Sarah Jensen


Are you ready to become the woman of your wildest daydreams?

You know – the one who’s got that unmistakable glow that comes with being bursting to the brim with self-love and self-worth?

Whose days are filled with purpose as she edges closer + closer to her biggest, truest, most heart-felt goals?

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Journal to Life is the ultimate guide to creating a journaling practice to help you live a life of meaning + purpose – a life you (truly, madly, deeply) love.


Hi lovely,

You with the stars in your eyes and visions for a glorious, heart-stretching, so-good-it-practically-shimmers life (visions that feel just that little bit out of reach right now).

I see you.

  • You’re hustling like a superhero but you never quite seem to get there.
  • Come to think of it, is there even where you really want to end up?
  • You know – deep down, beneath all the busy, busy, busy – that you need to stop, switch to air-plane mode, breathe and get clear on what you really, truly want out of this life.
  • You’re craving a little nudge to help you tune in to your intuition and inner knowing (because deep down you know the answers are already there, waiting patiently for you to arrive)

Let’s harness the power of journaling to help you live a life with purpose…



Sarah Jensen

Hi, I’m Sarah, a lifelong lover of writing, collecting kikki.K notebooks, Sunday sleep-ins, and singing at the top of my lungs. 

I’m also totally and utterly in love with helping others live their version of a happy and fulfilling life.

I’ve built an intentional business as a life + business coach, podcaster and speaker, helping people just like you to do things your way and create the life of freedom + purpose you crave.

Along the way, I’ve tried a whole lot of tools and techniques. And one of the tools that’s stuck (and worked serious magic for my clients and for me) is journaling. It’s made a huge difference to how I feel about myself and how I show up in my life. 

Which is why…

I’ve created this journaling course to help you drop into your heart, listen to your inner wisdom, get clear on what you really want, and connect with the part of you that’s filled with self-love and self-worth.

Journal to Life is the best journaling course I’ve ever come across. It’s supported me to take inventory of my life and start living more mindfully and from my truth. Sarah and her course have changed my life for the better.

Karen Meyer – Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Guide & Crystal Therapist

Are you feeling stuck in comparison?

  • Why doesn’t my business attract as much attention as hers?
  • Why isn’t my relationship as good as theirs?
  • How come I don’t have it all together like she does?

Doubting yourself at every turn?

  • Maybe I just need to work out how to be more productive
  • More extroverted
  • More… enough

Lost without a compass in a sea of choice?

  • Maybe if I just stick my hand in ALL of the pies, something will stick and I’ll finally feel fulfilled

Or like you’re just not turning up each morning as your truest, most in-full-bloom, authentic, shiny self?

Scroll this way, lovely…


Who knew a notebook and pen were the only magic wands you need?


Sometimes the best answer is the simplest one. The one that’s been here all along, gently tugging at your heartstrings, patiently waiting to be heard above the noise.

But? We human folk often try looking here, there and everywhere – except turning inwards.

We take a detour away from our intuition and get caught up in ‘the search’. We get busy, busy, busy; we follow this person and that one (maybe she’ll have the answers?); read more; do more; listen to 47 podcasts and consult our bestie, our boyfriend and that lady in the queue at the local supermarket. When really…

You already know.

Maybe, just maybe, you just need to stop, collaborate (with your inner knowing) and listen.

Yep, the road map to your dream life is just on the other side of a few carefully intentioned questions, and putting pen to paper (you’ll be blown away by the gems that appear if you let them).

So, lovely, grab a pen and your favourite notebook, and settle in with a cuppa to let the magic unfold…

Sarah Jensen

Journal to Life feels like coming home and allowing your truest self to reveal itself on the page. After each journaling session I felt grounded. Connected. Inspired. Sarah has poured every ounce of her award-winning coaching, remarkable intuition, love and compassion into this course. It’s a true treasure to cherish for life.

Katherine Rose Tate – Mindset Coach & NLP Practitioner

Journal to Life: Journaling Prompts for Purposeful Living

This ultimate guide to journaling your way to your best life is packed full of goodness that I lovingly crafted just for you, including:

  • 13 juicy modules (covering everything from Enoughness and Boundaries to Money + Abundance, and Intentional Business) designed to gently, lovingly guide you from here to the life of your wildest daydreams.
  • 12 videos to get the creativity flowing (each video is also recorded as an audio if you prefer that mode of learning).
  • Email love notes with additional tips + checking in with how you’re progressing through the course.
  • The Journal to Life Playbook, packed with over 30 pages of powerful journaling prompts.
  • Exclusive access to the Journal to Life Facebook community + website Members Lounge.


Sarah Jensen


Inside Journal to Life: A Sneak Peek


Module 1: Enoughness

  • Counter self-doubt and self-sabotage.
  • Tap into the part of you that knows you’re enough (because you totally are).


