Jounraling Prompts to Uplevel Your Business

Do you have trouble making consistent money or attracting a regular stream of dream clients into your business? Do you struggle to put yourself out there or know what to do next? Do you ever feel like you’re not seeing the growth you crave no matter how hard you work?

If you’re nodding along, I want you to know you’re not alone.

I see so many wonderful, kind-hearted humans with so much goodness to share who are exhausting themselves in pursuit of service, success and freedom.

If you relate, and you’re ready to write a new future for yourself, one filled with ease, flow and fun; one where you make great money AND make a difference, then I invite you to grab your journal and free write to the following questions.

They’ve been designed to shine a light on what’s going on inside your head and heart, so you can bring understanding to what you believe about business and what’s possible for you and choose new beliefs that help align you with the gentle, sustainable success you crave.


ONE :: What do you believe about business?


TWO :: What do you believe about people who are successful in business?


THREE :: What do you believe about yourself as a business owner?


FOUR :: What do you believe is possible for you in your business?


FIVE :: What do you believe is not possible for you in your business?


SIX :: What lifestyle do you believe you can have?


SEVEN :: What do you believe about money and about earning and receiving money from your business?


EIGHT :: Which of the beliefs you’ve just identified don’t serve or support you to create the business and life you dream of?


NINE :: What would you like to believe instead?


TEN :: What could you believe instead?


ELEVEN :: What beliefs will you now choose that will support you to create the business you desire with ease?


P.S. if you love journaling, open up a fresh page in your notebook and free write to these questions to help you create boundaries that serve and support you.