4 ways to practice energetic self-care

My friends,

I know so many of you have been impacted on some level by the happenings around the globe. And in this time of intense energy, I wanted to share some simple ways you can nurture your own energy, particularly if you’re energetically sensitive or an empath, as it can be so easy to feel overwhelmed or powerless to make a difference when your newsfeeds are flooded with so much devastation.

Some of the rituals and practices I use – both on a day to day basis and particularly when the collective energy feels heavy are these. I invite you to try them and allow them to support you in times of trauma, personal challenge, or in your everyday life.

Releasing Energy

If our own energetic field is not strong, we can become a bit of a ‘sponge’ and soak up, or feel more intensely, the energy around us.

If you find your mood suddenly shifts or you notice yourself feeling ‘out of sorts‘ and you don’t know why, you might have taken on someone else’s energy.

When this happens to me, I clear and release it by saying (either out loud or in my head):

I release any energy that doesn’t belong to me and I send it out to the Universe to be transformed into love“.

I do this during the day if I notice I’m feeling a bit ‘funky’ or grumpy (and I’m not hungry!) and I also try to do it before I fall asleep each night to release anything from the day that’s not mine or doesn’t serve me.

Earthing Energy

If I feel like my energy is “all over the place“, scattered, fragmented or I feel “outside myself” (they’re the ways I often describe my energy when I feel a bit anxious or almost like my energy is dancing around just outside of my body) I find that grounding or Earthing is a wonderful practice.

For me, grounding brings me back into my body and helps me feel calm and centred.

You can do this by getting your bare feet onto sand, dirt, earth, rocks, or grass, or you can put your hands on the trunk of a tree.

If you don’t have easy access to those things, try lying flat on the floor instead. Release all of the tension in your body and feel yourself ‘sink into the earth’. Allow yourself to be completely held by the earth and imagine any anxious feelings or bubbling energy melting away until you feel calm and grounded.

You can also do this while standing up or sitting down. Simply put your feet flat on the floor (shoes on or off, whatever you can do in the moment is perfect) and imagine tree roots flowing out of the soles of your feet and into the earth.

And this one’s great as you can do it anywhere, anytime – in line at the supermarket, waiting for a bus or train, standing at the photocopier or even sitting at your desk – and it will quickly help you feel rooted or grounded into the Earth like a strong tree.

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Grounding Energy

Another way I ground my energy is by using patchouli or vetiver essential oils. I apply the oil to either the back of my neck or the soles of my feet, and I also just smell it straight from the bottle for an instant shot of calm (it’s like an espresso for your energy field except it’s soothing instead of stimulating).

But know too that if patchouli or vetiver aren’t your jam, you can use any oils that ground you and bring you ‘back into yourself’.

You might even like to choose an oil intuitively either by hovering your hand over your oil bottles and letting yourself be drawn to the one you need, or asking your body “Which oil do I need?” and seeing if it answers with the name of an oil.

Trust the answer you receive and then let yourself be intuitively guided as to how to use it (Do I need to smell it? Do I need to apply it to my body? If yes, where? – and keep oil safety in mind by diluting if applying to your body and avoiding sensitive skin).

Shielding Energy

Another thing I like to do when I feel a lot of energy zapping around me that’s not mine is to imagine myself in a bubble or the equivalent of a power ranger suit.

Essentially it’s my (loving) shield, force-field or superhero suit, and it creates a layer of energetic protection between me and what’s going on around me.

It doesn’t remove or disconnect me from anyone or anything; I simply set a loving intention that I’m safe and protected in my energy field.

When I do this, I notice that what’s going on around me energetically doesn’t impact my own energy stores, moods and emotions as much and means I can be fully present without feeling like I’m riding a never ending emotional roller coaster ride.

I hope you enjoy exploring some of these simple + powerful practices to support your energy. If you have your own favourite practices to support your energy and infuse energetic self-care into your life, please feel invited to share them in the comments, and if you’ve found this post helpful, please share it with a friend who would benefit from the tips.

Sarah x

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