heck of a long time and that energy has been quite successful at keeping us small and separate, fuelling our belief that life is happening to us, not for us. But if we’re to rise above the status quo and shift into a brighter state of being, we have to let go of that old energy – ‘cause that old BS is blocking our brilliance and that brilliance will no longer be caged.

With this in mind, you might like to ponder these journal prompts in the pages of your favourite notebook:

  • Where is victim energy showing up in my life? How is it shaping my health, wealth, relationships and wellbeing?
  • Where in my life am I giving away my power in the belief that others know better than me?
  • Where in my life am I waiting to be rescued, saved, or have someone else ‘do it for me?’ How can I take back my power and step into my Self instead?
  • What is the opposite of ‘victim’ energy for me? And how can I consciously cultivate that in my life?

​To go a little deeper with this, visualise yourself sitting on the couch with your inner victim. Imagine them as if they were another person. Let them know you’re listening and ask them what they need to share with you. You could ask your inner victim:

  • What do you need me to know?
  • What do you need me to do?
  • What do you need to help you heal?
  • And how can we join forces in fun ways so our combined energy moves us towards the beautiful future we want to create?

I invite you to flow with this too, so if you find yourself in conversation with your inner victim or other questions come up for you, that’s great – go with it. And, as ever, if you’d like support with any of this deep diving and transforming old energy into new, I invite you to reach out for a coaching or healing session. It would be a joy to work with you.

Weekly goodness and guidance - energetic themes and journal prompts for the week ahead

Okay lovely soul, that’s a wrap for this week. I hope this week’s energy update has been helpful. And don’t forget, you can access more magic just like this between emails over on Instagram if you enjoy that space.

Sending love and see you in your inbox next week for more guidance and goodness.

Sarah x

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