Rock Your Goals Goal Setting Workbook by Sarah Jensen

What if I told you that in just 2 hours & for less than the price of 2 cups of coffee, you could have clear goals that you’re actually excited about and a plan to bring them to life?

No more living in overwhelm from ALL of the ideas.
No more going around in circles and getting nothing done.
No more getting distracted by shiny object syndrome.
No more compromising your ‘self’, your soul or your passions for other people.
No more comparison or feeling like what you’re doing isn’t enough.
No more wondering “what if?” or looking back at the last month, year or lifetime filled with regret.
And no more living in the land of “should”.
Those days are OVER and it’s time to Rock Your Goals instead!

Rock Your Goals with the Rock Your Goals goal setting workbook by Sarah Jensen


Click the BUY NOW button and for just $9.95 AUD you can instantly download the “Rock Your Goals The Workbook”.



Rock Your Goals the Workbook is a 128 page goal setting workbook created to help you get clear, get inspired and Rock YOUR Goals.

Not your parents’, partner’s, brother’s, sister’s, client’s, colleague’s, cousin’s or next door neighbour’s goals.


Created for beginner goal setters and seasoned pros alike, the Rock Your Goals Workbook will guide you through 12 powerful goal setting activities that will help you:

tap into the most powerful force in your decision making and action taking process – your feelings.

free your brain from the noise and chaos of ‘too many ideas’.

make it easy for you to choose the right goals and release yourself from ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’.

create a clear vision for your goals so you know what you’re working towards.

deep dive into the driving force that is your “why”.

create a super clear, easy to achieve action plan to bring your goals to life.

master your mindset and keep your mojo flowing, even on the difficult days.

harness the power of positive thinking, vision boards and other awesome tools to up the power and potency of your goal rocking.

deal with doubters and naysayers and surround yourself with the right people to help you Rock Your Goals.

Rock Your Goals with the Rock Your Goals goal setting workbook by Sarah Jensen 
This workbook is an expanded version of the very same workbook goal rockers work through at the Award Winning Rock Your Goals workshops which sold out all over Australia.
Available for instant download, this PDF workbook has been created so you can work online by typing directly into the workbook, or you can rock it old school style by printing it out and breaking out your favourite pens, pencils, crayons, or other creative supplies to help you Rock Your Goals.
Rock Your Goals The Workbook is your guide to setting clear intentions, choosing goals that light you up and taking easy to achieve action to bring them to life.

So you can stop living life on auto-pilot and start consciously creating your life instead.

Rock Your Goals with the Rock Your Goals goal setting workbook by Sarah Jensen

How much for this goal rocking goodness?

Rock Your Goals The Workbook is yours for only $9.95 (Australian Dollars).

Why such an irresistible low price?

Because I want to make this workbook accessible to anyone who wants to make goal rocking quick, easy and fun.

It doesn’t matter how big, or crazy, or out of this world your goals seem, I believe you can do it, I believe you deserve it, and I want to help you Rock Your Goals!

So let’s say no to a cookie-cutter life and business, to living life that exists inside a box that someone else made for you, and to waiting for ‘someday’.

It’s time to write your own rules, blaze your own trail and Rock Your Goals!


What People Are Saying

I’d definitely recommend Rock Your Goals. Sarah shared so much wisdom that has helped me organise my life and I’m now clearer on what I want to achieve in my business.~Erica Sandgren


I feel motivated and excited; ready to start taking steps to reach my goals.~Kate Lawrence


I feel invincible! Ready and raring to rock my goals.~Fayann D’Souza


I’m inspired, motivated and excited to make it happen!~Rebecca McFarland


I feel refreshed and confident. I have a drive to focus on this and take actionable steps towards my goals.~Sarah Poppy


Before Rock Your Goals I was feeling anxious and deflated because I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to, but with Rock Your Goals I got to focus on my goals and get my vision clear and now I’ve taken so much more action and I have my momentum back.~Jessica Anwyl


You made me realise more than ever that I’m allowed to do whatever I want, to be whoever I want to be.” ~Bernni Jackson


Rock Your Goals could not have come at a better time for me – I really just needed someone say that it’s ok to not do everything at once. It’s also great to be reminded that I’ve already achieved certain goals and I’m already doing it. Sarah helped me reset my thinking and now I feel recharged and have a fire in my belly!” ~Sarah Murphy


Goal Rocking with Sarah was amazing and I loved that I was led to really break down my goals.” ~Jess Thomas



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How will I receive the Workbook?

A: I use MailChimp to deliver emails so after purchase, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your details. Once you’ve confirmed your email address you’ll receive an email containing a link to download your Workbook. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam / junk / promotions folders and if you haven’t received anything within 24 hours please email me at sarah{at} for assistance.


Q: How long will it take me to work through Rock Your Goals the Workbook?

A: Allow around 2 hours to dive in and immerse yourself in the goal rocking goodness.


Q: I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund?

A: As this workbook is an instant PDF download item, refunds are not available.


Q: I’d love some one on one support to rock my goals, is that available?

A: Absolutely lovely. You can book in a one hour Skype call via this link. During the call we’ll talk about your amazing goals, bust through any blocks you’re having, set easy to achieve action steps and you’ll receive lots of virtual hugs and high fives during the call, as well as a short call summary after the call to help you stay focused, inspired and excited to Rock Your Goals.


Q: I’ve been to a Rock Your Goals Workshop – how different is this workbook to the one I received & worked through with you at the event?

A: It’s essentially the same workbook; the goal rocking activities are the same and the tips and tools to help with mindset, motivation and mojo are the same. What I’ve done with this workbook is expand the descriptions and explanations for each activity so it’s super clear for at home goal rockers, plus I’ve added extra space to type or write answers to each activity so goal rockers can complete the workbook online or print it out and write, draw, mind map and make plans in it.


If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered, please feel welcome to email me at sarah{at}


Photo credit: Rock Your Goals Adelaide Workshop photographed by Amy Agnew