Vienda Maria

Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Vienda Maria.

Vienda’s a mentor for spirited women who believe that freedom is the driving force behind their most courageous, adventurous and game-changing moves.

We’re talking about being authentic online, creating a connected and engaged community, reconnecting with your intuition and how to find your groove in business.

Plus Vienda shares her tips for aligning your beliefs and desires, mastering your money mindset and releasing the blocks and resistance around getting what you really want.

This episode’s full of goodness to help you ditch the pushing and striving and build a business you love from a place of ease, flow and most importantly fun! I hope you enjoy it.


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Here’s what we’re talking about

  • Choosing freedom in every aspect of your life and business.

  • Aligning to your truth.

  • Connecting with your intuition + inner wisdom.

  • Giving yourself permission to take action.

  • Creating from a place of ease and flow.

  • Inviting your audience to be part of the journey and how it helps create a connected and engaged community.

  • Being authentic online.

  • Tips to rock your manifesting + mindset.

  • The personal shifts and growth that comes from building a business.

  • That niggly feeling of impatience you get when you’re new online and why it’s totally normal!

  • Valuing your time, owning what you have to offer and charging what you’re worth.

  • The money rollercoaster you ride when you work for yourself.

  • Why having a business is like putting yourself through the most intense personal development course ever.

  • Plus Vienda shares her awesome money mindset tips to help you overcome the blocks and create beliefs that support + create the abundance you really want.


Resources mentioned in this interview

Overcoming underearning by Barbara Stanny^
Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas^


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