Note to Self Podcast

Note to Self Podcast shares loving reminders created to inspire you to own who you are, go after your dreams and step into the powerful, purpose-filled, awesome human you’re here on this Earth to be.

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Episode List

1 :: Introduction

2 :: Give yourself permission

3 :: Be yourself

4 :: Embrace your sensuality

5 :: You already know enough

6 :: Receiving money and abundance

7 :: Your body is beautiful

8 :: Live a life you love

9 :: You are safe

10 :: Choose love

11 :: Let yourself be happy

About the Show

This podcast was one of those spur of the moment, feeling inspired kinda things.

I had the idea on a Saturday around noon, and by about 6pm the show was recorded, uploaded and submitted to iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.

It came about after an incredible, deep diving coaching call I had with the amazing Jenna Black.

She held space for me as I dug into ALL of my shit.

My excuses.

My stories.

My beliefs.

My wounds.

My fears.

My triggers.

And what it boiled down to was a deep desire, craving and NEED to be loved.

To be validated.

To feel worthy.

To feel worthwhile.

And to feel like I’m not a total worthless waste of space.

I don’t say that to seek sympathy.

I say that because I know so many incredible people who feel the same way.

They don’t see their own worth.

They don’t acknowledge their own brilliance.

They don’t see their own incredible potential.

Well me too.

And I’ve been working on and through and over and under all of my ‘stuff’.

Both alone, and with help from people like Jenna and Ashley Stinson from Energy Archaeology and Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue.

And they’ve been helping me find my own answers.

Instead of waiting for permission.

Giving away my power.

Waiting for someone to tell me I’m ok, I matter, I’m doing it right, I’m meant to be here.

And after my session with Jenna today I thought about all the things I’m ready to integrate.

What I’m ready to choose and believe.

The reality I’m ready to create.

And so I recorded some messages to myself.

One “Note to Self” at a time.

Deconstructing the negative stories I’ve been telling myself.

Letting go of the limitations I’ve been putting on myself.

And letting myself know it’s time to let go of the past and step up.

To show up as me.

To know that’s enough.

And to share bravely, unfiltered and vulnerable.

In the hope it might inspire you to give yourself permission.

To own your worth.

To write your own rules.

And get out there and LIVE this amazing life.

As you.

In your way.

With no apologies and no excuses.

Loving yourself and stepping up as you.

And so I give you “Note to Self” podcast.

May it inspire you to be boldly, bravely and unapologetically you.

Sarah x