In this episode of Rock Your Goals the Podcast the Merrymaker Sisters share their top tips to build a booming business full of fun

Today I’m talking with the absolutely amazing and always inspiring Merrymaker Sisters, Emma and Carla Papas.

They’re building an empire of love, fun and fabulousness and their goal is to help their community live healthier, happier more epic lives.

In this episode we’re talking all things merrymaking in life and in business.

Emma and Carla share their awesome tips about how to bring more “you” into your business, how to make creating content a whole lot easier and how to share online without overthinking it. We’re also talking about mindset switches that will help you stay positive, gratitude and why it’s such a game changer and how you can create a really engaged online community that you can really connect with.

Plus, we’re talking Disney, dance breaks and how to bring more fun into absolutely everything that you do!

This episode is packed full of fun so kick off your shoes, get comfy and let’s get merry.


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The Merrymaker Sisters share their tips for a #merrybiz and a happy life on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

Resources + People Mentioned in this Episode

Finding Joe the movie.

Lewis Howes

Awesome dance breaks via the Fitness Marshall

Epic Quotes from the Episode

On authenticity: “The best feeling in the world is when you meet someone in real life and they say: You’re exactly like I imagined you’d be!”

On being epic: “To do epic stuff, sometimes it’s gonna get difficult.”
The Merrymaker Sisters on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

The Merrymaker Sisters share their tips to create your very own #Merrybiz on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

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