Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 56 - get out of your head and into your heart - with Carla Da Costa

Author and wellness coach, Carla Da Costa is here to help you get out of your head and into your heart, so you can attract the life you truly desire.

In this episode, we talk about how to become your most confident self, and how gratitude – and trying new things – can change your business (and your life) in beautiful ways.

We also explore the fine line between connecting and oversharing, as well as just how personal to get when you’re sharing your story online. Plus we talk about leaving ‘should’ at the door so you can show up as your real (and really awesome) self, and Carla shares her tips and tools to silence the fears and step into the life of your wildest daydreams.

So kick off your shoes, get comfy and come and join the conversation.


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Language note: this episode is explicit and contains light swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • What would your most confident self do?
  • Even the smallest steps can create big change
  • Do more, think less
  • There’s power in silencing fear


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+ Loving shout out to the amazing Ane Novak who created the wonderful tune “Happy Day” (the awesome intro & outro music to Rock Your Goals the podcast) which still gets me grooving in my seat every time I hear it.