Vanessa Vickery from BecomingNess talks about being seen online on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

Welcome to another episode of the 5 Minute Biz Builder Series. It’s like 5 minute abs, but for your business and in each episode I’ll be sharing quick fire tips from myself and my amazing guests to help you build a business and life you love (that loves you back) without going broke or burning out in the process.

Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Vanessa Vickery.

Ness is a qualified holistic Nutritionist, wellness coach, healthy foodie and Mum. She’s also the creator of super popular website Becoming Ness – a health and wellness website aimed to help mums achieve a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Today we’re talking about visibility with lots of juicy tips to help you put yourself out there, get seen by your audience and grow your presence online.

I hope you enjoy it.


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A-Ha Moment from the Episode


“The healthier and happier you are, the more you can help and serve others.”

“Say yes to collaborations, features and interview that feel right to you, and are aligned with your business.”

Resources Mentioned in This Interview

Food Blogger photo sharing sites:
Finding Vegan
Mind Body Green
Yum Gluten Free
Beautiful You – Inspired Coach Magazine
PLANN (Formerly Plan Your Gram) – Instagram Scheduling and Planning App


Other Great Resources

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