Meditation for business and how to make it happen when you're just too busy by Sarah Jensen

Most of us are pretty familiar with meditation. It’s not only popular in wellness circles, but the world over, and proudly boasts a list of benefits as long as your arm.

But what us busy entrepreneurs often forget is how incredible meditation can be as a tool for creating a balanced and thriving business.

Incorporating meditation into your daily routine, as you would replying to emails, checking social media, or scheduling your latest blog post, is a habit worth cultivating.

Here’s why…


Meditation has the amazing ability to create brain space, and when you’re building and running your own business, that’s prime real estate.

You’re switched on all the time, running at a million miles an hour, and drowning in ALL of the ideas, not to mention the fact that you’re constantly surrounded by what everyone else is doing!

Meditating for 5 to 15 minutes each day gives you the chance to tune out the noise and tune into you, so you can tap back into your authentic and beautiful vision for your business, without the distraction or comparison creeping in.


I don’t know about you, but when I have 1,000 things on my to do list each day and I’m trying to juggle people, tasks, ideas and admin, often the last thing I feel is creative.

Busy, yes.

Overwhelmed, often.

But creative?

Not likely.

And when a big part of your business is being creative, but the ideas aren’t coming, it’s a frustrating place to be.

That’s where meditation comes in.

A few minutes away from the computer where you can take some deep, refreshing breaths, or a short wander around your local area spent in quiet, walking meditation can be just the thing to cure even the worst case of writer’s block.

Meditation is a wonderful way to create space from the noise and the ‘busy’ of business, and give you the creative boost you need.


Anyone building or running a business knows it requires a tonne of heart and hustle, and it’s likely to be even more demanding if you’re balancing business building with a day job.

The learning curve is steep and in the beginning, or if cash flow is tight, you’re often single-handedly filling every available role in your business.

From IT expert to SEO guru.

From designer, to writer and creator.

Plus, you’re the head of finance, marketing and general mayhem, all while trying to work with your clients and earn some money.

Running a business can push you outside your comfort zone on a minute to minute basis and all of that activity can create a sense of urgency that rushes you through each and every day.

Not only that, but come the end of the day (when it’s already 2 hours past your bed time) switching off and falling asleep can feel almost impossible.

Your brain is still ‘on’, you’re sure you forgot something important, and tomorrow’s ‘to do list’ is already calling your name.

But there are two great ways meditation can help you make your days smoother and help you sleep a whole lot easier.

Here’s how:

During the Day

When you find yourself in a panic and you’re a great big ball of stress, stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and breathe.

Shift your awareness to your breath and sit quietly until you feel more relaxed.

If you find your mind wanders, say the word “in” to yourself as you breathe in and the word “out” to yourself as you breathe out.

Repeat until you’re feeling calm.

In the Evening or Before Bed

Lying in bed, wide awake and watching the clock?

Bring some peace to your body and mind using your breath.

Rest your hands on your belly and focus on feeling the belly rise as you inhale deeply, and gently fall as you exhale deeply.

If you find yourself getting distracted with thoughts, ideas or frustrations, either write them down on a piece of paper for tomorrow or try a guided audio meditation so you have something to focus on.

Meditation Made Easy

So how do you get started with meditation if you’ve got a serious case of monkey mind?

Or if you avoid it like the plague because you’re worried you won’t do it “right”?

Skip the monk like serenity, legs twisted into lotus position, tush on a cushion for three hours a day style meditation and make it manageable and fun.

Sit somewhere comfy or lie down in bed (it’s the perfect excuse for a mid-afternoon nanna nap) and tune in to one of these beautiful guided meditations. They’re between 5 and 15 minutes long, they’re easy to do (you just listen and breathe) and best of all they work.

My Inner Bliss Meditations by Ariadne Kapsali

These gorgeous, soulful meditations will soothe a busy mind, release tension and help you access your inner guidance. Each track has its own focus so you can give yourself a “Positivity Boost” and release negative thoughts, set a “Morning Intention” each day or bring a little “Balancing Breath” into your busy day.


Any of the gorgeous mediations created by Tahlee from Sonesence will leave you feeling transformed.

As Tahlee describes it these heavenly meditations are crafted around what she calls Meditones, which are precisely tuned frequencies of sound that guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. Perfect for beginners and experienced meditators alike, these gorgeous meditations will guide you to calm, clarity and ease.

The Calm App

Speaking of calm, is a simple mindfulness meditation app you can use on your computer or phone.

With a wide variety of beautiful, free meditations (or the option to upgrade and access their full library) this app is perfect to bring a little calm and peace of mind into any moment. Best of all, you can choose a meditation to suit your mood or the feelings you’re craving for example calm, clarity, gratitude, happiness or focus.

Calm also has a wonderful new offering called the “Daily Calm” which offers a new meditation each day with an inspiring lesson or intention you can take with you through your day.

The Wrap Up

A regular meditation practice, even just five minutes each day, can help bring balance and calm into your life and your business.

And remember, there’s no ‘right’ way to meditate, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try different styles of meditation until you find the one that’s right for you.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you currently meditate and if you do, what’s your style? Breathing, walking, mindful tea drinking (or chocolate eating!), guided? Share what works for you.

And if you’re not a fan of meditation, how do you create brain space and bring a little zen into your otherwise crazy day?

P.S. Boost your confidence and your mindset with these 5 free tapping (EFT) videos. They’re quick (between 4 and 8 minutes each), easy to do (just follow along) and they work.

Photo by Ahmed Saffu on Unsplash