Lauren June

Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Lauren McFarlane. Lauren’s a strategist and business coach on mission to help One Million women build authentic businesses with unbreakable foundations that support the lives they long for.

Lauren ran an incredibly successful six figure business but she traded it all in for a fresh definition of success that’s aligned with how she REALLY wants to live. It’s a pretty cool story and she’s sharing more of that in today’s episode.

We’re also talking about how to value yourself and what you have to offer, creating a successful business based on referrals and how to look after yourself if you’re a massive over-giver.

Plus Lauren talks business foundations – why they’re important and what you need to get crystal clear about to build a solid foundation for YOUR business.

I’m also really excited to announce that the Rock Your Goals workshop is coming to Melbourne in June! If you’d like to spend a day with myself and the amazing Rachael Kable from the Mindful Kind, the workshop’s called ALIGNED and you can find out more HERE. We’re going to spend an amazing day with a group of like-minded women at the Windsor Workshop in Melbourne learning about meaningful mindfulness and inspired goal setting. It’s going to be an amazing day and I’d love to see you there.

In the meantime, let’s dive into today’s episode. It’s full of goodness to help you build a sustainable business that meets your definition of success. I hope you love it.


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Here’s what we’re talking about

  • Keeping your balance when you’re a big time over-giver.

  • How to stand out online.

  • Why what feels easy for you won’t necessarily be easy for everyone else and how you can tap into that zone of genius to build a business you love.

  • Building a community around your purpose.

  • Aligning your business and your message with you.

  • Staying true to you and what you want to achieve.

  • How to get back on track when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

  • How to build solid foundations for your business.

  • The power of knowing your why.

  • Making friends with change.

  • Outsourcing your weaknesses and celebrating your strengths.

  • Why a cookie cutter business will never bring you the success you want and how to be original + authentic online.


Resources mentioned in this interview

Lauren’s blog post where she shares The Real Story Behind Making $400k
The Women’s Co-op
Simon Sinek’s Know Your Why video + my take on it


Connect with Lauren

The Women’s Co-op

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