10 questions to help you choose which goals to focus on #goalsetting #journaling

One of the questions I get asked most often when I talk goal getting with coaching clients and Rock Your Goals workshop guests is this:

“How do I know which goal to work on first?”

Often people feel overwhelmed by too many goals to choose from.

Or they’re worried they’ll pick the wrong goal and waste their precious time.

When that’s the case they can get stuck at the brainstorming phase and not actually get to the really good stuff (the goal rocking).

So if you’re having trouble choosing which goal you’d like to bring to life next, grab your favourite notebook and pen, get comfy and explore your answers to these delicious journaling prompts.


ONE :: What will bring me the most joy right now?


TWO :: What feels most aligned for me right now?


THREE :: What feels like the natural next step towards my vision for this area of my life?


FOUR :: What most needs my love, energy, time and attention right now?


FIVE :: Which goal is most important to me?


SIX :: Which goal will I feel most proud to achieve?


SEVEN :: Which goal am I most excited to bring to life?


EIGHT :: What will help me live in line with my values or Core Desired Feelings?


NINE :: What will give me a quick win and boost my confidence and momentum right now?


TEN :: What will make the biggest or quickest difference in my life right now?


P.S. If you’d like to dive deeper into the goal rocking goodness, I invite you to check out the #RockYourGoals playbook. It’s filled with gorgeous guidance to help you bring your goals to life in a way that’s inspiring, intentional and fun.