3 simple ways to wow your existing clients


Can we talk about client love for a minute?  And I’m not talking about all the sparkly, roll out the red carpet kinda snazzy stuff people put together to attract new customers to their products and services.  I’m talking about totally loving up the clients you already have.  Because let’s be honest – don’t we all want to feel special and valued by the businesses we invest our hard-earned cash in?

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I experienced the opposite of this the other day when an email landed in my inbox from a company I buy from regularly. 

They had an ‘exciting new competition’ to promote and were ‘really excited to share it’.

Their offer?  The chance to win a month’s subscription to their service… for new clients who were interested in what they have to share.

And they were emailing it to me.  An existing client who drops coin on their service EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH.

Was I feeling appreciated?  Not so much.

Was I inclined to share that competition with anyone I know? Erm, no.

Now don’t get me wrong, cooking up some magic to help new people find the great work you do is not only smart, it’s necessary to grow your business, but what about some love for the people who are already in your community, already paying for your product or service, and already loving (and maybe recommending) what you do?

Yes please!

So since the consumer in me loves to feel appreciated (and it feels so darn good to give) I love to extend random acts of kindness to my wonderful clients so they feel valued, appreciated and loved up too.

Here are some ideas you might like to include in your ‘existing customer love’ plan (hint: schedule time each week or month to do this and make it part of your business plan).

ONE :: Access to Existing Goodies

Do you have an eBook, video series, online course or other paid product you can gift to your existing clients?  

If you have a membership program or high value signature course, you might like to gift your clients’ access during the time you work together, or you can offer them lifetime access instead – it’s totally up to you. Go with what feels the most beautiful to give.

And however you choose to do it, sharing your existing paid physical or digital products with your coaching clients is a lovely way to bring extra value to the relationship, lovingly over deliver and also share some of your great packaged content that will help them get even more goodness + results from your work together.

I love to send my lovely 3-month coaching series clients a copy of the Rock Your Goals workbook to play with, and as I create new online courses and offerings I plan to gift them to existing coaching series clients too.

What do you already have available for sale that you can send to your clients as a random act of kindness and appreciation?

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TWO :: Thoughtful Cards & Gifts

It might be a card to say thank you for your time together or a congratulations card when they achieve a milestone or rock a goal you’ve worked on together.  You might like to send birthday or holiday cards to your clients, or a card just because.

For all my client card sending needs, I love Paperless Post.  They have a huge selection of gorgeously designed cards (and invitations – workshop or event invite anyone?) that are good for the environment and make people feel great.  You can even create on brand cards by uploading a photo, customising your message and using your brand fonts and colours.  Yay!

Here are a few of my current faves from Blanca Gomez, Kate Spade New York and Rifle Paper Co.

And never underestimate the joy of a thoughtful, hand selected gift either! I love to send my clients inspiring books, beautiful stationery, luxury chocolates and self-care treats.

What can you send to your favourite clients to love them up a little?

THREE :: Share Their Work

Let’s be honest – one of the big things all business owners want is more eyes on their work, right?  So a wonderful way to support your clients is to spread the word far and wide about the wonderful work they do!

It might be as simple as pinning their content or sharing their Instagram post to your stories.  You might leave a comment on their blog or social media post (hint: turn on post notifications for your clients on Instagram or Facebook so you can consistently support their work).   You might even write a post on social media about the work they do, share their skills in a blog post, interview them on your podcast or vlog, mention them in your newsletter or even recommend them for an award or speaking gig.

I’ve mentioned my amazing clients in everything from Instagram and blog posts to interviewing them on my Rock Your Goals podcast, recommending them for speaking events and sharing their events, products and services with my social media communities.

It feels incredible to shine a spotlight on the wonderful people I work with and it helps them feel seen, supported and oh so awesome to have their work shared.

Where can you share your clients’ work this week that will make them feel seen and super special?