5 Journaling Prompts to Close Out Your Week

Too often we get caught up in feelings of ‘not having enough time’ or thinking we ‘didn’t get enough done’, and it’s easy to rush from one week to the next without pausing to reflect.

One of the journaling practices I’ve found really helpful to boost my positivity and self-love is to stop and reflect on my week before I start planning the next one.

Here are five questions I use to close out my week. I hope they help you see the good in the week that was, and feel great about yourself too.

Happy journaling!


When I look back on this week…


ONE :: What worked?


TWO :: What did I enjoy?


THREE :: What am I grateful for?


FOUR :: What am I proud of?


FIVE :: What would I like to take with me into next week?

P.S. if you’d like some reflective journaling prompts to bring intention to the week ahead, you can access them here.