Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 81 - Crafting a website that connects with Lindsey Allen

Today’s guest is marketing professional and serial side hustler, Linsey Allen. 

Lindsay is one of those rare & wonderful people who loves her 9-5 AND her business way too much to choose just one. 

In this episode, Lindsey shares how she juggles her full-time job as a marketing co-ordinator with her successful freelance marketing and website design business.  Plus, Lindsey walks us through the must knows (and mistakes to avoid) when it comes to creating a website that connects with your dream clients. 

We round out the episode with an honest conversation about how to maintain healthy relationships (especially with your partner), as well as your own energy and enthusiasm, when you’re trying to do all of the things (and often all at once).  And Lindsey shares some of the simple techniques + tools she uses so she can go all in when she needs to without burning out.

There’s so much goodness in this episode so grab your notebook and pen and get comfy, we hope you love it.


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Language note: this episode is explicit and contains light swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • [1:50] All about Lindsey.
  • [4:55] How to create a website that connects.
  • [7:15] The #1 step you can take to set the foundations for your website & your business.
  • [8:50] Mistakes to avoid when creating your website.
  • [11:30] “It’s all about the process” – the evolution of your messaging & niche + the beauty of being ‘new’.
  • [15:45] The ‘less is more’ approach, why you should do a quarterly review of your website & social media, and how to do it.
  • [18:08] Why your ‘About’ page is so important + the elements you need to nail to write a great one.
  • [23:35] Unsubscribes, refund requests and the power of the ‘feedback loop’ + why you don’t have to be everything to everyone.
  • [33:30] The day job/biz building juggle is real. How Lindsey plans + runs her business around her 9-5.
  • [36:05] How I (Sarah) manage my biz week around my day job.
  • [37:55] Are you an introvert, HSP, homebody or all or nothing kinda person? (Us too!). Lindsey shares a simple strategy you can use to go all in when you need to, without burning out.
  • [42:40] Working in flow with your menstrual cycle (pun totally intended!). 🙂
  • [44:05] We get real about relationships and how to blend business with a busy schedule (and still make time for your partner or other personal priorities). Plus I (Sarah) share some of the ways Brendan and I nurture our relationship and keep the lines of communication open (especially when life + biz get busy).
  • [53:00] A love note from Lindsey – 3 key things to remember when you’re running a business.
  • [54:10] How to connect with Lindsey.
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Quotes From The Episode

Get into the mindset of your dream client.

“Think of your customer or client first.”

“Your website is never done.”

You don’t have to be everything to everyone.


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

What’s most important today?

What’s going to move me forward while still maintaining what’s important to me?

Is this working? If not, what could I choose / do instead?


Resources We Mention


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Lindsey Allen

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