Social media tips from Little Blog Big

If you read my post about the recent Little Blog Big workshop in Adelaide you’ll know Carly Jacobs from Smaggle and Christina Butcher from Hair Romance brought the goods. Seriously, I learned SO much from these two incredible bloggers and I took loads of notes (I’m a big note-taker).

I’ve been reading back through those notes and there were so many nuggets of wisdom about kicking ass on social media that I just HAD to share them with you.

So here are 10 really useful things I learned about social media at Little Blog Big:

Consistency Is Key

This covers two important points. One is to aim for the same user name across all the platforms you’re on. It makes it easier for your people to find you.

The second is to post consistently on your social media accounts.

For example, it’s better to consistently post once a day than go mad posting 4 times a day for a week and disappear altogether for a week. Show up regularly for your people.

Quality Not Quantity

You’re better off posting one awesome post a day or one great link or picture per week than flooding your followers with half assed content for the sake of posting.

If you’re not sure what counts as quality ask yourself these three questions:

  • Does this help my followers? (inform, inspire, entertain or empower them)
  • Would my ideal reader like, comment or share this post?
  • If this came up in my newsfeed would I like, comment or share it?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then don’t post.

Quality over quantity

Plan Before You Post

Have an intention with everything you do. That means don’t just post because you think you have to or you feel like you “should”.

What are you trying to achieve with a post? Do you want people to like, share, follow, click through, comment or take some sort of action? Figure that out BEFORE you post.

Maybe you just want to make people smile and that’s ok, but know why you’re posting before you publish!

You Don’t Have To Be Everywhere

Have you fallen into the trap of trying to be everywhere and you end up nowhere?

Got a Twitter account you barely use? An old Google + account with nothing on it? Did you open a Snapchat account with great intentions?  Then it’s time to consolidate.

Figure out where you want to be, where your audience is and be there.

Be all there. Be there consistently, whole heartedly and share useful, interesting and interactive information. If you’re half assing it, it might be time to close your account. Stop doing 5 platforms badly and start focusing on kicking serious ass on just one or two.

If you’re one of those people who HAVE to be everywhere because you’ve got a serious case of FOMO then here’s an idea…

Say you have a Twitter account but you’re hardly ever on there, change your bio to set that expectation with your followers. For example Kate McKibbin from Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily has this note in her Twitter bio:

  • Thanks for saying Hi! But we don’t really hang out here – we are more Instagram and Pinterest people so you can find us there” and then she links to DDG’s Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

You could also try:

  • I’m here but you’ll find more of me on (insert your fave platform here)” + include a link to that social media account.


  • Currently addicted to (insert your fave platform here) visit me at @(your username) to connect with me.”

Check Your Stats

Use the stats on your social media accounts to see when your audience is most active. The deal here is that if you know when your audience is online, you’ll be able to reach the most amount of people.

Where to go for your stats:

  • Facebook – go to your business Facebook page and click the “Insights” tab
  • Twitter – click on your profile pic and select the “Analytics” option
  • Instagram – you can check your stats, see your posts and see who’s following and unfollowing you using Iconosquare –
  • Pinterest – go to your profile and click on the “see your stats” button (note you’ll need a business Pinterest account to do this – go to the Pinterest help menu to find out how to do this if you haven’t already)

Your stats will also tell you what your most popular and least popular posts are so you can create more of the stuff your followers love and less of the stuff they don’t.

When You’re Consuming Is When You Should Be Posting

At 9pm when you’re on the couch in your pj’s watching your favourite TV show and sneaking a chocolate bar when your partner isn’t looking, what else are you doing? Scrolling through your Instagram feed, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest right?

When you’re consuming is when you should be posting.

Think about it – if you’re scrolling, it’s pretty likely everyone else is too.

When you're consuming is when you should be posting

Be Generous

If you find something great online that someone else has created and you know your tribe will love it, then share it.

Not only will it save you some work but you’ll be making the person who created it feel amazing. I mean think about it, how great do you feel when someone shares your social media post? Pretty great right! So share the love and pin it, re-post it, re-gram it or re-tweet it.

Just be sure to ALWAYS credit the original source – good manners cost nothing.

Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

Make sure you have clear links to your social media accounts on your website.  Depending on your theme this might be at the top of your website, in the sidebar or in the footer section. Wherever they are, make sure they’re clear so it’s easy for people to find you (and follow and shower you with love) on their favourite social media platform.

The other REALLY important thing here is to make sure your links are correct.

If you’ve closed an account or changed your user ID make sure you update your details. Go through and click on your links to make sure they work. You’d be amazed at how many websites have old or broken links to their social media accounts.

You should also have social media sharing buttons at the end of every blog post (you can see an example at the end of this post – please feel invited to share this on your favourite social media platform if you’ve learned something useful). Sharing buttons make it easy for people to share your awesome work on their favourite social media platform.

Another great tip is to add a pin it button to your website so people can pin your images and link to your posts. You can do that by installing the Pinterest Hover It Button Plug In on your WordPress site.

The aim here is to make it as easy as possible for people to share your work, so have a look at your website and social media and see how you can make things easier for your followers.

Schedule Your Posts

You can schedule your posts on pretty much every major platform now.

Here are some of the most popular scheduling tools you can use to get ahead and make sure you’re visible and sharing your message consistently:

  • Hootsuite – allows you to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google + (free and paid options)
  • Buffer – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn (free and paid options)
  • CoSchedule – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + & Tumblr (paid options only but they do offer a 30 day free trial so you can test it out. Also, this scheduling service works through your WordPress Dashboard using a plug in, so you can schedule your posts without leaving WordPress)
  • Edgar – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (paid options only but they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it out and get a refund if you’re not loving it)
  • ViralTag – Pinterest (paid service but you can get 60% off the cheapest plan if you write an honest review of ViralTag on your blog and let them know about it)
  • Schedugram – Instagram (paid service only, no free option)
  • Facebook – you can schedule your Facebook posts for free within Facebook

Important note – just because you now have all the tools you need to build your social media empire without ever having to fall down the rabbit hole again, please, please always take time to reply to comments, interact with your followers and live post here and there.

It’s called social media, not scheduled media, for a reason so make sure you’re injecting your personality and having conversations with your community.

And the top tip of the day? Ask yourself this…

Would You Follow You?

This question is the absolute bomb.

Look around your social media accounts and for each one ask yourself – “Would I follow myself?”

If you would, congratulations and please continue kicking ass.

If not, it’s time to tweak, refine or even rethink what your sharing.

The aim isn’t to copy the accounts you covet, but to look at them and see what it is that draws you in.

Do you love the colours, the consistency, the types of images, what the images are of (coffee, travel, fashion, gorgeous quotes)?

See what it is that gets you ready to hit follow or what gets you checking back to the accounts you love and find ways to incorporate those things into your feed.

Above all else, make sure there’s plenty of YOU in there. Pretty pictures are nice but they need to represent you – who you are, what you do, what you love and what you stand for. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” so make sure you’re injecting your own beautiful, unique personality into everything you do.

Would you follow you?

Which tip will you be using to rock your social media?