Sarah Jensen

I’m what you might call an energetically sensitive human. I need lots of alone time to recharge and if I don’t look after myself with regular self-care rituals, I get run down really easily.

As a coach, my sensitivity can be an absolute gift – it helps me connect with my clients on a deeper level and hold space for them in a way that has them feeling safe to explore their thoughts and feelings, and express their biggest, boldest dreams, without fear of judgement.

But early on in my coaching days I wasn’t quite so aware of this whole energy equation and I’d find myself taking a lot of nervous energy into calls and a lot of my clients’ energy out of coaching calls.

Over the years I’ve experimented with different ways of grounding myself and energetically (and practically) preparing for a coaching call, as well as practices that support me to close out a call.

It means I can bring my whole self to a call, be the best support possible for my clients, and maintain my energy stores, while honouring the empathic and energetically sensitive side of myself.

So if you’re curious about some of the tools in my pre and post-coaching tool kit, this episode is for you.

I dish the details on my super quick and easy rituals to ground before and after my client calls (because let’s be honest – if it’s too hard or takes too much time, I’m not going to stick with it!!).


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