Where attention goes, energy flows.”  “What you focus on expands.”  “Your thoughts create your reality.

If you’ve heard one (or all) of these quotes before, you’ll know that they all mean one thing – whatever you put your energy, attention and focus into is what will be true for you.  That’s why it’s so important to think positive thoughts that help you feel positive about yourself and your life.

And the great thing is, you can harness the power of your thoughts and positive energy to up the power and potency of your goal rocking too. 

Here are five ways you can tap into the power of positive thinking when you’re going after your goals.

ONE :: Vision Boards

Create a vision board for your dreams.

You can do it the old fashioned way by cutting pictures from your favourite magazines and pinning, pasting or sticking them to paper, a pin board or a wall, mirror or door in your home. Or you can do it digitally using Pinterest, a design program like Canva, Photoshop or In Design or by saving pictures that inspire you into a folder on your computer called “Dreams”.

Having a visual representation of your goals that you can look at each day is a beautiful way to keep your eyes on the prize.

Plus, your vision board can evolve as your dreams and goals do, so keep your eyes open for images that capture the goals you want to achieve or feelings you want to embody and add them to your vision board along the way.

TWO :: Meditation & Visualisation

If you have an existing meditation practice, weave in a little goal getting by taking a few minutes each day to imagine yourself living your dreams.

Whatever your gorgeous goal is, tune in to your senses and picture it in as much colour, clarity and detail as you can. Really see yourself on that incredible holiday, or living in your dream home, or running your freedom business.

You might even like to pretend you’re watching a movie in your mind where you can see yourself in that amazing moment when you’ve achieved your goal.

Plus if you let yourself feel all of the excitement, joy and good vibes as if it’s already happened, you’ll kick start your manifesting mojo and get the law of attraction working for you.

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THREE :: Journaling

A goal digging tip I learned from money mindset mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas is to write your goals down, and not just once but daily. 

Make time at least once each day, more if you’d like to, for a journaling ritual and write your goals down. Whether it’s a single, focused sentence, a beautiful, detailed description of how your goal looks to you, or some flowing free-writing, fill a journal or notebook with your dreams and watch them come to life.

FOUR :: Recruit Cheerleaders

Having a cheerleader who’s on your side can be the difference between rocking your goals and quitting half way through. 

It could be a friend, family member, colleague or coach, or you could connect with someone who has a similar goal to you and goal get together. Whoever you recruit, make sure it’s someone you trust who’ll be loving, caring and supportive.

Having encouragement and accountability along the way can definitely help you stay focused and feeling excited about rocking your goals. It means you’ll have someone to help you out when you’re feeling stuck and, even better than that, it means you’ll have someone to celebrate with when you bring your big, beautiful dreams to life.

So surround yourself with positive people who support you and want to see you succeed.

FIVE :: Mantras & Affirmations

Mantras and affirmations are a powerful way to build momentum and bring more awareness to your goals.

You could use a general mantra like:

  • Each day I’m designing and living the life of my dreams; or
  • I deserve a life filled with joy and abundance; or
  • I trust in the power of my dreams.

Or you could create something really specific to your goal, for example:

  • I lovingly take care of my body and mind; or
  • It’s safe for me to express my creativity; or
  • Money flows to me daily with ease from expected and unexpected sources.

Using vision boards, meditation, journaling and affirmations will help get your sub-conscious mind on board the goal rocking train, and having support and accountability will help you stay on track and taking consistent action towards your dreams. 

So whether you add one or all of these techniques to your goal rocking tool kit, know that the more energy and attention you bring to your dreams on a daily basis, the easier (and more fun) it will be to Rock Your Goals.

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