Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Today I’m talking with life coach for introverts Katherine Mackenzie Smith and we’re digging into some super cool stuff in this episode.

We’re talking about the someday syndrome, why you need to stop ‘what iffing’ yourself out of going after your dreams and why getting some skin in the game will stretch you outside your comfort zone in the best possible way.

We’re talking about working to your strengths, staying true to you and understanding and honouring your needs. Plus we’re talking money – why it’s ok to want it, how to value yourself and what you have to offer and how to get really comfortable asking for money in your business.

Katherine’s also shared some great tips to help you put yourself out there, promote your business without it feeling icky and what to do when you feel like you have to do it all.

There’s so much good stuff in today’s episode – we’re talking mindset, money and making your business your own. I hope you enjoy it.


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Here’s what we’re talking about

  • The unexpected benefits of taking a chance.

  • Non-attachment to outcomes.

  • Why nothing gets you hustling like having to pay the rent.

  • Getting crystal clear about what you do, why you do it and who you’re doing it for.

  • Comparison and the feeling of being behind or not doing enough.

  • Tuning out the noise and tuning into you.

  • Setting boundaries.

  • Why starting a business is a bit like doing an apprenticeship.

  • Playing to your strengths and honouring yourself.

  • The ‘busy’ work versus the real work.

  • Valuing your time, owning what you have to offer and charging what you’re worth.

  • The introvert contradiction – the fear of being seen versus the fear of not being seen.

  • Why consistency is the key to building visibility and momentum in your business.

  • Plus, Katherine shares tips to help you step up and find your own way to shine.

Resources mentioned in this interview

Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy^
Susan Kane – The Power of Introverts
Elyse Santilli – Notes on Bliss
Brene Brown – video on Boundaries


Other great resources

League of Extraordinary Introverts Facebook Group

Connect with Katherine


What’s been your biggest learning from today’s episode? Share in the comments below.


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