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Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Jade McKenzie from Event Head. She’s an event professional, coach and creator of Event Head Magazine. She’s also the power pack of knowledge who helped me make the first Rock Your Goals Workshop so absolutely incredible.

I love working with Jade and I’m really excited to talk with her today. We’re going to talk about everything from finding what you love in your business to keeping your balance and keeping it fun, as well as how to start creating your own amazing events and workshops to take your business to the next level. So sit back, relax and enjoy this interview. Jade has some beautiful insights and information to share and I just know you’re going to love it.


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Here’s what we’re talking about

  • Jade shares how her business has changed over the last couple of years from an inkling of an idea while on maternity leave to the current iteration of Event Head.

  • Why you don’t have to know exactly what you’re doing from day one and how dabbling and playing with ideas can fuel your creativity and help you build your business.

  • Why you don’t have to shout the loudest to stand out on line. How you can thrive and shine by being you, bringing your A-Game and a healthy dose of heart.

  • How a layered business can help you grow, learn and connect.

  • Why finding your own groove, rather than following a formula is so important for you and your business.


  • How having a plan can help you stay sane during the busy times.

  • How to avoid the all in, all the time, burnout and keep your balance while growing your business.

  • Jade shares her magic NON-formula for business success.

  • Why you don’t have to have a perfect ‘elevator pitch’ for you and your business and how to make introducing yourself easier.

  • Tips for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to connect with their community and run amazing, inspiring events for their community.

  • Why diving in the deep end is the best thing you can do for yourself.

  • How tapping into your passion can help you move through the fear and make awesome stuff happen.


Don't follow a formula follow your heart
Jade McKenzie – Event Head


Resources mentioned in this interview

Jade’s free 8 weeks to event success checklist
When the Going Gets Tough by Billy Ocean


Other great resources

P.S. Want to know more about how to create your own successful and sold out events? Learn from the expert who helped me create the award winning Rock Your Goals Workshop (which I’m currently taking on a national tour around Australia) – Jade McKenzie in her incredible Workshop Wonderful course.


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