Amy Mackenzie

This week I’m sharing a call I had with the amazing Amy Mackenzie from Designing Her Life. Amy is a Life Coach, Writer and Speaker who helps female entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives design a life and a business they love.

We’d planned to record a podcast episode but ended up having a totally real and awesome discussion instead (which I hit record on part way through). At the end of our call we both said a great big ‘Wow!’. We knew that what we’d talked about was way better than a planned podcast and we decided to share our call with you.

This episode is an honest conversation between two friends talking about money, comparison, ditching perfectionism, showing up and the good, bad, ugly and amazing realities of business.

{F-bomb alert: if you’re offended by strong language, it might be best to skip today’s episode as Amy and I drop at least one f-bomb each in the context of talking passionately about what we believe in}


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