Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 48 – 2016 Business Lessons

Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - episode 48 - 2016 Business Lessons

In the final episode of Rock Your Goals the podcast for the year, I’m reflecting on 2016.

I share the lessons I’ve learned in my business; what worked and what didn’t, the wins, the a-ha moments and the people and things that rocked my world.

I also share some of the mindset shifts I’ve made, and the tools that have helped me grow my confidence, my community and my income.

Plus, I’ve created a free workbook for you, so you can reflect on 2016 and create a vision for 2017. Download your free copy here.

Rock Your Goals Canberra Wrap Up

Sarah Jensen's Rock Your Goals Canberra Workshop at Sweet Bones Bakery photographed by Lauren Campbell

On Wednesday, 2 November 2016 a gorgeous group of women came together at Sweet Bones Bakery for the Rock Your Goals Canberra Workshop.

A night of goal setting, great food, amazing company + a tonne of inspiration!

And all of the magic was captured by the supremely talented Lauren Campbell.

Here’s the wrap up!

Rock Your Goals Workshops are THIS AWESOME!

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 47 – Adam Jelic from MiGoals

Adam Jelic of MiGOALS talks goal setting on Rock Your Goals the podcast

Today I’m thrilled to be talking with the founder of MiGOALS, Adam Jelic.

Adam discovered the power of goal setting at 16 and, after struggling to find a simple way to plan, action and track his goals, he started MiGOALS in 2010 with a crystal clear vision; to design a simple product to help people take their goals from dream to action.

Today tens of thousands of people around the globe use MiGOALS products to define their goals, live their dreams and make awesome stuff happen.

In this episode Adam and I are digging into a whole lot of goal rocking goodness with a great conversation about goal setting, finding the confidence to get started and how to deal with doubts and challenges along the way so you can live your dreams and get shit done!

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 46 – Lea Schodel

Lea Schodel shares 5 tips to help you Master Your Money on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

In this episode of Rock Your Goals the podcast, Lea Schodel shares 5 tips to help you manage your business finances and set up simple + effective systems to master your money.

Lea’s a Financial Advisor, Director of MHP Private Wealth and the social enterprise “Wellthy”, and the founder of The Mindful Wealth Movement, which is a financial literacy program for women. Lea’s goal is to educate women so they can create a healthier relationship with money and live healthier, happier lives and wealthier lives.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated or just plain ignored your money, then this episode is for you. Lea shares 5 things every woman in business needs to know about her money. She’s put together 5 key money management tips to help you build strong financial foundations for your business, so you can make money, rather than worry about it.

Plus, be sure to download your free “Master Your Money” checklist so you can action all of Lea’s awesome advice.

Grab a cuppa and a notepad and let’s dive in!

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 45 – Alice Abba

Alice Abba talks tips for mums in business on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

In this episode of Rock Your Goals the podcast, Alice Abba shares how mums in business can create a regular, reliable income while working from home with young children.

Alice went from receiving Government Assistance and working a low income job to creating a business valued at half a million dollars in just over a year. Not only that, but she started the business while 8 months pregnant with her second child!

Alice talks about taking the leap, balancing business and motherhood and how to create a conscious network marketing business based on authenticity and heart.

We also talk about defeating self-doubt, dealing with unsupportive people, and how reducing the amount of information you consume can benefit your business.

Alice is super inspiring and openly shares her story, and her numbers, plus loads of tips, truths and tools to help you create a freedom business YOU love.

I hope you enjoy it!


Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 44 – Live Immediately with Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell shares how to Live Immediately on Rock Your Goals the podcast

Today I’m thrilled to welcome our very first male guest to Rock Your Goals the podcast: Mike Campbell, creator and host of the Live Immediately podcast.

His mission to Live Immediately came about because Mike, like many of us, was working a job he didn’t love and he was coming home at the end of each day feeling sad, frustrated and like there must be more to life than this. So he and his lovely wife Inga started asking themselves the big questions: “What’s important to us?” “What do we really want?” And biggest of all, “How can we make it happen?”

And so they packed, donated or sold everything they owned and went on a year long adventure around the USA.

In today’s episode Mike shares beautiful insights, personal stories and learnings from his adventures about how each and every one of us can connect with what matters most so we too can Live Immediately.

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