To maintain the integrity of this offering and ensure I can support as many people as possible through the Pay It Forward Program and the Random Act of Kindness Scholarships, I’ve put a few simple terms and guidelines in place.

  • These offerings have been crafted with love and the desire to spread kindness and generosity around the globe.
  • I ask all participants in the programs to do so with the utmost integrity, honesty and kindness.
  • As the programs find their feet, these terms and guidelines may be updated.
  • Important note: the Pay It Forward Program and Random Act of Kindness Scholarships Program are not currently set up as registered charities. At present, each offering is purely a kind-hearted, giving back program crafted with the intention of doing good in the world. If you wish to claim your gift(s) through the program(s) as a tax deduction, please speak with your accountant or tax expert/agent about whether your purchase qualifies as a deduction.

Pay It Forward Program

  • The Pay It Forward Program (“PIFP”) is available on selected courses at and the list of included course may change from time to time as courses are added to or removed from the PIFP.
  • Courses included in PIFP will be clearly marked “Buy One Gift One”.
  • As someone gifting courses, there are no limits on the amount of courses you can gift and you may gift as many courses as you choose.
  • When you buy a PIFP course you get to choose how the course is gifted. You can either nominate someone to receive the course (i.e. a friend, family member or someone special) or you can gift it to the Random Act of Kindness Scholarship Program.

Random Act of Kindness Scholarships

  • Random Act of Kindness Scholarships (“RAOKS”) are available on selected courses at and the list of included course may change from time to time as courses are added to, or removed from, the RAOKS Program.
  • Courses included in the RAOKS Program will be listed or linked to on the RAOKS Program information page (here).
  • To ensure I can support as many scholarship recipients as possible, there is a limit of one scholarship per person (in total, not per course).
  • You can nominate yourself or someone you know by completing an application form (here).
  • All applications will be reviewed by me (Sarah Jensen) and I promise to be honest, kind and fair.
  • All applicants will receive a response to their application within 7 business days. If you’ve applied for a scholarship but haven’t heard back, please check your junk / promotions / spam email folder(s) in case the response doesn’t land in your inbox and please note I do my utmost to reply promptly but take no responsibility for, and have no control over, how emails are delivered or categorised by your email provider.
  • and its authorised representatives reserve the right to decline scholarship applications and all decisions are final.
  • If your scholarship application is declined, you may reapply in 90 days if you choose.
  • If at any time we run out of gifted courses, scholarship applications will temporarily close until more courses are gifted and all existing approved scholarships are fulfilled.

The Wrap Up

I’ve crafted this offering from a place of loving kindness, generosity, and the desire to do a little good in the world. I’d be so grateful if you’d help me in this endeavour by treating these giving back programs with kindness, integrity and respect.

If you have questions about the programs you’re very welcome to contact me at and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

With gratitude and care,

Sarah x