Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 65 - Make friends with your mind - with Katherine Rose Tate

Today I’m talking with Katherine Rose Tate. Katherine is a writer, podcaster, and coach, whose soul purpose is to help people make friends with their mind. She’s learned to celebrate her sensitive side (aka empathic, introverted and intuitive) as a strength rather than a flaw, and she guides and supports others to do the same.

In this beautiful episode, Katherine shares her personal experiences as a sensitive human – from anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue, through to high achieving perfectionism and a coping strategy of working + partying hard while secretly craving an escape from the perfectly crafted life she’d shaped.

Katherine shares her own personal journey from feeling ‘too sensitive’, not knowing how to be with her feelings, and a desire to live a different kind of life, to the woman she is today. She also shares some of the tools and practices that have helped her learn to love and accept herself, and make friends with her mind.

There’s a whole lot of goodness in today’s episode, so pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy and come join the conversation.


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Episode Summary

  • [2:03] All about Katherine.
  • [8:00] Kat’s story of leaving her carefully crafted, but unfulfilling life behind in search of self-discovery through travel and adventure.
  • [9:38] The avoidance of feeling, and numbing as a (not so supportive) tool for the sensitive human.
  • [11:13] Running away from yourself (hint: wherever you go, there you are!).
  • [16:37] Letting go of ‘should’, giving yourself permission, and inspiring others by being you.
  • [25:15] What being energetically sensitive, introverted and empathic looks like for Katherine, and the power and freedom that come from getting to know, accept and honour ourselves.
  • [32:59] Becoming aware of your own energy field so you’re not a sponge for the emotional static around you.
  • [35:20] Using your intuition to ground into your energy, exploring the layer cake (or onion) of life, and self-development as a life-long pursuit.
  • [42:11] Why “right” isn’t a route to happiness, and learning to love yourself one baby step at a time.
  • [48:23] The tools I (Sarah) use to support myself as an energetically sensitive human (dip in and try them on for size).
  • [58:05] Katherine’s beautiful morning ritual for intention + self-connection.
  • [1:04:43] Social media as a sensitive human, making sure it serves you and why time is the most important thing you have.
  • [1:18:48] The power of intention, awareness and conscious choice.
  • [1:22:45] Letting your future self lead, embracing your confidence and learning to play big in your own beautiful way.
  • [1:30:02] The wrap up, Katherine’s beautiful message from her heart to yours + how to connect with Katherine.
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Quotes From The Episode

Make friends with your mind

Katherine Rose Tate

“I wanted to stop worrying and second guessing and taking myself out of things and I just wanted to live.”

“The starting point of learning to love our mind and make friends with ourselves is awareness and acceptance.”

Our behaviour is an expression of our beliefs.

Dr Libby Weaver

“If you choose love in every moment, you can’t go wrong.”


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

Where in my life am I ‘shoulding’ on myself? Where in my life am I making conscious choices? And where do I need to course correct or make adjustments?

Where am I playing small and where do I want to play big?

Is this choice going to move me forward or feel supportive? What could I choose instead?

Is this loving? Is this kind?

What if this was just easy and fun?

Want more journaling prompts to play with? Check out Journal to Life here.


Resources We Mention

Katherine Rose Tate

Connect With Katherine




Free guide – Thriving & Surviving as a Sensitive Soul

Free guide – 3 Steps to Change Your Beliefs

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