It’s time to Master Your Money!

Tax time is upon us in Australia {pause for groans} and there aren’t too many of us out there who get excited about the prospect of doing our taxes. But what comes up in a great big way at this time of year is MONEY. How much we do or don’t have, how much we do or don’t earn, and whether or not we’re feeling cool, calm, collected and in control of our money.

If you’re anything like me, you probably dove head first into your online business without too much thought about money, especially if you started your online endeavour as a hobby or pure passion filled enterprise. But the longer you write, create, blog, connect and build a community, the more likely you are to want to turn this into your full-time gig, and that requires something a lot of us women aren’t comfortable with – asking for and OWNING our money.

So I want to dive on in and demystify money.

And this Mini Masterclass is all about Mastering Your Money.

Imagine feeling confident and in control of your money. No more stress, panic, fear or burying your head in the sand because it feels too hard. No more feeling like you can’t or you don’t understand or it’s just too scary.

I’m bringing together my learnings + a whole host of amazing money experts to help you make managing your money easy (and even fun!). We’ll bust through the myths that money is a dirty word and you’ll learn how to own it, earn it and manage it like you mean it.

You’ll receive weekly emails with playbooks, plus bonus interviews and resources to help you feel confident and in control of your finances, so you can make money rather than worry about it! All for just $57 (AUD).

You’ll get super clear about exactly where you’re at now, how much you want and need to make your business viable (and quit that day job you hate) AND we’re going to get you set up with some super cool systems to help you keep track and own the awesome out of your money sitch.

PLUS, we’re diving in to money mindset and how you can allow a whole lot of abundance into your life and business.


  • Having a simple system in place so you can easily keep track of your money.
  • Seeing at a glance exactly what you’re earning and spending each month.
  • Having a clear plan to make money in your business.
  • Having clear financial goals that feel amazing to you.
  • Feeling good about your money (like you’re owning it rather than it owning you).
  • Having a money friendly mindset (aka believing “I deserve money and success in my life and business”).
  • Knowing you’ve got the bases covered when it comes to financial foundations in your business.
  • Really valuing your self, your time, and what you have to offer your clients.

We’re going to work through all these things and more in the Master Your Money Mini Masterclass.

{NOTE: I’m not a financial advisor – I’m just someone who’s learned a whole lot of lessons about money, gotten myself out of $30k debt and have turned my money story around. What I’m sharing is based on my learnings and experience and I also have a few special guests joining me to share their money tips. But to make it crystal clear, and keep the legal eagles happy, please treat what I’m sharing as information only based on my personal experience and always seek out financial advice from a qualified professional before making important decisions about your money.}

Here’s how we roll…


Where are you at with your money right now? We’re doing an audit and while it might feel scary to even think about it right now but trust me, as someone who ignored money for a LONG time, once this is done you’re going to feel AWESOME! We’re talking income and expenses, plus simple tips and tools to keep track of your money.


We’ll walk through the process of calculating your hourly rate and how much you need to earn to cover not only your business expenses but your living costs too (this is a really helpful exercise for anyone who is (or wants to be) full time in their business). We’re also talking about valuing yourself and what you have to offer so if you’re someone who’s constantly undervaluing yourself, offering up waaaay too many freebies or turning away money at every stage of the game, we’re going to kick those habits and have you earning what you’re worth.


Covering your backside in business, tips to make tax time a whole lot easier and the key things every woman in business should know to build solid financial foundations and start off on the right foot.


We’re bringing a bit of loving “woo woo” (and good juju) to Mastering Your Money with tips on manifesting, money mindset, releasing money blocks and opening up to receive more money and abundance in your life and business.


Each week for 4 weeks you’ll receive:

  • A juicy email filled with all the goodness you’ll need to get you goal rocking.
  • A playbook to guide you through each of the awesome activities.
  • Rocking resources to take your business to the next level. These will change from week to week but will include audio interviews with guest experts, fantastic lists of free and close to free apps, software and other resources that will help make life and business easier, checklists and other great tool you can use in your business.


I’ve recruited some of the most incredible women in the business to help you Master Your Money and I’m super excited to introduce this month’s special guest experts.

