Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 82 - Energy Archaeology with Ashley Stinson

Ashley Stinson is a teacher, coach, energy healer and the creatress of Energy Archaeology.

Also known as energy work for logical minded people, Energy Archaeology is a way to access the energetic wisdom and unlock the secrets stored inside your bones. 

In this episode Ashley takes us on an incredible adventure as she explains how to harness this powerful method and let your body guide you towards clarity, healing and embodiment.

Plus, we explore the inner child and how to clear stuck energy, we dig deep into fear, failing big and the self-doubt that can come up for healers – especially if they’re pioneers on their path – and Ashley demonstrates what an Energy Archaeology session looks like by reading me.

If you’d like to know and understand yourself better, or amplify your healing work, spiritual journey and self-discovery practice, this episode is for you.  It’s time to learn what it means to live life bone deep.

So kick off your shoes, get comfy and soak up the goodness.

We hope you love it.


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Language note: this episode is explicit and contains light swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • [1:57] All about Ashley.
  • [6:10] Listening to your body and what it looks like to live bone deep.
  • [9:20] The exact system Ashley uses herself and with her clients to access the information stored in our bones.
  • [18:20] The winding road which took Ashley from landscape architect to Energy Archaeologist (via feeling unfulfilled, learning Reiki, birthing twins and her Saturn Returns).
  • [23:20] I (Sarah) share a deep insight I received through Kinesiology that’s shaping my future and what I’m here on Earth to do (I’ve never shared this publicly before).
  • [25:25] We dig deep into fear, failing big and the self-doubt that can come up in client sessions for healers and light-workers.
  • [31:50] What it looks like to have a session with Ashley and how she follows the energetic string line.
  • [35:00] How Ashley sees energy and how she’s strengthened this ability over time.
  • [39:00] How energy healing can help with chronic illness and pain.
  • [42:00] Curious about Energy Archaeology but not sure if it’s for you? Listen to this bit. Ashley does a live, unedited reading of me and we tap into the energy, messages and blocks held in my bones. As she reads, we talk about:
    • Standing in your power and leading from that place.
    • Support, stability, habits and stepping out of the doldrums.
    • Trusting that the how will come.
    • Blocking ancestral gifts and blessings + embracing a sense of belonging.
    • The energy of your inner child – how to clear stuck energy and tap into joy.
    • Energetic back wings and the purpose they serve.
    • Feeling safe + comfortable to express yourself and your gifts fully as a healer (even if you think you might come across as a bit kooky).
    • Life visioning – what we see and believe about ourselves.
    • Carving out a path where no one’s gone before and leading the way forwards (even if it feels scary or unclear).
  • [1:05:20] Learning through shared experience and empowering yourself with knowledge.
  • [1:09:45] Embodied wealth and how living bone deep can help you shift money blocks and step into abundance.
  • [1:16:20] What it means to be present in your body and how to feel safe and supported as you start tuning in to the messages your body has to share with you.
  • [1:22:00] How to connect with Ashley.
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Quotes From The Episode

Once your body knows you’re listening, it will tell you whatever you want to hear.

“We all have access to the energy in our bones.”

“Let your body lead the conversation.”

It’s time to be all of you.


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

What’s my body trying to tell me?

What do I need to know, see or hear?

What do I need to do about that?

What does it mean to stand in my power? What does it mean to lead from that place?


Resources We Mention


Ashley Stinson creatress of Energy Archaeology

Connect With Ashley




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