Elyse Santilli from Notes on Bliss talks life and business visioning on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

Today I’m talking with the beautiful Elyse Santilli. Elyse is a writer, life coach, happiness teacher, spiritual mentor, coffee drinker and lover of life. She’s the founder of Notes on Bliss, an online home for all things spiritual, soul, happiness and dream creation.

Today she’s sharing her fantastic tips for creating a vision for your life and business, how to get clear on the ideas that spark joy in your heart and soul and how to bring that beautiful vision of yours to life.

Elyse is such a beautiful soul, she’s so generous and I’m so excited to share her wisdom with you today. I hope you love it.


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Wise Words from Elyse


“Become the conscious creator of your life.”

“Make it your intention to live in joy now.”

“If you have conviction and faith and you keep taking baby steps, you will end up in a beautiful life you love.”


Resources Mentioned in This Interview

Elyse’s free Life and Business Visioning Workbook

Ready to live your life on purpose? Check out the Beautiful Life Bootcamp. It’s a six week roadmap to a positive mindset and a beautiful life!


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