Roxanne Ford

Today I’m talking with the beautiful Roxanne Ford. She’s a writer, entrepreneur and charity advocate who runs a thriving online support website called Baby Mamas which inspires, informs and provides a wonderful support network for young mums.

Rox is leading by example and showing women and young mums everywhere what’s possible. We’re talking about going with the flow and letting your business evolve, how to get back on the path when it’s feeling hard, why done is better than perfect and how none of us really know what we’re doing when we start a blog or business. We’re also talking about how she deals with “mummy guilt” and has built a thriving online empire based on kindness and generosity.

We’re going to talk truths, we’re going to have some laughs and I hope you enjoy this episode.


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Done is better than perfect
Roxanne Ford


Here’s what we’re talking about

  • Roxanne shares her story of young motherhood and how having 2 children under 2 by the age of 22 has inspired her to help other young mums.

  • How to deal with the “mummy guilt” that comes with taking time for yourself and building a business.

  • That most of us don’t really know what we’re doing when we first start out and why it’s ok to figure things out along the way.

  • Why you don’t need permission from anyone but YOU to go after your dreams.

  • How to ditch comparison and feel good about your progress.

  • How celebrating the heck out of your achievements, big or small, along the way will help you build your confidence and momentum.

  • Why pushing harder won’t get you there faster if you don’t know where you’re going.

  • How to turn flop into ops (opportunities).

  • Mindset tips to help you hit publish on your blog posts or your website.

  • How to bring value to your ideal reader.

  • Why it’s not about the numbers (followers) on your website or on social media, it’s about how engaged your community is.

  • Why taking time off is so important for your self, your sanity and your creativity.

  • How to get back on the path when it’s feeling hard.

  • Why making friends online rocks.

  • Why done is better than perfect.


Pushing harder won't get you there faster if you don't know where you're going
Sarah Jensen


Resources mentioned in this interview

The free Baby Mamas “Facebook Group for Young Mums“.

The Raise Foundation.


Connect with Roxanne

BRIGHT eMagazine for Young Mums


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