How to write a great Instagram Bio

Grab your phone (if it’s not already in your hand) and open up Instagram.

Head to your bio and imagine you’re a potential customer reading your bio for the first time.

How do you feel?

Would you follow you?

Or click the link in the bio?

Or want to know more?

If not, and your bio is clear as mud, or blending into a pool of same-samey-ness, it’s time to give it some love.

Why You Need A Great Bio

A great Instagram bio will help you convey a lot in a small amount of space.

It’ll speak to your dream clients and have them wanting to know more.

And it’ll let your personality shine through so people can connect with you on a human level.

So what are the keys to crafting a great Instagram bio for your business?

Let’s step through them together.

Your Photo

We’re starting with the photo because it’s often the first thing people register when they view your Instagram bio and you want it to make a positive impact.

If you’re a personal brand (a sole practitioner, solopreneur coach, creative, VA or other lovely human who is the ‘face’ of their business) then use a picture of yourself as your bio photo.

If you’re new in business you don’t have to go and spend thousands on headshots, simply ask a friend or someone you know who takes good photos to snap a shot of you when you’re looking and feeling good.

Or you could set your camera up on a tripod using the timer function, or use a selfie stick.

However you go about it, make sure the photo is clear, recent, on brand and as high a quality shot as you can capture right now.

If your business is a product, service or brand that isn’t your name, or you’re not the face of your business, you might like to display your company logo in the profile photo section of your Instagram bio.

Here’s an example from Edible Beauty.

Edible Beauty Instagram Bio

Who You Help

You might have heard the quote “if you’re trying to speak to everyone, you’ll end up speaking to no one”.

And it’s true.

So let your dream clients know who they are in your Instagram bio.


Think about who you want to work with and let them know who they are.

It might be overwhelmed entrepreneurs.

Or new Mums.

Or introverts.

Or maybe your dream clients are conscious people, open hearted people, high vibing people or people who are ready to go for it.

Let them know you’re speaking to them by using words to identify them in your bio.

Example: Jennifer Turner from Gemini Branding makes it clear she works with “women who value brains + beauty” in her bio.

Gemini Branding - Instagram Bio

What You Do

Also known as “what’s in it for me?”

When you approach your bio from the perspective of ‘what’s in it for the person readin it’, you’re more likely to spark interest and make a connection.

So rather than telling people you’re a “Coach” or a “Virtual Assistant” or a “Copywriter”, tell them what you can DO for them.

Do you help them:

  • Get more done.
  • Feel less anxious.
  • Attract more dream clients.
  • Write copy that converts.
  • Manage their Pinterest account.
  • Make more money.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Manifest their dreams.

Or something else?

Be really clear about what you do for yoru clients and the people in your community.

Speak to their pain points, frustrations, fears or goals in a way that’s positive and solution focused.

And if you’re not sure what you do for your community or customers yet, try one (or all) of these:

  • Send out a survey and ask them.
  • Post a question on your Instagram stories and ask people to respond.
  • Ask existing customers or clients.
  • Think about what you get asked all the time or what gets the most interaction, likes, comments or shares on your Instagram account, website or other platforms you use.
  • What are you known for?
  • What results have you helped previous clients achieve?

Example: From her bio, it’s clear that Jenna Black from The Abundant Boss helps women “feel rich, free + aligned on every level”.

Jenna Black - Instagram Bio
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How You Help & Call To Action

Now that you’ve spoken to the person and their goal or frustration, it’s time to let them know how you can help them and invite them to continue the conversation with you by taking some action.

Think about it this way, what’s the one next step they should take to connect with you or your business?

Should they follow you on Instagram?

Download your free resource?

Check out your latest piece of content?

Or you might prefer to list some of your main products, services or offerings, for example:

  • Branding design and strategy
  • Logo design
  • One on one coaching
  • Workshops
  • Podcast
  • Pinterest strategy and management

Make it clear what you offer so people can engage with your products, services and content.

Example: Marketing coach Ellie Swift shares a clear (and fun) call to action in her bio.

Elie Swift - Instagram Bio

Share Something About Yourself

People connect with people.

People buy from people.

Or in the case of a brand, people connect with the personality of the brand.

So let people get to know you.

Share something unique about yourself.

Or something you love.

Share something that makes you, YOU.

Maybe you’re obsessed with dogs.

Or you’re learning a language.

Or you’re a huge fan of chocolate.

Give people something they can connect with on a personal level so it’s not all about the business.

Example: Erin, creator of Harley Quinn & Co mixes and matches her business and personal info in a fun and engaging way, weaving “part time designer and hand lettering” with her love of “breakfast and dachshunds”.

Harley Quinn & Co - Instagram Bio

Your Clickable Link/URL

You only get one clickable link in your Instagram bio so make it work for you.

There are a few ways you can approach it, here are some ideas:

  • Link to your latest blog post or piece of content.
  • Tell people a little about your opt-in within your bio and link to it.
  • If you want people to contact you, link to your website contact page.
  • Create a ‘welcome’, ‘start here’ or ‘new reader’ style page on your website where you introduce yourself and link to your popular content or direct people to your opt-in.
  • Or use a service like Linktree.

Example: Rising Woman shares a clear call to action linking to their free and paid offerings in their bio.

Rising Woman Instagram Bio

Putting It All Together

Ok, it’s action time.

Head to your Instagram bio and have a read.

Would you follow you?

Or sign up for your offering?

Or book your service?

If the answer is no, it’s ok. Follow the formula to rewrite your bio and make it great.

For inspiration (and so you can see it in action) here are some Instagram bios I love that incorporate some, or all, of the steps we’ve talked about in this post.

Jo ChunYan Design Studio - Instagram Bio

Who: Jo ChunYan

Bio love: Jo makes it clear that her dream clients are soulful and creative entrepreneurs. She helps through conscious design including branding, logo and website design and she invites people to connect via her welcome page.

WithHannahMurphy Instagram Bio

Who: Hannah Murphy

Bio love: Hannah uses the real estate in her display name to share what she does (“Hannah | Virtual Assistant”). It’s clear she works with creatives and helps them show up consistently, without the overwhelm (which are often frustration points for busy entreprenuers and bloggers). And she tells us exactly what she offers, which is blogging, Pinterest and Asana services. She’s listed where she’s based (bonus points for that) and links to her free offerings.

Carla Da Costa - Living With Heart Co - Instagram Bio

Who: Carla Da Costa from Living With Heart Co

Bio love: tells us she works with women who want to create positive change in different areas of their lives and links to her free and paid offerings.

Johanna Rossi Art - Instagram Bio

Who: Johanna Rossi – Johanna Rossi Art

Bio love: Johanna shares that she helps women remember how strong and capable they are through her art and I love that she lets us know exactly what we’ll find in her links.

Sonrisa Studio Instagram Bio

Who: Sonrisa Studio

Bio love: If you’re a small business owner and you want to build a strong, effective brand, you’ll know you’re in the right place if you visit Sonrisa Studio’s Instagram account. And Alexandra mixes business with personal by sharing she’s a “branding designer and blogger” plus a “wife, dog mom and amateur home decorator”.

Curious about MY instagam bio? You can read it HERE.

And if you’ve got a great new Instagram bio, I want to hear about it. Share it in the comments with your Instagram ID so we can check it out!

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