Clare Greig

A beautiful member of the coaching community I’m part of, Clare Greig, passed away on Monday and I feel deeply called to share about the tragic loss and celebrate the life of this amazing woman.

Warm, loving, caring, genuine, soulful, musical, graceful, strong, inspiring. Clare was an amazing woman, mother, coach, friend who left a little magic in the lives of everyone she met.

We’d crossed paths online and off through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, and while we didn’t know each other that well, her death has hit me hard. Clare was pure light and love and joy.

I’ve been in a strange limbo land since I heard the news where I don’t know whether to just push on through or to shut the doors and cry, so I’ve been doing a bit of both.

But I woke up this morning to an email from Danielle LaPorte (if you haven’t checked out her wonderful stuff, here’s a link to her website) which said:

“What to do when things suck (hint: don’t gloss over it). When you’re feeling out of your soul zone and something crap is happening, accept that it’s happening. “Being” with the pain is the opposite of ignoring it. It means that instead of changing the subject, or eating a whole bag of chips, or glossing over the pain with fake gratitude, you take a minute (or a morning, or a solo weekend) to feel into how much it really sucks. This isn’t wallowing. This is curiosity, compassion and respect.”

And the clarity came rushing in.

What I need to do is take time to feel, accept, respect, acknowledge and let it suck that Clare is gone. Because it really, really, sucks.

So today, instead of sharing business tips, I wanted to honour Clare by talking about really living, because the death of someone so special cannot, and will not, be for nothing…

I lit a fire with the love you left behind.


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