How to build your personal brand as a brand new coach by Sarah Jensen

In amongst ALL of the things you find yourself doing as a new coach – learning the ropes, creating a website, making friends on social media, finding clients, and setting up systems so those wonderful clients can work with you, personal branding can feel like the last thing on your to do list. But it’s actually an important foundation for your business.

Without a personal brand, your potential clients won’t know who you are, what you do, or how you can help them.

Your personal brand is that special something that helps you stand out from the crowd and truly connect with people.

When I started out, I didn’t really have a personal brand.

I was doing everything I could to ‘fit in’, ‘act like a coach’ and ‘do the things successful bloggers did’, and while I learned a lot, all I was really successful at was being part of the noise.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, so no one else did either!

But along the way I started to get really clear about what I stand for (owning your awesome), how I help people (coaching, workshops, blogging, podcasting and corporate speaking), and the benefits and results people can expect from working with me (making awesome shiz happen and rocking your goals).

And that clarity came from doing two things:

  1. Working with clients, and
  2. Being 100% myself.


Working With Clients

Working with clients really helped me own my ‘coach-iness’ and create a clear brand, because I started to see myself through the eyes of my clients.

I saw the difference that coaching sessions were making in people’s lives and businesses, and I started to embrace my natural strengths, gifts and talents.

Not only did it give me confidence as a coach, but it helped me see where I fit within the industry, what I have to offer, and exactly what my message and brand are.

It also helped me understand the goals and challenges of my ideal clients because I got to hear in their own words as we worked together.

Plus, over time, you notice that many of the same questions, frustrations, fears and roadblocks are coming up for your clients.

These insights not only help you become a better coach for your clients as your expertise grows, they also help you create amazing content to support your existing clients and attact more of your dream clients.

Think about it…

If you know exactly what your ideal client’s goals are and what they’re struggling with, and you’re providing real world solutions to those problems through your coaching, you could also use that knowledge to create blog posts, social media posts, a podcast, videos, checklists, workbooks, workshops or other content that helps people solve those same problems.

That helps you create super valuable, highly targeted content that HELPS PEOPLE.

And it allows you to have a niched business with multiple income streams and multiple ways for people to consume your content.

Yay for that!


Being 100% Yourself

But the biggest gift I’ve given myself (that’s also made the most epic difference to my business) is being totally, absolutely, 100% me.

Dorky, 80s music loving, chocolate eating, book reading, unco dancing, me!

Owning who you are, and infusing that into everything you create is what lets people connect with you, get to know you, like you, trust you and RELATE to you – one human to another.

It’s super cool!

And think of it this way…

People who act all perfect online or in their business can be inspiring for a little while, but eventually you reach a point where all that perfection just makes you feel crap about yourself because you feel like you don’t measure up (well that’s what it was like for me!).

What they’re selling or the way they’re presenting themselves online just doesn’t wash and you either get that ‘ick’ feeling like something’s not right, or you just see what they’re pushing as unrelatable, unrealistic or unachievable, so as a consumer you move on and follow someone else’s work.

And often that someone else is often someone you can RELATE TO – someone who has you feeling that you can totally do what they’re doing and have the success they’re having.

(Side note – Yes. You. Can!)

So as a coach, writer, speaker, and business owner, I gave myself permission to be HUMAN, and it was the best thing I could have done for my business and my brand.

I’m now 100% transparent about the ups and the downs, the wins and the epic fails, what’s working and what’s not, and the realities of running an online business.

Because I believe sharing in that way empowers you with knowledge and lets you know that it’s ok if you have a shit day, or you don’t feel motivated all the time, or something you try doesn’t work. That way when that stuff happens (and it will – it’s a totally normal part of the process) you know it’s not just you, you’re not a failure, and you don’t suck at business, it’s just a bad day and you’re still awesome, so don’t give up.

And hey, I’m not perfect either! No way.

I make plenty of mistakes as I go.

But my real-ness is what people relate to.

And in keeping it real, I believe it spreads the message far and wide that you can be imperfect and successful at the same time.

And that if I can do it, you can to.

So, when you’re starting, and growing, your coaching business, build it on a foundation that’s 100% absolutely, positively YOU.

Own it, share it and shine your light bright baby!

You’re unique and that’s your gift, so share the quirks, and the crazy, and the awesome that you are with the world, and do it your way.


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