[one_third padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Stacey Price[/one_third]

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STACEY PRICE :: Healthy Business Finances

Stacey is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Registered BAS Agent and self confessed numbers nerd – specialising in helping business owners to understand their financial information.

Stacey is no boring, traditional accountant. She embraces cloud technology, is passionate about training and educating her clients, and she loves innovation to streamline processes.

Sarah says: I can personally vouch for Stacey’s awesome expertise when it comes to numbers. I had a one on one financial coaching session with Stacey and it was absolutely brilliant. I went from ‘head in the sand’ to having the confidence and knowledge to own my money and run my business in a profitable, professional way. Stacey will be sharing the basics that every woman in business needs to know, plus tips to make tax time a whole lot easier.

Connect with Stacey at Healthy Business Finances.

[one_third padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Lauren McFarlane[/one_third]

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Lauren is a Business Development Strategist for Big Picture Entrepreneurs.

She has a background and qualifications in Accounting, Marketing, Management, IT, Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming, had a six figure business and team of employees by 25 and has worked with everyone from multi-million dollar companies to mums, bloggers and start ups. Lauren’s purpose is to empower business women by showing them how to best build a business beginning with rock solid foundations.

Sarah says: I’ve worked with Lauren and she’s an absolute gun when it comes to big picture thinking and helping you build a solid foundation for your business. In one session we gave my business a much needed ‘health check’ and I went away with a plan to strengthen the systems and foundations of my business so I’m ready to grow this baby and take it to the next level! In this challenge, Lauren will teach you how to totally rock systems to control your finances.

Connect with Lauren at

[one_third padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Lea Schodel - The Mindful Wealth Movement[/one_third]

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LEA SCHODEL :: The Mindful Wealth Movement

Lea is a Financial Adviser, social entrepreneur and passionate advocate for women’s wellbeing. She’s the Director of MHP Private Wealth, the social enterprise Wellthy and founder of The Mindful Wealth Movement, which is a financial literacy program for women.

Lea’s goal is to educate women to create healthier relationships with money and empower them to use wealth to live healthier, wealthier and happier lives.

Sarah says: Lea is an absolute gold mine of amazing information, resources and wonderful support to help women feel confident and in control of their money. From the first few minutes of our very first phone call, I knew Lea was going to be an amazing guest expert for this challenge and I can’t wait for you to meet her too.

Connect with Lea at The Mindful Wealth Movement.

[one_third padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Vienda Maria[/one_third]

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Vienda is a writer and mentor who teaches women who want to do great things in the world how to choose freedom, in life and work.

Vienda’s message has been shared by thousands across the globe across her own blog and platforms such as Cleo Magazine, Tiny Buddha, Natural Health Magazine, Inspired Coach Magazine and ROOOAR Magazine.

Sarah says: I adore Vienda! She’s a master manifester and money custodian who’ll teach you how to rock your money mindset and set yourself up for success.

Connect with Vienda at


You get all this money saving, nest egg building, money maven status growing goodness for only $57 (Australian Dollars) and you get instant access by clicking the big blue button.

And don’t be fooled by the teeny, tiny price tag! This Mini Masterclass packs a punch and is chock full of incredible goodness and practical tips to help you Master Your Money and I’m keeping the price intentionally low so there’s absolutely no reason or excuses why you can’t Master Your Money.

You can do it at your own pace from the comfort of your couch.

Sign up now and get instant access.

What People Are Saying

Sarah, I did Week One of your ‘Master Your Money’ challenge yesterday! Just want to say ‘thank-you’! I’m about to launch my coaching business but I was stalling partly as I hadn’t worked out a way to keep track of the money side of things in a simple way. I have used your tracker to list all my expenses so far in setting up the business and will continue to use it as it grows! Looking forward to completing the other 3 weeks now! Thanks again!

~Loz Michel

Sarah, thank you! I did the expense audit and I have saved myself hundreds of dollars each month by cancelling subscriptions I don’t use. I even found three companies were still charging me for subscriptions I cancelled months ago. I’ve contacted them and have refunds on the way. Thank you.

~Mary Bills :: Amuse Creative