Katie Wyatt shares tips for getting launching, promoting and growing your podcast on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

In this episode I’m talking all things podcasting with Katie Wyatt.

Katie is the host of two highly successful podcasts – Empire By Design (formerly The Wellness Entrepreneur) and #theladybosschats and she helps entrepreneurs launch, promote and grow their podcasts.

We talk about how to test drive the concept of your show before you dive in, tips and tech to get you started, some tricks to help your podcast hit the iTunes New & Noteworthy section, plus where to start with outsourcing and how to promote your podcast to reach a wider audience.

Plus, I’ve created a FREE quick guide to getting started with podcasting – click here to download your copy.


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Getting started with podcasting - your FREE guide by Sarah Jensen

Resources from the episode

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Katie Wyatt on Rock Your Goals the Podcast


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+ Loving shout out to the amazing Ane Novak who created the wonderful tune “Happy Day” (the awesome intro & outro music to Rock Your Goals the podcast) which still gets me grooving in my seat every time I hear it.