Sarah Jensen

Are you ready to map out the path to your dreams?

The Rock Your Goals Playbook is a 128-page goal-setting workbook designed for heart-fuelled women just like you, who are ready to live a life less ordinary. It’s packed with loving, intuitive guidance + practical exercises to help you tune in to your most tightly-held dreams; set big, juicy goals; harness your mindset and manifest an obstacle-free path to the life of your wildest daydreams.

Hey there, lady – you, with the stars in your eyes. Let me take a guess. Are you…

  • Feeling the not-so-gentle tug of your heartstrings telling you that there must be more?
  • Hustling, writing to-do list after to-do list, but still going around in circles and getting nothing that’s truly important to you done?
  • Feeling torn between what you sense is your soul’s calling, and what you ‘should’ be doing/achieving/being?
  • Cradling the seed of an idea that just won’t go away – yet unsure how to feed and water her to life?
  • Hanging out in limbo, spending half the time lit up with inspiration for everything you want to achieve – and the other half distracted by shiny object syndrome and paralysed with overwhelm from ALL of the ideas?
  • Almost as afraid of trying – and failing – as you are of looking back at the last month, year or lifetime wondering, “What if?” (but not quite)?

Let me sort that out for you – in just 2 hours and for less than the price of 2 cups of coffee (really).

“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”


Sarah Jensen

Hi, I’m Sarah

I created the Rock Your Goals Playbook because, after coaching over 1000 women across the globe, I realised that one thing kept coming up in these beautiful souls, over and over: you know what you want, what you really, really want (excuse the ’90s Spice Girls reference) – but often it’s buried deep down beneath a mountain of ‘shoulds’, fears, comparisons and mindset blocks. 

The thing is: I don’t believe that we need a permission slip to walk the path to our dreams (although I’m happy to write you one!).

Through my extensive coaching work, award-winning, sold-out national Rock Your Goals workshops and personal journey (you can read more about that here), I’ve learnt one thing that I now know for sure:

True fulfilment comes when you can stop living on auto-pilot and start consciously creating your life instead.


Rock Your Goals the Workbook by Sarah Jensen

The Rock Your Goals Playbook: What’s Inside

This playbook is designed to help you take some serious leaps towards what you’d really (truly) love to have, do, be, make, achieve and manifest.

It’s an expanded version of the very same workbook my guests work through at the award-winning Rock Your Goals workshops, which have sold out all over Australia.

You can expect 128 juicy pages packed with step-by-step examples, personal learnings and intimate insights from my own life and glorious bank pages strategically placed throughout as space for you to map out your brightest goals.



I believe happiness is a delicate ecosystem that involves alignment across all areas of your life, so we’ll take a wholistic approach to rocking your goals. You’ll be lovingly guided to address goals across 7 key areas of your life:

  • Health + Wellness
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Family + Relationships
  • Travel + Adventure
  • Business + Career
  • Money + Abundance


Rock Your Goals with the Rock Your Goals goal setting workbook by Sarah Jensen



  • Feelings-based goals – why what you want to FEEL is just as important as WHAT you (think you) want
  • Removing guilt around wanting ‘more’ – why it’s ok to have big, gigantic, shake-in-your-boots goals (and why you totally deserve it) 
  • Making sure your dreams + feelings are aligned 
  • How to decide which goals to focus on first (and how to lovingly tuck other goals up your sleeve for later)
  • Developing your vision for how you’ll get there
  • Getting clear on your WHY behind each chosen goal (this bit’s super important!)
  • Acknowledging where you are now – aka your starting point
  • Mapping out actionable steps and designing the path to your dreams
  • Creating accountability during the process
  • Mindset, motivation and dealing with ‘action roadblocks’
  • Manifestation techniques – and so much more!



Click the BUY NOW button and for just $9.95 AUD you can instantly download the Rock Your Goals Playbook.


When you find your life is out of alignment with your grandest idea of yourself, seek to change it.

Neale Donald Walsch


Sarah Jensen Rock Your Goals Workshop photographed by Amy Agnew Photography

What Goal Rockers Are Saying

“I feel invincible! Ready and raring to rock my goals.” ~Fayann D’Souza

“Before Rock Your Goals I was feeling anxious and deflated because I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to, but with Rock Your Goals I got to focus on my goals and get my vision clear and now I’ve taken so much more action and I have my momentum back.” ~Jessica Anwyl 

“I’m inspired, motivated and excited to make it happen!” ~Rebecca McFarland

“I feel refreshed and confident. I have a drive to focus on this and take actionable steps towards my goals.” ~Sarah Poppy

“You made me realise more than ever that I’m allowed to do whatever I want, to be whoever I want to be.” ~Bernni Jackson  


Life’s too short to live someone else’s dreams.


Sarah Jensen

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this a physical or digital product?

A: The Rock Your Goals Playbook is a digital, PDF file so you can access the goodness and start goal rocking right away.


Q: How will I receive the Workbook?

A: I use a program called ConvertKit to deliver the Rock Your Goals Playbook so, after purchase, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your details. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you’ll receive an email containing a link to download your Workbook. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk /promotions folders and if you haven’t received anything within 24 hours, please email me at for assistance.


Q: How can I use the Playbook?

A: This PDF workbook has been created so you can work online by typing directly into the workbook, or you can use it old-school style by printing it out and breaking out your favourite pens, pencils, crayons, or other creative supplies.


Q: How long will it take me to work through Rock Your Goals: The Playbook?

A: Allow around 2 hours to dive in and immerse yourself in the goal-rocking goodness.


Q: I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund?

A: As this workbook is an instant PDF download item, refunds are not available except where required by ACCC Law.


Q: I’d love some one-on-one support to rock my goals, is that available?

A: Absolutely, lovely. You can find out more about one on one coaching here. During the call we’ll talk about your amazing goals, bust through any blocks you’re having, and set easy-to-achieve action steps. You’ll receive lots of virtual hugs and high fives during the call, as well as an email love note after the call to help you stay focused, inspired and on track to rocking your goals.


Q: I’ve been to a Rock Your Goals Workshop – how different is this playbook to the one I received and worked through with you at the event?

A: It’s essentially the same workbook; the activities are the same and the tips and tools to help with mindset, motivation and mojo are the same. What I’ve done with this playbook is expand the descriptions and explanations for each activity so it’s super clear for at-home goal rockers, plus I’ve added extra space to type or write answers to each activity so you can complete the playbook online or print it out and write, draw, mind map and make plans in it.


If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered, please feel welcome to email me at


This is the beginning of anything you want.


Are you ready to quit playing small tune into your own true north and truly own what you (and not your mum, your bestie, or that girl killing it on Insta) want out of this life – and then set about mapping out your very own, paved with confetti, path towards it?

Let’s do this!



Click the BUY NOW button and for just $9.95 AUD you can instantly download the Rock Your Goals Playbook.