Nicole Mathieson talks business failures and how they can be incredible catalysts for change on Rock Your Goals the podcast

This week I’m talking with the divine Nicole Mathieson about business failures and how they can actually be the most potent and powerful opportunities to go deeper, feel stronger and get clearer.

Nicole is a Kinesiologist, Life Coach, and host of the podcast series “Unbreakable”, who helps people transition from break ups and breakdowns to breakthroughs.

In this episode, Nicole shares her story of a business offering that bombed and how it not only became a wakeup call that things weren’t quite right in her business, but also became the catalyst for her to pause, take stock, reassess her direction and make some courageous changes.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re running in a mouse wheel at a million miles an hour, rather than consciously creating your business, this episode is for you.

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Quotes from the Episode

Sometimes we need a perceived failure to work out, with clarity, what it is that we really need to be doing.

Take time to pause and look up.

The world needs that special gift that only you have. ~Marie Forleo

Treat failure as an opportunity to transform.


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+ Loving shout out to the amazing Ane Novak who created the wonderful tune “Happy Day” (the awesome intro & outro music to Rock Your Goals the podcast) which still gets me grooving in my seat every time I hear it.