Kate Toon

Today I’m talking with the amazing Kate Toon.

Kate’s an award winning SEO copywriter and consultant, founder of the Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse and host of the Hot Copy Podcast.

If SEO scares the pants off you, like it used to do me, tune in to today’s episode for easy to implement SEO tips in plain English. Plus Kate shares her tips and a great app to help you sharpen up your copy.

We’re also talking truths about business building and passive income, how to produce content your community will love, managing a business and a baby and why it’s not all about the bank balance, it’s about the good vibes too.

Kate’s even shared her own secret formula for success (spoiler alert, it involves Coffee blood sweat tears and crisps)!

There’s so much goodness in this episode and I hope you enjoy tuning in as much as I enjoyed talking with Kate.

Plus listen out for the fun outtake and me doing an impersonation of Cartman’s mum from South Park!


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Here’s what we’re talking about

  • Simple tips for SEO success in plain English.

  • Tips and apps to help you rock your copy.

  • Why doing your best is enough.

  • Balancing a business and a baby.

  • The truth about passive income.

  • Deciding what type of business you want to create and staying true to that.

  • Why understanding what your audience needs is key to creating great content.

  • Why being generous is cool!

  • How to put your personality into your blog and business.

  • Not everyone will love you (and that’s ok!).

  • Letting go of perfection.

  • Why building a good reputation, being generous and providing value is more important than your bank balance when you’re starting out.

  • Setting boundaries in business and how to avoid creative burnout.

  • Tips to run a Facebook community (as opposed to a promo filled spam fest!).
    You can't please everyone all the time

Resources mentioned in this interview

The Hemingway App
Kate’s Recipe for SEO Success free 10 day challenge
The Recipe for SEO Success (Kate’s amazing SEO eCourse)


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