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Today I’m talking with the amazing Anna Dower. Anna is chief boss lady at Design with Style, a graphic design boutique for female entrepreneurs, she’s the founder of the super successful ROOOAR magazine which is a quarterly e-magazine for girl bosses in business and she runs an online hub for graphic designers starting their own business called The Creative Circle.

Anna shares her tips to help you capture the attention of your ideal clients through design, how to make your business voice visual and why creating an emotional connection with your audience is so important.

We’re talking about ditching perfection in favour of getting it done, why knowing who you’re not for is just as important as understanding your ideal client, why you’re not limited by your budget and how to get help before you can afford it.

Plus, Anna shares why you won’t find the answer you’re looking for in a book, why your intuition is key and why you’re doing so much better than you think you are.

This is such a fun episode and it’s chock full of fantastic tips to help you build a business you love, that’s aligned with you and your mission. I hope you enjoy it.


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Here’s what we’re talking about

  • Making your own rules.

  • Design tips to help you get clarity around your brand + connect with your ideal audience.

  • Getting clear about who you’re for and who you’re not for.

  • Why you don’t need a huge audience to be successful in business.

  • Reflecting yourself in your brand and why it’s so important.

  • Why you need to set boundaries in business.

  • How to be a great client when you work with a designer.

  • Why your brand will evolve as you do and why that’s awesome.

  • How to ‘hire’ when you can’t afford it.

  • Why collaboration is brilliant for business.

  • Why you don’t need another book, course or expert to give you permission to kick ass.

  • How to work through idea overwhelm and start taking action.

  • Plus, Anna shares her ‘magic answer’ for building a successful business (and it’s definitely not what you think!).

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