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Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Suzanne Chadwick from the Connection Exchange. Suze is a business coach, a branding maven and a self-confessed strategy geek, and she owns the heck out of it. Suze is amazing at what she does. I adore her and I absolutely love talking with her.

Today we’re talking about everything from getting clear on your vision, creating a brand around you and your story, ditching comparison, finding your people and giving it a red hot dip.

There’s so much juicy goodness in today’s episode, and be sure to listen out for the blooper! It was too funny to edit out and seriously, it’s so completely what this podcast is all about. It’s real stories, real conversations and real advice from real people about real world business.

I really hope you enjoy the episode. There are plenty of laughs and loads of fantastic tips in there for you.


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Wise words from branding expert Suzanne Chadwick in Rock Your Goals the Podcast
Suzanne Chadwick


Here’s what we’re talking about


Wise words from Suzanne Chadwick of the Connection Exchange in Rock Your Goals the podcast
Suzanne Chadwick


Resources mentioned in this interview

Marie Forleo’s video about giving yourself permission to dabble.

Denise Duffield-Thomas’ awesome + honest blog post about the evolution of her million dollar e-course (including all the numbers!)

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.^


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