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Today I’m talking with the beautiful Vanessa Carnevale.

Vanessa’s a wonderful writer, host of the super successful podcast series Your Creative Life and she’s hosting an incredible week long writing retreat in Tuscany, Italy this year so if the idea of Chianti and creative writing is your cup of tea, Vanessa is taking expressions of interest for a second week of her sold out retreat so check out her website, Your Beautiful Writing Life, for more information.

In this episode we’re talking about finding your voice, tips to fuel your creativity and how to make time for writing in your life. Plus we’re sharing some great tips to help you overcome the blocks and get the words flowing again when you’re overthinking things.

It’s a really fun episode and Vanessa has some fantastic information to share. I hope you love it.

Plus, claim your free copy of “Rock Your Writing”. It’s your 7 page guide to finding your voice, fuelling your creativity and overcoming writer’s block.


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Here’s what we’re talking about

  • Finding your voice as a writer / blogger.

  • Simple strategies to get words on the page.

  • Building resilience and dealing with rejection.

  • How to use mindfulness to overcome writer’s block.

  • Why sometimes stepping away is the smartest move.

  • Tips for boosting your creativity.

  • Approaching writing with a beginner’s mindset and releasing the need for perfection.

  • How free writing can help you become a better writer.

  • Creating a workspace that keeps you inspired.

  • Tips to overcome fear, frustration and feeling stuck.

  • Claiming the title of “writer” (hint – if you write, you’re a writer!).



You must believe in other people's belief in you



Resources mentioned in this interview

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert^

Lessons in perseverance from Bree Hogan (rejected by the Huffington Post 7 times before having her awesome article published)!

Vanessa Carnevale’s post about how books are made of stolen moments

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg^

Vanessa’s beautiful writing prompts on Instagram #mindfulprompts


Natasha Lester’s brilliant tips + tutorials on how to use Scrivener

Vanessa’s super successful podcast series Your Creative Life

If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland^


Other great resources

Ira Glass‘ powerful thoughts on creativity
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron^


Connect with Vanessa

Vanessa’s Writing Retreat in Tuscany

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