Module 2: Confidence

  • Conquer fear and impostor syndrome.
  • Connect with your most confident self.


Module 3: Self-love and Self-care

  • Explore what life can be when you live from a place of self-love and appreciation.
  • Design your self-care toolkit.


Module 4: Boundaries

  • Harness the power of self-love.
  • Set boundaries that serve and support you.


Module 5: Money

  • Dig into the realm of wealth, abundance, income, and savings.
  • Discover what’s stopping you from experiencing true financial freedom.


Module 6: Success

  • Refine your vision for success and what it means to you.
  • Uncover what’s blocking you from the success you seek.


Module 7: Goals

  • Shift into the energy of choosing the life you really want.
  • Set intentional goals that move you toward your dreams.


Module 8: Morning and Evening Prompts

  • Learn to consciously create your day.
  • Learn to consciously close out your day.


Module 9: Plan Your Week

  • Outline what you really want.
  • Move into your week with purpose, intention and clarity.


Module 10: Close Out Your Week

  • Contemplate and reflect on the week that was.
  • Celebrate your progress, learnings and wins, big and small.


Plus 2 beautiful bonus modules…


Intentional Business

  • Explore the business you have.
  • Create the business you desire.


Design Your Day

  • Develop a practice for consciously creating each day.
  • Let each day take you a step closer to the life of your dreams.


Sarah Jensen

Join Journal to Life

Investment: $97 (AUD)

  • One time payment (no subscriptions or ongoing fees)
  • Immediate + lifetime access
  • Includes access to all videos, audios and journaling prompts
  • Includes access to the exclusive Members Lounge Facebook Community

I’d been stuck in a bit of a rut and was finding it hard to connect to my journal and go deep in the areas I really needed to. Journal to Life helped me deepen my journaling practice and find the joy in it again.

Bec McFarland – Pop Your Career

Are you ready to connect with the part of you that’s overflowing with self-love + self-worth?

Let me guide you through harnessing the incredible power of journaling to…

  • Quieten the noise so you can tune into your intuition and inner knowing
  • Uncover — and break down — the blocks that come up in your business, finances, relationships… in every area of your life
  • Explore your beliefs and reshape the ones that don’t serve you
  • Keep your inner mean voice in check
  • Confront fear, frustration, overwhelm, self-doubt, and self-sabotage so you can shift into a more open-hearted, flow-full state
  • Harness the power of your inner child, inner warrior and highest self so you can fully express and embody YOU
  • Start moving forward with more intention and clarity
  • Tap into the energy of the future you want to create and start bringing your most incredible, soul-stretching, delicious dreams to life

Join the Journal to Life community + start journaling now.



Sarah Jensen



Q: “But I already know how to write. Why do I need you to teach me how to journal?”

A: Great question. You see, there’s journaling and there’s journaling. The Journal to Life course is packed with powerful, intentional questions carefully crafted to get your mind ticking in ways that’ll uncover blocks, reveal desires and see road maps to your wildest dream life practically write themselves. (Plus, you have me and a community of lovely, like-minded women doing the course to keep you accountable along the way).

Q: “What if life happens and I don’t finish the course in the allotted time?”

A: In Journal to Life there’s no such thing as behind. The course has been designed so you can work entirely at your own pace. You can literally choose your own adventure when it comes to how you engage with the course content. No pressure – because life happens, I get it! At the same time, we’re all about personal responsibility and knowing that the best results come from doing the work, so we encourage you to take action, implement and create space for a regular journaling practice.  Bonus: upon purchasing the course, you will be granted lifetime access to the materials (as long as the course exists, you have access, and you also get access to any future updates or additions to the course).

Q: “What is the Members’ Lounge Facebook community?”

A: The Lounge is a safe, encouraging space where you can ask questions and receive extra support within a community of like-minded journaling lovers. But you don’t have to be on Facebook to be part of the course.  All of the key information is hosted on the Members Lounge website for you to access at your leisure and pleasure.

Q: “Is the course only relevant for business owners?”

A: Definitely not. I’ve crafted Journal to Life to help you tap into your inner self-love + self-worth, which will have a beautiful ripple effect in all areas of your life (and your business, if you have one). There are specific business questions in the bonus section, but you definitely don’t have to have a business to take part, or to reap the amazing benefits of a refined journaling practice. 

Q: “I changed my mind; can I get a refund?”

A: As this is a digital product, and you’ll have immediate access to all of the goodness, we don’t offer refunds except where required by ACCC law.

Q: “I’ve still got questions; how can I contact you?”

A: Have a question that’s not covered here? I’d love to help. Click here to contact me and I’ll get back to you asap.


Join Journal to Life

Investment: $97 (AUD) for instant + lifetime access to all of the videos and audios, the beautiful playbook containing all of the delicious journaling prompts, the members lounge website and the exclusive Facebook community.



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